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The molly of pop culture: Serial podcast and other pop culture drugs....

This has been an exciting week of pop culture encounters–Wayne Coyne…Serial ending…movies…sadomasochism…books–I’m really high on it all. In fact I’ve been so overly stimulated with new things that I’ve been on the verge of nausea at times. 884 more words


Do you love me? _____yes or _____no

I live in a house on a corner lot and twice a day a school bus (maybe even two) stops to pick kids up and drop them off. 154 more words

Observations And Random Stuff

evidence of the old self in scribble and dot matrix...

For more years than I can remember, I’ve had stacks of papers near my desk.  There have been attempts to organize it–basically reshuffling it and throwing out a bit here and there or putting some things in files.   725 more words


to post or not to post, that is the question...

In the past week I’ve written several very long blog post (this one being no exception), all of which I saved as a draft and couldn’t decide if I should publish them or not.   1,185 more words

Observations And Random Stuff

An té nach bhfuil láidir ní folair dó a bheith glic.

Whoever is not strong must be clever.

Last night I dreamed I saw the word(s) “tenache” carved on a table.  I woke up several times reminding myself of the word so I could look it up this morning.   159 more words

Observations And Random Stuff

What's my pleasure?

This past week I had a few wonderful pleasures…

1. The Scrap Exchange….(click link to take an online tour) ….amazing!  ….wonderful! ….spent 12 bucks and got a bag full of miscellaneous stuff to use in altered art projects…this place is a warehouse full of just the sort of stuff I’m always looking for at Salvation Army and Goodwill stores… this little engine (I think) to the right was my favorite find ($2)….I was thinking of using it as a top to a wind-chime ….now I’m kind of thinking of making it a base to a… 260 more words

Observations And Random Stuff