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Beyond The Shadow

We take for granted what we have today. Technology so much a part of life. Easy to forget generations of those before. What is over there. 259 more words

Daily Life

2013 Philadelphia building collapse

Many of you may remember the collapse of a partially demolished building into a Salvation Army thrift store that killed 6 people and injured 14 in Philadelphia on June 5, 2013. 425 more words

Eye on the classroom 1: Peer Observation

Between 2008-2009 I wrote a series of six articles for English Teaching Professional on the topic of classroom observations. It was called ‘Eye on the classroom’. 855 more words

Teacher Training

Arrivals and Departures

In the wake of last year’s Despatch Junction fire, I had my doubts that Stan would rebuild the shop. These are lean times for the hobby business, and Stan’s not as young as he used to be. 420 more words


Encountering Sammy

Encountering Sammy

I was playing with a good friend. Both of us being devoutly warped, we had some good stuff going on. We bounce off of each other and it is so much fun! 844 more words


On Mass Shootings

Once again we’ve suffered a tragedy in a school in which a very disturbed guy decided to take a lot of people with him to wherever one goes after this life. 490 more words


the differences are inside but important nonetheless

One thing I’ve been noticing more and more as I’ve gotten older is the divide between people who raise children and people who don’t. (This is absolutely no judgement or commentary on the value or worth of either group or their choices) 859 more words