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A Value Study

I’m taking an online art class with Karine Swenson, hosted by Carla Sonheim…  (Yes, I know I’m addicted to online art classes!)  This one is a little different for me as it is learning to slow down, observe and draw a subject of my choosing. 164 more words

Food For Thought!

I knew at the back of my mind that it has been quite a while that I have written. But today when I did log in to WordPress saw the last blog post that I have written, it is in February this year which means it has been more than 7 months! 891 more words

Moon - Regulus Conjunction

Sunday morning October 15th the 25-day old waning crescent Moon will be less than 0.5o from the star Regulus in Leo the Lion. This should make for a great view with… 42 more words


Red light raindrops...

sitting at a red light in a downpour…raindrops bouncing atop the hood…a silly observation. 

“Reality is always the dowdy sister to Fancy.” Mr. Idle Dreamer


Tuning into others, its all about listening

We are all empathic.  Some of us are more empathic then others, and can ‘feel’ the vibes of those around us.  Yes, this is a human super power for some, but an ordinary attribute of being human for us all.   355 more words


"Look at the birds of the air"

I’ve always heard West Africa is good for bird watching.

But it wasn’t until I was without internet or television for over 3 weeks, in my first research site, that I finally had reason to look up long enough to start noticing particular birds. 491 more words

Cinquain: The mimic

The moth

Clever disguise

Sister to butterflies

Nocturnal and mimics others

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

There are some 160,000 species of moths in the world.

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