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I watched as he crouched to the ground peering at something I could not see. I moved closer, and saw it was a green inch worm crawling toward the restaurant door. 121 more words

Day Eighteen: Three by Three

Three times I slipped on scree

Help me

I couldn’t really say

And keep my nerve intact

The fact I was upon the mountain side… 115 more words


मेरा असली स्वभाव क्या है?

कुत्रापि खेद: कायस्य जिह्वा कुत्रापि खेद्यते। 
मन: कुत्रापि तत्त्यक्त्वा पुरुषार्थे स्थित: सुखम्।। 
~ अष्टावक्र गीता(१३.२) 

अनुवाद: शारीरिक दुःख भी कहाँ है, वाणी के दुःख भी कहाँ हैं, वहाँ मन भी कहाँ है। सारे कष्टों को त्याग कर पुरुषार्थ में सुखपूर्वक स्थित हूँ॥


Important information, News, and Instructions

1.) We’re being observed on WEDNESDAY. Be on time! Be DAZZLING! And I will reward you GREATLY!

Wednesday runs on a Monday schedule for crazy reasons, so we’ll meet in D-215 as usual. 87 more words

Why the brightest young people join startups instead of traditional firms

Firms are formed and networked links initiated around exciting new ideas. The onward movement of thinking then occupies the most limited and important things there is: our focus. 113 more words


How I decided to be a Mentalist - 3

Have you ever tried to pay attention to the size of people’s pupils? It’s pretty interesting and does show the emotion of a person if you take into consideration the amount of light in the room. 248 more words