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EP Review: Sun Arcana - As I Take A Breath...

Being announced for Download Festival, radio airplay, appearing in Kerrang! magazine… All things a band should be proud of, and all of these things, Sun Arcana have done over the past year. 165 more words


How to get a flat belly after pregnancy

Hi guys,

One of the most common complaints by mums is that they can’t get rid of the little bulge below the belly button. Their DR might be gone but that lower belly is still sticking out a bit. 947 more words

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A Gold, Oblique, Nib for Spencerian Writing - Piquette of Detroit

While it’s not made of steel, I felt a pen I recently acquired was interesting enough to add to the blog. It is a gold dip pen (just the nib and collar, the wood or MOP handle is gone) with what looks like the original box. 463 more words


Pen History: The Early Years - 1830's, the British Invasion

It was in the 1830’s that things really start to cook. In 1830 we have Perry’s first pen patent, in 1831, Sampson Morden and William Brockeden invent… 2,240 more words


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I...

Long ahead I see the fork in the road. The duality clutching at my brain, fighting to take over me. Weird that I don’t feel any one of them is me. 268 more words


Origins of the Oblique Pen and Oblique Holder

I finally have an answer to a question that has puzzled me for a while: where did the oblique holder come from?

It’s obviously not a product of the era of the quill, so when did we first have nibs held at this odd, oblique angle? 580 more words