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The Evil of M-103

By a vote of 201-91, the bonebrains in Ottawa have just thrown dirt on the coffin of free speech in Canada. With the passage of the heinous and wicked M-103 motion, criticising Islam is now against the law. 278 more words


Killer Clowns?

I don’t remember exactly when I first discovered it, but many people apparently consider clowns to be ‘scary’.  I don’t recall ever in my life being frightened by one, or seeing anything sinister or frightening about them.  93 more words


Out on the town

How’s this for the first line of a short story?

“They couldn’t avoid being slobs at the restaurant table during their first date.”

I mean, anything can happen after that.

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Fluid exchange 

I’ve realized that humans are just very sophisticated fluid exchange devices.


Something I've Learned

The amount of time I have left in classwork is down to weeks, then that will be over. I haven’t been blogging because I’ve had things to keep me occupied. 234 more words