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annoyance - a gift we never asked for


A human can get annoyed/distract from anything at any certain time. But nothing comes close to other people when it comes to annoyance. 408 more words

Life Lessons

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Superiority screams arrogance

And angers those who feel slighted,

Nothing will inspire an enemy more.

Clearly we do not learn from history. 65 more words


Me and Mrs James.

‘Bank holiday Sunday carvery’. Four words that make me want to puke on my shoes. Add the words ‘Mrs James’ and I’m all set to go punch kittens and little kids square in the cute face. 916 more words


How Obnoxious, and Who Knew?!

It’s one thing to get beaten to a garage sale, but the competition is starting to become obnoxious.  While garage sailing this past weekend I went to several sales and gave my usual greeting of “Good morning… you don’t by chance have any Nintendo for sale do you?”  Usually I get told “sorry we don’t”, or “sorry I’m keeping it”, and occasionally I get told “you should have been here earlier.”  Now I can understand the getting there earlier thing and of course the desire to keep these little treasures, but I was told something new last weekend that I hope is just a one off.   823 more words

STOP: Stop Transgender Obnoxious Practices!

From & by Don Boys

Transgenders, like homosexuals, don’t exist! They are simply confused, contentious, and carnal people rebelling against God’s divine order for mankind. These are troubled people who need help not encouragement. 1,141 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence