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How Horrors Happen: The Milgram Experiment

Lately, I can’t stop thinking about the Milgram experiment conducted by Yale University. It’s been a while since I’ve studied psychology, but the details have stuck with me through the years. 431 more words

Do we still need live E3 press conferences?

Last week was the annual E3 expo in Los Angeles and I published a long writing piece with my thoughts on the various press conferences that I watched. 417 more words

Video Games

26 Days Out

Sacrifice to compete, sacrifice to win!

1,600 calories a day is tough and because I have a day job I need to feed in the A.M. 92 more words


Am I just being childish ..?

Is a triangular space left open as weight bearing or has weight distribution the same as if it was a solid mass? With the shapes on their planes on the bottom seemed obvious I was  expecting this to collapse  Calling any architects, product designers /engineering folk I am getting lost in regards to uses for a shape I call hexatrigon. 6 more words

“Outside of Norms”

“Outside of Norms”

A radio chatters.

A stage performs.

My space vacated,

outside of norms.


kills confirmed.


outside of norms.


chancre sores. 25 more words


10 days of Vipassana. Was it magic or bullshit?

The first time I’ve heard about Vipassana meditation was about two years ago and since then it was on my bucket list. I always wanted to do something mentally challenging and this sounded like one of those things that will either ‘make you or break you’. 1,883 more words


Beauty and the beholder

Beauty in nature takes so many forms. An old, gnarled tree is beautiful. A barren landscape (if natural) can have its own stark beauty. Meandering rivers are beautiful. 557 more words