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Don’t panic, but the observable Universe just got a bit smaller

For the first time in over a decade, scientists have updated our measurements of the radius of the observable Universe, and it turns out, it’s not as big as we thought. 550 more words


Setitik Debu Di Jagad Raya

Bukan rahasia lagi bahwa penciptaan alam semesta bukan hanya diperuntukkan bagi umat manusia yang ada di muka bumi. Dari 9 planet yang berada di dalam solar system atau tata surya kita, untuk saat ini memang hanya bumi yang terdeteksi dapat ditempati oleh makhluk hidup. 1,143 more words


Incomplete Information

If you listen to Cosmologists, the age of the Universe is 13.8 billion years old and if you listen to Einstein, who was not necessarily a cosmologist, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. 188 more words


What is the point with observable Universe?

I already mentioned in one post how freaking big is the place where we life (the Universe). And in the end of the post I mentioned something about observable Universe. 200 more words