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Drawing August

When Concretemoomin mentioned #DrawingAugust a few weeks ago, I thought it would be a good opportunity to a) restart my drawing practise, b) thoroughly test my new occupational varifocals and c) have another go at that “little and often” thing I’m so bad at. 542 more words


50th Anniversary of Hurricane Betsy

Early on Sept. 10, 1965, Hurricane Betsy came ashore in Louisiana, bringing devastating flooding to New Orleans.  Betsy became one of the most expensive storms up to that date, and it’s erratic path leading up to that landfall caused considerable consternation for the public, forecasters and research scientists alike. 789 more words


Playtime With Dad

Playtime with dad; is it wild or wonderful?

Have a seat on a bench at the local playground for a few minutes and you will notice that dads play much differently with children than mums do. 225 more words


The Future is NOW: Motorized Animal Scooters at the mall

Friends, I have seen THE FUTURE!  It is out there, vibrant and ripe for the harvesting!  Go to the Paramus Park Mall and ride the motorized animal scooters!  36 more words


Excuse me, please, aren't you a _____?

Let me introduce Kunal Thakore, author of the blog “Random rants ruminations ramblings.” The first of hopefully many guest bloggers to add to the discussions here at Project: Free Faith. 160 more words


Kunal Thakore reblogged this on random rants ruminations ramblings and commented:

An invitation post for a cause I believe in, which I'd like to share. And if there are others among us who feel the same, hook up with Jimi's blog - https://projectfreefaith.wordpress.com

The Road to Marketing ROI: A Beginner’s Guide to the Metrics That Matter

Most CEOs don’t trust marketers to deliver value that drives results. Our guide will teach you how to marry your marketing to your balance sheet. 15 more words

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