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observations #1, spring '15

The man on the canal throws bread to the birds. The man on the canal throws bread to the birds from a black plastic bag he culled from a dumpster down the road. 123 more words


Lab 7— The Politics of Design Decisions

Guest moderator (right) takes helpful notes to help the team make a final product decision.

A frustrated 2.009 student. Decisions are hard.

Today, Blue team had a big decision to make: which of the four product concepts (Unbound, Berrel, Stride, or Brackit) are going to be chosen as the final idea to be developed even further. 800 more words

Designer By Day, Mentor By Night

What I Eat in a Day



  • Scrambled egg and half an avocado, with piri piri salt on top (don’t knock it til you tried it!)
  • Vitamin drink.
  • Coffee with lacto free milk.
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Halloween in Greece

Halloween is kind of a non-holiday in Greece. I was told it’s been gaining traction the last five years or so, mainly because children love it. 993 more words

True, Blue, Miniature New Yorker

He’s a true, blue, miniature New Yorker. Tucked inside his coat’s hood is is a Captain America sweatshirt hood with a big white A in the middle of its forehead and the wings on either side. 73 more words


Fallness IS a Word, I Just Made it Up. Also, My Back Hurts.

My back is giving me grief today.  Day three of pain.  It started out on Saturday evening and by Sunday night, I was walking like a Zombie looking for his next brain.  373 more words

Misguided Musings

O Amor é Inútil

Oito anos haviam dizimado as suas vítimas. Eu não tinha visto o Carlos desde o secundário. No início eu quase não o reconhecia. Havia muito mais dele do que eu me lembrava. 1,194 more words