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Not in this timeline

When I finally got out, the world was…It wasn’t the same. Everything was painfully dull. After you watch so many people die, it’s hard to be focused on washing dishes, or brushing your hair. 644 more words


The year of cotton

Can you still count yourselves as newlyweds if you sit down to dinner the week of your second wedding anniversary and agree that neither of you have anything important on the schedule this week? 456 more words


Back in Seattle

I flew home yesterday evening, after four wonderful days in the Twin Cities area with the Ross family and the new Bulthuis family — Emily and Dustin. 115 more words


Close Proximity to a Big Bear

Trap shooters often use the sport to gain skill for actual hunting. A gun club that caters to trap shooters is likely to have several specimens of hunted animals carefully preserved, often in live-action poses. 14 more words


Have Placard Will Protest--or Not!

In what world does Wilbur Ross our Commerce Secretary live!  The man is clueless.  Just another clown in the circus that is the Trump administration.  He actually thought the Arabs had the “right” to demonstrate and was thrilled that there was no demonstrating against Trump and the army of incapables he brought with him.   80 more words


Six Word Story #15

Imagine driving this dazzling shimmery car!

What would it be like?

The car itself would be fun to drive.  And the colourful effect is occurring under flourescent lighting.   44 more words


Would I lie to you?

When a friend or acquaintance asks how you are doing, what’s new with work or how you are feeling, the true answer is not always a positive one. 138 more words