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"Why is she always crying?": Fuego En La Sangre, Mexicana commonality, and Jordan's lack of taste

If you grew up in Mexican household like I did, you know the sharp eye watering pain of smoking chiles in the kitchenl.You know how big of a production Quincenera planning can be or what Sunday dinners feel like surrounded by all your tias, primas, and any compadres that your parents decide to invite over. 356 more words


An Unexpected Surprise, on the Matter of Marriage


Xiao-Ching got a call from her son, and, he’d wanted to tell her something, but, something had stopped him, “It’s really nothing!  I’ll tell you about it when you come home.” 577 more words


Orange Mélange

Warm orange flows across the glow of the evening sky to the smile of a tasty goldfish!
Perky orange petals take bloom. Swirls of orange stir the mix. 46 more words


Informal Observation

For my informal observation I attended Nick Marino’s English 106 on February 25th. I chose to observe Nick because he is one of the current syllabus approach leaders for Writing about Writing and because he teaches this approach very differently than any of the other ICaP instructors. 427 more words


Being STUCK isn't always bad!

Here in Ohio, we get stuck in the snow, mud, or a pothole. But getting stuck can also apply to our lives on a more personal and introspective level. 359 more words


Rock and Roll Music

My boyhood friend and later rock and roll band-mate, Dennis Willard, posted a blog awhile back ( http://dennywillard.blogspot.com/2012/02/smooth-jazz-in-seattle.html ) that traced his musical roots. That got me to thinking that this might be a good time in my life to do the same. 1,156 more words