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Observing thoughts

In mindfulness, you learn to see thoughts as just thoughts rather than as facts or situations you must react to. Thoughts commonly come and go in the mind, and if you treat all thoughts as true and assign them all the same level of importance, you’re more prone to feel down in the midst of negative or self-judgmental thoughts and highly elated in the midst of positive thoughts. 360 more words


Summer 2016 meteors

It’s meteor shower season, and The summer meteor showers are ramping up!

The Delta Aquariids are in progress now. Although the peak is expected to fall on July 28, this is a long, slow shower, worth watching for at least a week after the peak. 224 more words


July Perigee Moon #2

The Moon reaches perigee, (minimum distance from Earth), this month on Wednesday July 27th. At that time the Moon will more or less be at a distance of 28.98 Earth diameters (369,662 km or 229,697 miles) from the Earth. 170 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: cherry on top

This was the Cherry on Top, of our celebratory birthday, road trip, for my hubby, Paul. It had been several months since we had driven to the coast, and eating sea food was his preference. 225 more words


You need a special adhesive to make this bond stronger!

I have been staying away from home for more than 1.5 years now. Lately, thanks to my good fortunes, my uncle and aunt have moved to the same city and are staying very near to my place. 671 more words

*Semi-transparent* poem


in and out of visibility
subsequently disappearing
and reappearing
again and again
watching passersby
smiling and laughing
as they come in
from out of the rain… 6 more words