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0bnoxious familys.

No matter how hard you try you can not get away from some things.  If you have an obnoxious unbarable family they will rear there greedy selfish head’s now and then and let you know they are still about some where. 225 more words



Your attitude stinks; just like a rotten egg; obnoxious.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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There's cheeky & there's obnoxious.

Seriously… how is this attractive. So glad I expect very little from this site. Let’s face it, the best outcome of this site is my gift to you all. 58 more words


Obnoxious - Wishing Well (Video)

Spring Valley’s Obnoxious links with Kali Oso to drop a new visual for “Wishing Well.”



I’ve played video games online, and I’ve heard some reprehensible things said by other gamers. Combining such a competitive activity with the anonymity of the internet makes the worst type of trash talking imaginable seem somehow acceptable, racist and sexist comments are commonplace. 460 more words

Social Media

I know this cat

I know lots of cats, actually. I’m going to start with the only cat currently living in my house – her name is Bella. Bella is an archetype. 243 more words

Black Cat

Day 2: Plane people and rehab 

Last night I flew from SFO to Palm Springs. Naturally, my flight was delayed by 2 hours. I am typically patient and was last night, so I just made the most of my airport time (there is a candy shop in Terminal 2, everyone!). 619 more words