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Bass Ackward

Iran’s bent on destruction;
Our response, release tons of cash,
They won’t use their nukes to destroy us
It sounds like our brains have been smashed? 343 more words


Rob Kardashian makes his Snapchat debut under obscene username

They appear to be reveling in the attention they’ve received since debuting their romance last week. 120 more words


I Want a Nazi Boyfriend



I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.

This poster shows us why we should get behind Eugenics

As always the replies are great ! 33 more words


I Hate White People

Whisper, you know what it’s about right? You write a line of text, choose a picture for the background then post it anonymously (well not really… 101 more words


20 Ultra-Rich American Families hold more Wealth than Lower American Population Combined AnonHQ

The extreme wealth of a few compared to the masses has been exposed in a report Billionaire Bonanza: The Forbes 400 and the Rest of Us. 31 more words


“I Know It When I See It”

US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said this phrase in 1964 describing how to define obscenity. Yeah, I looked it up because I was trying to remember how/why the phrase was familiar. 1,495 more words

The Roar of War

The Roar of war

is more quiet

than the silence

that follows,

wisdom gleaned

from scenes, obscene

and woe in which

he wallows.