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Amy hated anything artificial.  Artifice insulted her on every level and the new owner having recently bought Henderson’s old Inn absolutely infuriated her.  She’d had a couple of run-ins with his assistant already and was guaranteed there’d be more. 351 more words


Growing up with South Park - Early Memories

The 20th season of the infamous adult cartoon South Park is just beginning, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what direction it’s going to take. 1,577 more words



No matter how dark the heart, a glimmer of hope must remain… or some other such rot.

However you want to put it, this, I fear, is a fatal flaw in my writing. 81 more words


Into the Urinal

I dip my toes

Into the urinal

For the plastic ocean

Is too pure for me.

Humanity isn’t transparent


It’s deteriorating

Yellow puss

Steaming fat





"Underground Album"

Underground Album (D.A.C., 1982)

Underground Album was American outlaw country musician David Allan Coe’s 21st studio album. The album was released as a mail order album, which was sold through the back pages of the motorcycle magazine, Easyriders or through the concession stands at his shows. 75 more words


Four-Letter Word (Holy Fuck, Congrats review)

Blasphemous or obscene language. That’s what I read when I looked up profanity in the dictionary.

Apparently it bothers some, offends others, and it irreverent to many. 552 more words


Ultra-orthodox Israeli rabbi bans girls over five from riding bikes because it is 'provocative'

An ultra-orthodox Jewish leader has reportedly banned girls aged five and older in some areas of Israel from riding bicycles – claiming it is “immodest”. 245 more words

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