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Enough already, James Franco

James Franco remains the most narcissistic, and accommodated, of all celebs. For some reason 429 let “Straight James” interview his gay self, with predictably pretentious results. 118 more words

Obnoxious Celebrities

You can't stop time and other deep ruminations from the black Chauncey Gardiner

I’ve yet to see any convincing evidence of Kanye West’s alleged brilliance, a reputation that has held even after he married a Kardashian.

On Monday the man who in 2013  510 more words

Obnoxious Celebrities

Becoming a woman shouldn't make Bruce Jenner a hero

Let’s not forget he’s part of a family of fame whores who’ve infected the culture for more than a decade. No surprise, then, that his transitioning will be… 7 more words

Obnoxious Celebrities

Ye shall overcome

Kanye West continues to insist celebrities are as oppressed today as blacks were in the 1960s — an absurd premise likely to be rationalized by media lickspittles. 134 more words

Obnoxious Celebrities

Kanye West is not very smart

I’ve never understood the media’s default acceptance off Kanye West: genius. The evidence says otherwise.

1.) He married a Kardashian.

2.) He says things like this (while defending his 45-minute toast to himself): 198 more words

Obnoxious Celebrities

H20 has feelings, too

Just got my Goop newsletter, featuring more fascinating musings by Gwyneth “War is Hell” Paltrow:

I am fascinated by the growing science behind the energy of consciousness and its effects on matter.

35 more words
Obnoxious Celebrities