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Noon kick-off

“At Georgia Southern, we don’t cheat. That costs money, and we don’t have any.” –¬†Erik Russell.

This is labor day weekend, a long weekend of relaxation for some and a long weekend of work for others serving those relaxing. 488 more words


The Sound Of Silence

On the rare occasions that I have to be up before noon what I really appreciate is the
Sound of silence.

Far too often what I typically encounter on those occasions where I have to be up early is Mr. 96 more words

I never knew we’d drift apart so easily

How foolish I was not to know, everything was this hollow

And as I intake this realization slowly…

72 more words

Obnoxious bloke goes out of way to order crafties while his mates split jugs

Friends of an Adelaide man have exposed his obnoxious behaviour of ordering high-end beers.

While his mates frantically attempt to divide jugs of the cheapest beer, Andrew, 23, is notoriously known to separately order individual craft stubbies. 119 more words


How you can like an unlikable person!

Learn how you can actually begin to like a person who seems unlikable!


To download podcast, right click HERE and choose “save link” (on smartphones, press and hold on “here” link) 9 more words


16 women confess which macho behaviors they actually find to be totally obnoxious

We’re all forced to contend with unrealistic expectations on a daily basis. Whether it’s physical standards of beauty or simply the social pressure to behave in certain ways, we all come up against measurements which cause us to feel inadequate and insecure. 884 more words


Obnoxious chick not afraid to randomly name-drop rich father into convo

An Adelaide girl has become renowned for namedropping her wealthy dad into any conversation she possibly can.

But Grace, 20, who can barely tell her Dolce from her Gabbana, admits she doesn’t exactly know what her dad does for a living. 166 more words