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I stare at the wall
In the waiting room
Its raining outside
A number of folks stand-by
The bus will leave soon
It means going out in the rain… 51 more words




Death does not choose you at random.
It approaches at your pace, rumbling
downhill or floating in the air,
debris or dandelion fluff,
concealed yet evident. 24 more words


#TWEETS FROM A TWIT: August 16, 2017...


I don’t plan on having a headstone 2 memorialize my little life after I’m dust, but if I had one the inscription would be: OH! NOW I GET IT!

Kevin Keelan


I don’t care what car you drive .
I don’t care what your postcode is.
I don’t care what clothes you wear , if your hair is brushed or if you have yesterday’s underwear on. 113 more words


Staring across a sticky bar at one another they already had their night planned out.

He’d pluck up the courage to walk over. She’d act coy. 246 more words



As the cleaner’s eye

Of a bloodied time

Ran down the barricade.

I am struck by disguise

Shrowding artistic supplies

Left to be displayed.


The Square

It’s named after a Chancellor, this neat little Platz in town. It’s headed by a university building, slightly grand, but not imposing, that looks on over the newly renovated square and old town architecture. 338 more words

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