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Now I understand...it's a smartphone thing

Ol’Untucked tends to be a “late-adopter” of tech. Not because I lack an urge to run out and play with the newest and shiniest gear to hit the shops, but because I just don’t tend to buy expensive items without some kind of reason. 130 more words


Do "Corporate" and "Money" have to = Lack of Common Sense?

Today I’m having a rant about bees and pesticides and the sheer stupidity of the large corporates and government in allowing (or even considering to allow) bee (and other wildlife) killing pesticides to be used.  326 more words


Just Say Thank You!

“You’re really smart.”

“Who, me? Nah…”

That’s a typical scenario, probably happening a hundred thousand times across the country the very second you’re reading this. A lot of people are uncomfortable receiving compliments. 234 more words


A Note on the Importance of Attention and Observation to Memory

Something interesting came to pass last week that I thought I would share as it relates directly to what I had previously written about – the importance of attention (and observation) to memory. 622 more words


Observational Techniques

Observation is very important in any bodies life and anybody can be more observant if they wish, with a little practice.

One technique I would recommend is a simple one which would be to write, or take a picture of something they have seen that interests them each day for one year. 591 more words


Beautiful People

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. 31 more words