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On the streets 6

The vast convention center is filled with people in suits, either walking fast and with a purpose, or congregating in small groups, busy with intense conversations. 217 more words

observation writing -- the book thief

1) Whose is the voice Zusak uses to carry the story? Explain fully.

Zusak uses the voice of Death to carry the story and provide a broader understanding of the effects of World War Two. 346 more words


Murtala Muhammed Airport- Lagos

I am reassured as I creep closer to the long awaited corner. Hopefully, the cause of this delay would become clear for all to see. 338 more words

The Tourist Trail

On the streets 5

An interstate diner

The old guy’s clothes and shoes seemed all a size or two too big, giving him a shambling appearance even though he was sitting down. 63 more words

On the streets 4


The rainy day edition.


She was walking in fast, wide strides. The night was cold and wet, yet her black leather jacket was not even buttoned up, revealing a tight black tank top. 234 more words

Twelve Shots Deep

“So I took twelve shots of whiskey before this,” the large man, reeking of alcohol, told me while he took a seat, well stumbled into his seat, beside me. 508 more words

Observational Writing

What Do You Think

Do you ever wonder what is going on inside someone else’s head? What they’re thinking about while they eat their sandwich and tap away on their expensive iPhone? 746 more words