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Who is Geraldine?

Born sometime on the 22 July 1959 and according to the calendar on a Wednesday. Midweek. Best time to be born if you appreciate time. In the process of mastering her craft.


Achieving Summer Goals (Part 2)

  • Prepare for college (financially, emotionally, and academically)
  • Discover more things about myself
  • Learn to be happy with myself

These last three things on my Summer To-Do list was not as easy as sitting in front of a computer screen to watch a movie or driving out to places I’ve always wanted to go on my own. 1,280 more words


Climate Change in Central Minnesota

I woke to a major thunderstorm this morning. It is the end of August.

Growing up in central Minnesota, you become accustomed to general weather patterns. 418 more words


I am continually amazed by the number of men who will initiate a conversation, hold said conversation over the course of several days, and then ask me to dinner without ever asking my name. 21 more words


“I also play Dungeons & Dragons. Among my friends I am ‘the cleric’ a title I earned as I normally play clerics.”




When I hear the word TEAM, I think of the old west and the teamsters that drove the wagons. Some folks think they were just the drivers, when in reality they were individual leaders leading their teams up, over mountains, and across the prairies. 179 more words

Leadership Wrangler

Today I had someone message me to thank me for believing in “a fading Second Amendment” in a blue state. Um, you’re welcome, I guess? I don’t really feel like my holding a belief is something for which other people should be grateful.