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Ghosts of Savannah

The Georgia church sign read: “There are many choices in life but only two for eternal life. Which do you choose?” Maybe the ghosts of Savannah didn’t get the memo…. 736 more words


Tables and Scars

The scars in the table don’t bother me so much now, even though I was responsible. At first, they stood out like a dent in a new car, or a missed spot on a freshly painted door. 654 more words


Tennis Anyone?

Maybe it’s the humidity that opens the pores more, but Atlanta women do seem to have nice skin—or is it more makeup? Not long after our move, Alex noticed that some women in our circle would get made up and dressed up for almost any occasion. 261 more words


Jobs We Used To Do Ourselves

In LA we didn’t even have gutters, in Atlanta not only do we have gutters but we have to take care of them. They fill with leaves every fall and need to be cleaned out. 568 more words


In the crowd, all alone

I struggle up onto the tall padded bench, indulging my instinct to have my back to the wall, as if I’m a fugitive, needing to keep a sharp eye on the exits. 347 more words


HOA’s, or Home Owner’s Associations, are not very prevalent in LA except in condo communities, or further south in Orange County. In Atlanta, you can’t escape the tentacles of the HOA. 525 more words


Restoration Hard-on-the-wallet-Ware

“Why is furniture so expensive?!” I exclaimed to my wife after looking at another $1,200 armchair and mistakenly thinking the footrest was included. “That’s called an ottoman, and it’s another $400,” said Alex. 779 more words