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Missing Out on the Human Experience

Watching my son, who is an extremely social child, interact with other people has made me realize just how little attention the general population pays to their surroundings. 330 more words


Back to Seattle

My trip to the east coast was brief, and I returned to Seattle last night. I’m not on an external deadline for the memoir, but I do have an internally imposed sense of wanting it out as soon as possible. 100 more words


Notings from another journey in Bombardier rake

This Sunday I got another chance to travel in Bombardier rake. It was a Virar Churchgate fast local. I travelled upto Borivali.

There was a heavy crowd in the train. 351 more words

Mumbai Suburban

Anticipation of Things Above

Children love to anticipate things they think are going to be fun. My grandmother often warned me, when I was excited about some upcoming activity, that the “anticipation is not greater than the realization.” Her advice did not lower my expectations at all. 433 more words


Sirens in the City

It was late night, I had an early morning flight to catch and the unidentified furry creature in the unit above mine had begun his nightly ritual of scratching and howling at what would be the moon, if the poor creature had the great fortune of actually seeing it- cue sirens outside, both the booming and blistering type. 1,173 more words


Theology 101: It's All Plan B

Ever get the feeling that, somehow, your Plan A is out the window, and you’ve slipped into something less that perfect, less than what you hoped or imagine God intended, something that we might call, from a cultural and colloquial perspective, Plan B? 231 more words


Perfect Sense


It was an accident.

I didn’t mean for it to happen.

I had just had enough.

I had tried (almost) everything.

I was pushed to the edge. 1,279 more words