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Flapping butt cheeks, obnoxious belching and the urge to bitch slap common sense.

Its to be my understanding that not all men are the same.  I have no knowledge of men outside of my family.  However, I’m in no hurry to test the theory.  674 more words


We all have neighbors, but there are different types, as I’ve found. See if you agree.

Come on in-ers

  • These people are usually old
  • They’re happy to let you in for a snack and conversation…
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The importance of Frisbeeing earnest.

So, the Frisbee.

Many of you will know the score by now. It’s stuck in a tree, i’m trying to get it down.

When I went to the park today – firstly – I thought was gone. 765 more words


wonder how I ever watched television

I cannot STAND the adverts…. they are CONSTANT….and extremely obnoxious. I find them so depressing. I have no idea how anyone can tolerate them. Then there’s the fact there’s never really anything decent on but when there is I cannot really stand to watch due to there being more advert breaks than actual program, I am sure it didn’t used to be this bad – curse anyone who actually watches ‘this morning’ or ‘loose women’ – daytime tv is the worst and most depressing – can’t they at least put something semi-educational on at that time the people who watch it need it the most…any British soaps are also extremely distressing – for some reason they all have the characters loudly breathing heavily, as if to portray emotion or something – that’s basically the whole thing all the way through – just someone breathing heavily or sighing every other minute – every one of them. 32 more words

Word of the day #111


Ob – nox – ious

Extremely unpleasant.

Example: His manner was extremely obnoxious.


An Idiot Abroad with me

Flights to Amsterdam – CHECK

Interrail Passes for 15 days – CHECK

One obnoxious Canadian – CHECK

Take note people – these are the minimum essentials for 2 weeks access to 30 European countries. 46 more words