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What we decided to do with "all that extra money"

In the end, DH was a voice of reason and noted that we really don’t know how long his job is going to last (they have funding for ~2 years, but it’s touch and go after that, and the company owner is in his 70s and keeps putting off succession plans), and he would much rather have 10K in the stock market than a 10K vacation to Hawaii (or anywhere else). 507 more words

Vote for Most Obnoxious Use of Children in the 2018 Election Campaign (so far)

Some politicians reach back to their roots – the deepest, darkest recesses of their memories – when they want to win the plebs’ approval. For some, like Orbán, it worked miracles. 631 more words

Election 2018

DH got a 10% raise and now we're really going to have some obnoxious money posts

What do we do with all this extra money?!?!

I think we’re going to really have to sit down and think about our money goals.  The alternative is to not do that and to just put all excess money away in taxable stocks until we actually need money and then see where we stand. 656 more words

Online Ads Now More Obnoxious Than TV Ads

Is it bitchin’ ole me, or are the unwanted commercial interruptions on my computer getting worse than the traditionally bothersome TV pitches? I had thought it was impossible to be more offensive, but the internet gets increasingly capable daily of annoying the hell out of me. 167 more words

When You’re Sick, Just Go Home

We are in the middle of flu and pneumonia season and it’s nothing to sneeze at, especially since these two diseases are the eighth leading reasons for death in the US. 457 more words


This bitch

How the fuck you gonna tell me I’m making it up in my head that you’re condescending and belittling me when you say things like, I know you’re smarter than that when you’re talking about the difference in you and your creation. 529 more words


The Savage Crone: Short story

It was a quiet, tranquil and serene April afternoon. Everything was usual and typical. Sky was clear and bright with no cloud blocking its view, trees stood stiff with grace, wind muttered softly sweeping the weary leaves away, birds fluttered their wings and hushed their way in the sky. 1,054 more words