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Middle School

Preceding this post was the loud and hectic transition from elementary to middle school.. Generally, going from paroosing the deserted and somber hallways of a small, suburban town elementary school to running from class to class and navigating my way through the acne-ridden elders that own the hallways is bound to reside at some degree of terrifying. 530 more words


"Let my mouth go where it wants to"

Is Madge getting a little desperate? I mean I’m pleased that she is not supporting Trump in the US elections, but offering a blow job… 142 more words


Prose Project #1: Before the Bus

I’m sat on a park bench, and all I find is balance.

A shadow falls on a sleeping man, stealing rare rest under the low boughs of a shedding tree. 280 more words


I go back and forth go I

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

New lives here
are tempting.
The secrets of the universe.
I struggle but
no tears come 122 more words

The Human Condition

Making Waterfalls

There’s a certain graceful beauty in a moving drawbridge. It’s awe-inspiring to watch a million pounds of concrete and steel in motion. It says a lot about human ingenuity. 192 more words


Trump ain’t the Nazi, Hillary is

Here’s how:

Only Hillary eliminated: She eliminated Trump from the media, she eliminated justice on all legal charges against her, she eliminated the poor worker from all her trade deals, she eliminated all alternative views be it on education, or abortion, or immigration. 516 more words