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Before the Paint Dries

Look into the image and what can you see going on?

How good is or are your observation skills for capturing detail in a situation? 182 more words


What an interesting experience we had at our local McDonald’s restaurant the other day!  As you know, my husband and I are both type 2 diabetics.  450 more words


[food for thought]

“An art dies when it describes itself instead of life – when it turns from the expression of man’s feelings in the void, to a mere description of the void.”

-Jack Kerouac

Food For Thought

Vigilant Guardians

In oblivion they have forsaken her!
tucking her into the taffeta made of fog
while in the shade
in the verse
she was observed.

Leila Samarrai

Queenstown Quails

If you are a nature and bird enthusiast, Queenstown (Otago region) is not the most interesting place to visit in New Zealand. Too vibrant for its own good… 343 more words


Dave Isay Knows My Name!!!

Okay, I’m star struck. I’m giddy. I’m stunned.

I was just lying here cuddled up with my dogs, watching really bad Youtube movies after having spent the day completely goofing off and feeling pretty proud of myself for my level of unrepentedness (okay, so that’s technically not a word, but you get the idea) when my phone rings. 217 more words


Fit Management Review

What I have observed about Fit Management is that most people who engage themselves in different activities such as exercising , do these activities with the primary concern of loosing weight. 241 more words