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Resetting the Past

An amazing thing happened this week. It was something I’ve heard other people talk about, but I never really knew how to apply it to my life. 292 more words

Experiences With Ortho

Earn It

A thing worth having can’t be bought.


Day Sixty-three

The rich, green houseplant

looks at the snow and shudders,

then settles – safe, warm.


... got some paper and sharpened up a pencil and...

I think of myself as a writing observer. Observing the world around me, searching for the best words to describe it. The past couple of years have got me a number of stories to tell, and I went to California to get the calm to write them down. 372 more words


Early Bird Blues

There is scientific evidence
that waking up early
only makes one vulnerable
to the delusion that there is
more time. When an extra cup
of coffee and washing dishes…
36 more words

How We Roll...

This is how we roll in America…

Or at least, perhaps, it’s why we roll in America.


Just noticing

As you will no doubt have spotted, things catching my eye are a regular feature of these posts.  For me, a key part of photography is “just noticing” what is around you.  91 more words