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Daily Observations - 9/21/17

I am the type of person who does not like conflict in my life, therefore I practice habits and actions which help me eliminate (as much as possible) conflicts before they begin. 166 more words



Let my spirit soar again,

To the highest of heights,

And the depths of the sea.

Where peace lives,

And I am free.


Do you want to make America great again?

when I lived in Michigan I was a church organist. Now that I’m living in Phoenix I also play a church organ where I attend. I have heard a lot of things said about making America great again. 75 more words


by another name

Hell isn’t at all what I thought,
There is no fire,
And my bed isn’t a pyre.
Not even the slightest ash.
The air is clean, 60 more words

Free Verse

We Are Like Dogs.

We are not all that different from dogs when you think about it. We like to play ball. We like to feel the wind in our face as we drive. 112 more words


How We Got Here, Vol. 2

Buckle up, because this is a long one!

So, as discussed in Vol. 1, Matt and I decided we wanted to have a baby. It was… 1,972 more words


YET! Simply Said

I’ve been doing a scripture writing challenge that I found on Pinterest (if you’d like to follow me and do the challenge too just find sherbearhi1104 on Instagram). 698 more words