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No Good People Around? Really!!??!! Develop an eye for it!!

A few days ago, I was having a discussion with colleagues about miracles. The topic was whether miracles happen in real life at all. I was in agreement that miracles do happen. 485 more words

Love Tour

by Karen Keltz, author of Sally Jo Survives Sixth Grade, and an award winning poet. Read more about her at Karen Keltz’s website and blog… 808 more words

February 3, 2016

Did some impromptu observing when I came home today after class. It was unseasonably warm tonight, a balmy five degrees. The sky was mainly clear but it was a bit gusty at times. 133 more words



I was partnered with another student to observe a couple of classes today.

The first class only had 2 students. The teacher worked with them on superlatives (words like best, most, worst, least, etc). 252 more words



While out walking we talked about….

Where humans might rest up in a dual purpose horse box;

The anarchy of some computer programme system designs; 69 more words


Imbolog - 2016

Watch That WoodChuck!
On February 2, we watch for the groundhog to emerge for reasons that originate from ancient Celtic tradition. Groundhog Day was known as… 719 more words



It’s 9:40am on a Sunday morning at the train station.

Beside me there’s a woman seated in the waiting area huddled around a pizza box. Her face is not within view, it is inside the box, ravenously consuming the slices; her head is bowed in shame. 299 more words