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There... And Back Again!

Sometimes I long for the closeted private sanctuary of my own car as I travel about. But, then again, I have no confidence in my own ability to focus sufficiently to drive a car – too away with the fairies most of the time. 554 more words

I am Grateful: August 24, 2019

  • I am grateful for my walks. I enjoy getting outside and being able to walk in nature.
  • I am grateful for time to get working on things that I need done.
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Journal Entry

The Faults of Facebook

So, here lately, I’ve been thinking about Facebook and social media in general.  While an amazing feat of modern technology that allows news to spread in the blink of an eye, social media also has its pitfalls. 732 more words

Everyday Musings


Each night for these last few weeks, I went to bed with a new idea about the future. Tonight, I’ll draft a plan to be in New York by next January. 215 more words



Driving at night you can only see the headlights in front of you but you can make the entire trip that way “ E.L. Doctorow… 42 more words

Jealous of my Love for the Mum.

You know it’s fall when you see Chrysanthemums at the garden store!  My love affair with mums goes back almost as far as the one I have with my husband! 634 more words


Facebook keyboard warrior

I’ve been observing a chap post, comment and advise harmonica players all over social media lately. It’s actually good advice overall, but I found some observations, especially one comment on my own playing, a little hard to swallow. 238 more words