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Not This Flower

Living beside a woodland in the city, one gets to observe wildlife of various sorts. There are lots of birds, squirrels and chipmunks of course. Raccoons and skunks are plentiful. 585 more words


Morning canvas!!

Woke up to this beautiful beautiful view today morning and the way colors were spread across in different hues likesignaling the arrival of the King!


Why Does TV Suck?

I have been bitching for a long time about the poor quality of the standard TV shows….most are mind numbing poppycock…..but is there a good reason for this sad showing for standard TV? 131 more words


Not Now, Maybe Never?

I was at an ashram a little over a month ago. It was powerful. It was also where I felt the descending of the Holy Spirit fall over a part of me/the church we were in (something I’ve only been able to whisper/share with Sofia so far). 970 more words


Hmn. (A Consideration)

With solemn joy we sing
justice and grace
from hymnals,
songs about the Omniarch
who liberally lashed
pained wages
poured on the Supereminent Son. 62 more words



You went through me…
Like a breeze
Left me spinning
Down on my knees
Now you’ve disappeared
Without much of a trace
Except for the things…
6 more words


#274 (dance)


how you avoid

my gaze, sticking out

of the crowd

turning your head

so my blazing eyes

won’t find your shame

hidden beneath layers… 57 more words