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Poly Tricks

We flip is now a more than a utility question. If the need to jump on a bandwagon that naturally flips towards the wind changes that suits in order to hold a position, gains ground in order to affect the rule of the main parties that are not even sticking to their own rules. 184 more words


I love to write this thread of posts.  It is fun!!  And, I can hide behind the cartoons to make my comments about a lot of the things I am currently observing on and off the news and/or the internet.  1,208 more words

Martian Chronicles--Part 2

My Sunday and I continue my look out in space……

Like the story written by Bradbury…I am chronicling the Mars situation for my readers…..

One of the main problems for any trip to Mars is….where will the people live? 1,062 more words


Halong Bay, Vietnam visit

Monday 25th March

At 6am today I was high up at the
very back of the ship in the cold light of dawn. I was taking pictures of our… 656 more words


Crazy Mountain Biker In Forrest

This guy is nuts. One slip and he will smash into a tree. And at the speed he is going that would be a very bad thing.


My Spirit Animal

So. I went to the movies the other day. What did I see, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you. No laughing though. It was Detective Pikachu, with none other than Deadpool himself as the titular character. 512 more words



The best part of English are neologisms. This basically means that you are allowed to make up new words, or make new meanings for existing words up. 886 more words