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20 Course Changing Realizations

  1. That I would spend more time at work than with my family. Do work you enjoy.
  2. That Mom was right when she said time goes by faster as you get older.
  3. 455 more words


I was loading up my eReader today with freebie books to read while Mrs S and I are visiting and digesting the Cite de Lumiere… 198 more words

Mental Superpower

At the weekend I had a difficult conversation with the Significant-Other about how I was feeling.  We had gone out earlier that week (something I didn’t write about) to have a meal with my parents.   901 more words


The Backyard Bunch-Wren

Introducing Carolina. This little birdie looked so sweet perched in my dogwood tree. I believe it to be a Carolina Wren based on online comparisons of birds seen in Virginia. 41 more words


Observation - Learning to prepare a scientific report

Can you imagine leaving a practice session and be taked to a computer lab to learn how to prepare a report of that class? Well, in Tamk is exactly how it happens and I could attend this lesson. 282 more words



It hides everywhere, the foofaraw of our lives. We don’t actually need the little something extra adorning our dreary commute but I deny it’s as unnecessary as Webster states.  39 more words


We Fools

The Fool is one of 78 cards

but unnumbered in this divination or game.

The protagonist, Jester, on the Fool’s Journey,

unlimited potential, sunrise, walking into the unknown, 8 more words