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My Moment Of Joy

Kids are smarter than adults and have adapted quickly to the modern world of gadgets and gizmos. I am sure this will bring momentary spark in your eyes and a wide smile on your face. 9 more words


The Butter Chicken Hissy-fit

I will start by saying don’t lie about how long you have been waiting for a table in a restaurant on a Friday night. The computers have timers that calculate how long it’s been since you’ve put your name on the list, and NOTHING gives a hostess sicker satisfaction then telling you “I’m sorry sir it shows you’ve actually only been waiting 7 of your 45 minute quote time.” So just don’t fucking do it; sit your ass down and wait, OR LEAVE (but take your name off the list first). 416 more words


Some People Are Worth So Much And Some Aren't Worth Anything

I know the title sounds terrible, but it is supposed to be taken in the context of keeping the people in my life. So many people I have met and know today are awesome and wonderful and I would change nothing about them. 337 more words

Are you a good guest or an obnoxious one?

A survey shows that almost sixty seven percent of people who visit your bathroom will definitely have a quick poke-around at your cabinets. This does not make them obnoxious. 574 more words

The Star-Weekly Column

Episode 170: Politeness Pays....

I have written a couple of posts about manners, and how I hate it when people are rude, arrogant or just plain obnoxious. We are very quick to judge people on their behaviour, and here are some examples of how first impressions matter… 233 more words


Post Valentine Rant: 7 most annoying Valentine habits

Now that Valentine is over, thank God, I would like to take a few moments to share with you some thoughts on the most annoying things that took place over the weekend. 386 more words


Obnoxious Things My Dogs Do

Whether you are a parent of a simply a pet parent, our “babies” can certainly be obnoxious, annoying, and fully draining at times. We still love them, obviously, and yet sometimes it would be nice to maybe go hide away for a brief few minutes of peace and quiet. 542 more words