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DAOKO: Electronic Space Dream

Kat’s Music and Comics Corner (Issue #1)

Daoko, a Japanese singer and rapper, has a voice that cannot be described in one word. An original sound that encompasses words like haunting, soft, dreamlike. 144 more words

Collaborations with the Departed

An interview with Brendan Schweda about the new Zar & Whymper book:

Q: What do you get when you cross a conceptual artist and an illustrator with over a century between them? 895 more words


The Ritual Aura - Tæther (Review)

This is The Ritual Aura’s second album. They are an Australian technical death metal band.

Well, hold on to your hat, because you won’t be expecting this. 477 more words


Ion - Plato

Ion – Plato. Sebuah dialog awal Yunani tentang sastera dan seni (atau yang sebahagian daripadanya).

Siri samizdat Obscura, November 2016. RM10. Hubungi 013-4285070.


Berehat Di Sisi Paus - Zahid M Naser

Berehat Di Sisi Paus – Zahid M Naser.

Terbitan Obscura, Oktober 2016. RM20. Hubungi: 013-4285070.

Sedikit berkaitan buku ini di sini.


Gorguts - Obscura (1998)

It says much about my origins as a metalhead that the shrill, dissonant, and generally challenging Obscura was one of my ‘gateway’ albums. Either that, or I was a little too obsessed with the idea of “progressive” metal for my own good. 475 more words


DigiTech Obscura

The Obscura Altered Delay from DigiTech allows you to turn your delays upside down and inside out.  The Obscura’s four delay types can be darkened, degraded and distorted on the fly with the stacked Tone and Degrade controls. 93 more words