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To the driver seeing me in my underware

Sending Middle Fingers
like letter bombs

I know the lice crawling
under the wheel
under the fabric

we both know
which parasite
is in control… 74 more words


Dennis Cooper

I would never be a gay man
who wrote “The Tenderness of Wolves”
Afraid of obscenity
running frantic
from the most pleasurable
essence of
reality… 111 more words


Then comes the ignorant

David Cameron UK’s  ignorant (and well rich) prime minister will today justify £12billion of cuts to the welfare budget by warning that Britain must “end the complacency” that has “infected our national life” and stop the “merry-go-round” of benefits dependency. 262 more words


One Big Butt

His last name was Butt
And he couldn’t deny
There was no remedy
That he wouldn’t try

Although he would tell them
He was no relation… 113 more words


week 347 ~ piled high in dark corners

piled high in dark corners
stacks of daydreams molder
so much to do need blurs
intention life’s colder

stacks of daydreams molder
intention life’s colder… 70 more words


The Story Behind My Username


“What the holy fuck does that even mean?”
“Nothing really.”
“That can’t be it! How’d you come around to something like THAT!? There must be… 238 more words


Queens don't compete with hoes. Part one.

We fooled around again, he stopped by and picked me up from work before we went and sat on the roof. We hung out and talked like we normally did, he asked why I wanted the weekend off work, I told him I had a birthday coming up and my friends we’re coming home to see me. 314 more words