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A Universal Address—The big story that will make you feel very small.

So you’ve been mucking about with hyperspace and found yourself at a party in another Universe? At this point it’s hard to get an Uber home, Google maps aren’t interstellar yet and the stars overhead don’t look in any way familiar… 809 more words


Misconceptions About the Universe

This video from Veritasium discusses the expansion of the Universe, the Hubble sphere, and the possibility of an infinite Universe.

Observable Universe

Cosmic Inflation: How It Gave the Universe the Ultimate Kickstart

This infographic by Karl Tate of Space.com gives a conceptual overview of the earliest moments of the Universe.

Observable Universe

Don’t panic, but the observable Universe just got a bit smaller

For the first time in over a decade, scientists have updated our measurements of the radius of the observable Universe, and it turns out, it’s not as big as we thought. 550 more words