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Ah Choo, I choo-choo-choose you.

Attractive exchange student fights unsuccessfully against seasonal allergies, sniffling miserably for extended periods. Sympathetic businessman offers a smile and fumbles around for a tissue. Student refuses and sneezes a big one all over him. 20 more words


Summer Sunrise

Seeing the summer sunrise
Within the coolness of dawn
Is like looking upon
A mischievous child
Sleeping peacefully
Until it wakes
Unleashing it’s wrath
Upon the day… 11 more words


Ten year old writes - (My Shadow My Companion) by Radha

it stays with me all the time

I can see it sometimes,

it sometimes fades

sometimes beside me,

sometimes in front of me,

sometimes it’s at my back… 45 more words


The Truth

What happened?
Where did things go wrong?
When did I stop singing
My own song?

Lost and alone
In a world so strange
Trying to make sense… 166 more words


In defense of the fantastic

I will be the first to admit that I read fiction far more than I read non-fiction*. In her fairly successful attempt to make sure her children turned out to be fluent in English, my mother filled every bookshelf I ever had with books either bought firsthand, secondhand, or passed down from her own childhood. 983 more words


20 Things Your Leader Is Looking For If You Are Looking For Promotion

Psst….you…hey, yeah you…you over there who wants to be ordained or elevated in your position in the church…I got a message for you! There are many times when we think we are ready to do something or to step out into something and we have a leader who, for some reason, just doesn’t seem to budge or agree with us that we should receive a higher or elevated position in the ministry. 2,751 more words

Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries


I have always been drawn to authenticity. When I perceive a person as authentic I tend to like them or better yet admire them. Being an intern is kind of fun for observation purposes. 284 more words