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Virtual Dimentia Tour

Last week, I attended the Virtual Dimentia TourĀ®, authored by P.K. Beville, which was being hosted at my mom’s memory center. It was brought there by Synergy HomeCare. 847 more words



Amongst other things, what differentiates a human from a machine is the belief that he/she has. Machines with the help of data and various algorithms may predict an unlikely/impossible event. 239 more words



Frightening, the damage we are doing to the planet we call home. By now, you may be aware of the wildfires burning through the Amazon rainforest, colloquially known as ‘the lungs of the earth’. 164 more words


A Fairy Friend by Sue Fliess

I read this book to my Pre-school group, and they seemed to like the story and the graphic depictions of a fairy and her friend. 197 more words



The way the light falls, this time of year,
the air smells, the breeze from the fan.

Skin is poetry.

Sand pulled from beneath
our feet by restless tides. 42 more words

When Back to School Meant Back to Sol and Lefty's

I was in my local big box store the other day looking for some late season garden supplies. But where the fertilizer, hoses and jugs of stuff you spray to kill things had reliably been all spring and summer, perused by guys with guts like me, were replaced by shelves of pens, pencils, paper products, backpacks, moms and whining kids. 889 more words

Jonathan, The Cat

We are companions under the soothing, clear, pastel, evening hue. While Jonathan, the cat, flips and runs, she communicates for connection. Afar I grasp her intention. 158 more words