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Die Beta-Phase ist vorbei (Wishlist 2.0, Folge 1)

Puh, schwieriger Einstieg. Nach dem krassen Cliffhanger musste Funk eigentlich verlängern, und wir sehen eine ziemlich spannende Situation, in der ein Polizei sich Mira, Casper, Kim und Janina nähert und die die Leiche und die Schrotflinte verstecken müssen. 374 more words



It’s playing, I swear. I just put the volume on mute so you wouldn’t have to deal with it while I ramble on about how much I enjoy having you guys as readers and my plans for the blog. 133 more words


Fabulous Friendships

“That’s the bank I’m gonna sue for what they did to me.”

“That’s the brewery I spent yesterday afternoon in.”

“That’s the place I spent all night eating dinner in.” 518 more words


Cheerful: (adj) noticeably happy and optimistic

At least a dozen times this week, I’ve heard the sentiment expressed.

Sometimes it is phrased, “It’s the least… 253 more words

C Words

A-Social Media

I am a jolly natured extrovert, who loves being with and socialising with people. I do get loudmouth and tactless at times, but I do compensate for that with moderately funny puns. 571 more words


Should you ever fill a non-tax-advantaged IRA (answer: maybe): An obnoxious post from having upper-middle class income

Now that DH’s income is back and I’ve GOTTEN PAID(!) for the first time this school year, it’s time to start up our obnoxious money posts again.   852 more words

It is harder to give directed donations to a public school than to a non-profit

This year, we want to give money to DC2’s classes (English and Spanish) to help them purchase items for “differentiation, independent learning, and/or enrichment”.  This is mainly because DC2 needs them, at least on English days.  688 more words