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New books

A literary interlude is on the cards with probable forthcoming hospital stays. Last time I was so immobilised, I took to reading and trying to memorise the complete works of Rudyard Kipling with a side order of Defoe and Melville. 362 more words


Is it Time for a New Three Point Line?

Most college basketball fans have likely noticed there has been a great increase in scoring in each game in the last two years than in years prior, on average. 575 more words


We read the same things

So differently…

– Jen


President Trump is Mr. M. Burns

I will propose that President Trump is Mr. Burns incarnate by the flesh. Since this is a spiritual transfer, its not going to be a one for one identical image. 167 more words


Latin Class Goes Underground

WE’VE ARRIVED IN FRANCE!!!! It’s Interim Week for MVPS which means that groups of high schoolers and faculty are off to different places around the world for a week of learning while immersed¬†in cultural experiences. 401 more words

"real World"

How can shopping be interesting any more?

I have got really fed up with shopping, and I mean REALLY fed up.
It’s not just the price hike, or trying to shop healthily on our budget, but everything just looks so… 619 more words


So, I've been working on my Patreon page......

……….setting up posts so that when I’m finally ready to officially launch it, there will be things already in place for subscribers to enjoy.

It’s not quite ready for the public yet, but I’m excited about what I hope to accomplish. 50 more words