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Blog 5: Observing/interviewing potential learners

I began a draft of my questions for my potential gardener interviewees. I plan to mark each question as close or open ended; categorize them, and par them down to 20 essential questions and 30 total ones. 529 more words


On Wednesday NASA made headlines by announcing that researchers had detected seven exoplanets orbiting a dim dwarf star.  These exoplanets are determined, based on measurements, to be approximately Earth-sized solid planets and three happen to fall in the “Goldilocks Zone” where water could exist in liquid form; not too hot, not too cold.   655 more words


First Light and Beyond: Making a Success of Astronomical Observing

Amateur astronomers who have been disappointed by the results of an observing session can still gain useful experience in a seemingly “failed” night at the telescope. 58 more words


X2: Event-Based Writing

If your first piece for this course centered on remembering, I’d like this second piece to be based on observing. Spend some time observing (or reading about) a group, event, or place; take some notes on what you see, hear,or read; write an essay (or part of an essay) in which you re-present what you’ve noticed. 184 more words


The Girl in the Window

I told myself that I will read more this year because I need some time to myself. So far, I have read two books and I am on my third, which I think is a major accomplishment. 585 more words


Can We Be Like Her?

I stay away from my home due to the location of the organisation I work for. I went to my home 2-3 weeks back. It was a long weekend and I had taken a day’s leave to extend the holidays. 498 more words


We observe and influence the world through our carbon constructs which are thusly confined to certain degrees of freedom defined by the laws of our reality. 40 more words