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I'm Obnoxious for a Reason

For as long as I can remember, I have been an avid sports fan. Despite growing up cheering for losing teams, it is still a major characteristic of mine. 1,261 more words


The confessions of an obnoxious fat guy

Have you ever had the distinct privilege of walking into a kindergarten class room? You would find 50 kids engrossed in their own worlds completely oblivious to the futile endeavors of their young teacher in trying to control them. 919 more words


Ground rules, part one

Before I moved back in with the Olds, I set some ground rules. The first one concerned my future:

Any and all advice from them on what I would do next, including careers and schooling, was forbidden. 1,912 more words

We are "Entitled" to Nothing

That is the cold hard truth, folks. Sorry to have to be the one to break it to you, but it’s true.

Far to often in this world I see people, myself included, act absolutely ridiculous when things do not go exactly the way we expected them to. 225 more words

Daily Posts

My Moment Of Joy

Kids are smarter than adults and have adapted quickly to the modern world of gadgets and gizmos. I am sure this will bring momentary spark in your eyes and a wide smile on your face. 9 more words


The Butter Chicken Hissy-fit

I will start by saying don’t lie about how long you have been waiting for a table in a restaurant on a Friday night. The computers have timers that calculate how long it’s been since you’ve put your name on the list, and NOTHING gives a hostess sicker satisfaction then telling you “I’m sorry sir it shows you’ve actually only been waiting 7 of your 45 minute quote time.” So just don’t fucking do it; sit your ass down and wait, OR LEAVE (but take your name off the list first). 416 more words