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If you don’t understand someone’s explanation of something, don’t feel bad. If they can’t explain it clearly – they don’t understand it either.


When Men Play Dress Up

The newest viral thing hitting Facebook feeds seems to be men wearing their girlfriends clothing and crying out for the injustice of it all because they are not “true to size”. 657 more words


Food is not allowed on the mix stages, so every time I need a snack during sound mix I have to step outside to eat. 414 more words

Apropos Nothing

Justice for Bill Cosby

I can’t believe what I am seeing.  How can the world treat Bill Cosby in such a horrible manner?

Bill is charged with multiple cases of sexual assault.   282 more words


Fuelled By Belief

It is not exactly incorrect to suggest that the world turns on the machinations of motives and incentives.

It’s just that, cynicism becomes the first description to flit through one’s mind when such an ideologue is promoted. 617 more words


Ignorance is bliss

a windless day
the birds are enjoying
chorus in the rapture
of spring
chasing feats of
aerial skill
the younger, smaller ones
hedge the commotion… 61 more words

Emerys Watchel