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After reading Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the way I shop has changed irrevocably.

One of the basic tenets presented in Kondo’s book is the idea of only shopping for items that spark joy. 354 more words


Extremely unpleasant; offensive. Latin “obnoxius”=exposed to harm < “ob-“=toward + “noxa”=hurt + “-ius”=adjective-making suffix


Friday thought #56 Obnoxious church bells

When choosing somewhere to live what do you consider? Location, price, size, the view, outdoor space, access to public transport? Does it ever occur to anyone that they might be woken up at the crack of dawn by the outrageously loud bells from the neighbouring idyllic rural church? 175 more words


Because; Broccoli

An early morning walk through the thickly timbered nook that is our neighborhood struck me unaware, that it’s truly all of those really little, even obnoxious, things that one should collectively cherish through the day, always. 610 more words

Flurry Of Life

You Wanna Cookie?

Girl. If you tell me I can borrow a pair of shoes. Or a dress. Or whatever the hell it is I borrowed..thank you girl, thank you. 197 more words

For Da Ladies

Day 154: On Dealing With Differing Opinions

I’ve seen a number of articles offering advice on how we ought to deal with difficult relatives at Thanksgiving.  Most of them offer advice for people “dealing with” conservative family members, like… 1,428 more words

And Miles to Go Before They Sleep...

Dear Kids,

At the tail-end of a long trip home, way past bedtime, Buddy gives up his 30 minute “I miss Daddy” litany in favor of a clock imitation. 139 more words