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Pickett State Park, or isolation

Alone, walking.

It’s been a while since I’ve been alone on a trail. And I like it. Who am I kidding by just saying “like”? It’s amazing. 657 more words

It was A Good Day: April 24, 2018

Today was a good day. I took a nice hot shower before I went to work. I completed most of my laundry before I went to work. 338 more words

Journal Entry

An Interesting Day It Was: April 23, 2018

Yesterday was an interesting day. It was a beautiful day. I accomplished many things. I realized I was hot and I needed some new bottoms. I paid a lot of bills. 600 more words

Journal Entry

Today's Walk 1.115

When:  Tuesday– Mid-afternoon- 4/24/2018

Weather: Low 80’s with a light breeze


When I head out the door to walk, I am either putting on sunglasses that obscure me from seeing any details, OR I am cursed with some figurative cataracts?  218 more words



“…everybody deserves a chance”
— Read on www.winwinforeveryone.com/blog



Today's Walk 1.114

When:  Monday– Mid-afternoon- 4/23/2018

Weather: Low 70’s with a light breeze


Same plot but different situation comedy. Same book but a slightly revised edition… 104 more words


Today's Walk 1.113

When:  Sunday– Late Afternoon- 4/22/2018

Weather: Mid-60’s with a light breeze


The walks are starting to all sound the same.  The day may be different, but the music is still the same.  106 more words