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8 Common Factors in Relapsing - from Just Ruminating

We start with a very strong desire and a clear picture of being a sober person. We continue with a strong belief that we can persist in sobriety.

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Wonder, bewilderment and outrage will be seen – in response to what we expected anyway.


The "Real"City People of Sacramento

He was there to gives God’s message. He talked about Hell and women submitting to men and bondage (not what you think).  He said girls should submit to men so they can grow up to have little babies and that gay people were bad. 23 more words



the incidental ill will

of clouded reasoning

a most difficult thing

to wholly make out

forgiving explicit scorn

writing off grave words

yet tenderness demands… 109 more words

Cavaliers second-quarter lineup falters and LeBron James improvises on potential gamewinner: Fedor’s five observations

CLEVELAND, Ohio — It had the feel of an NBA Finals preview. Of course, the Golden State Warriors will have plenty to say about that. There’s lots of time before June, which is…


The White Stuff

Well, what a surprise when we opened the curtains this morning and saw
The White Stuff.
I have to be honest, judging from the sky yesterday afternoon, maybe it wasn’t such a surprise after all. 466 more words


Life and clutter

De-cluttering, like weight loss is often presented as a universal good. The ideal – of the tranquil, stuff-free home has some curious assumptions underpinning it, though. 271 more words