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Don't have a degree? Get one!

Don’t have a degree? Buy a diploma online and whip it out when my snobby colleagues come around to browbeat you into submission.

Many of my snobby blogging colleagues pretend that they’re honest and have integrity because they’re not buying followers. 96 more words


Rent-a-PhD-Friend - "Drain the Swamp" Image Services by Dr P M Yeah, MBA, JD, PhD

Call me an amazing businesswoman with an MBA and JD (as well as a PhD in engineering) because I have a wonderful offer for all underachievers out there. 335 more words


The word of the day is:





adjective: obnoxious

  1. extremely unpleasant.

    synonyms: unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty, distasteful,offensive, objectionable, unsavory, unpalatable,

  2. 106 more words

"Yeah can do better, Doctor!"

by Dr P M Yeah, MBA, JD, PhD

It’s been six days since I got my MBA, JD and PhD degrees. That got me thinking. 97 more words


Tobey MaGuire - Actors Who Seem Nice But Are Really Not

I saw Tobey MaGuire in the Spiderman movies, and in a few other movies. Based upon his depiction of Peter Parker in the Spiderman series, he seemed like he would be a nice enough guy in real life, but apparently not. 1,001 more words

"Professor Dr. Paperview" - New Book by Dr P M Yeah, MBA, JD, PhD

Hello everyone, again. It’s great having a delicious microwave dinner with my family who insisted on talking about my five-page book with my chest on the cover to distract everyone from the plagiarized content and people who have… 209 more words


Thank You to My Blog Followers

Hi everyone, I am so sorry that I haven’t posted for a few hours. Anyway, while I was not posting anything, my blog continued to attract as many hits as it does when I post! 126 more words