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The alley

At the mouth of the alley, he broke stride to pause and light a cigarette. That always casts a bubble around you – lighting a cigarette – for a moment you can curl into a tiny world within your hand shielding the fragile flame from the wind. 238 more words

On the streets 9

The elderly gentleman sat in the fishbowl window of a bar. He wore the look of distant melancholy. There were strings of bright lights and loud, animated people behind him. 201 more words

On the streets 8

The Pride Parade wound through the streets like a river of exuberant joy. Dance formations were followed by floats blasting music out of oversized speakers. The gaps in between were filled out by groups of people dancing, strutting, marching along, waiving signs, arms, and hips. 341 more words

Ghosts of Savannah

The Georgia church sign read: “There are many choices in life but only two for eternal life. Which do you choose?” Maybe the ghosts of Savannah didn’t get the memo…. 737 more words


Tables and Scars

The scars in the table don’t bother me so much now, even though I was responsible. At first, they stood out like a dent in a new car, or a missed spot on a freshly painted door. 654 more words


Tennis Anyone?

Maybe it’s the humidity that opens the pores more, but Atlanta women do seem to have nice skin—or is it more makeup? Not long after our move, Alex noticed that some women in our circle would get made up and dressed up for almost any occasion. 261 more words


Jobs We Used To Do Ourselves

In LA we didn’t even have gutters, in Atlanta not only do we have gutters but we have to take care of them. They fill with leaves every fall and need to be cleaned out. 568 more words