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ISS - From Mars to Altair

Friday evening around 7:30 pm CDT the ISS, International Space Station, passed over my part of the world traveling from the southwest to the northeast. This particular orbit carried the ISS past Mars and the star Altair in Aquila the Eagle. 148 more words


#INFJ Radar

Last week I was trading some tweets and Direct Messages with my Twitter friend and fellow INFJ @MadameAmbassK. Among other things, we talked about INFJ observation skills, the kind that some may misconstrue as stalking. 27 more words



Drops of rain

Pidder padder

Puddle splashers

Rippling reflections

Clouds undressing

White grayish sky

Drowsy eyes

City sounds

Life in motion

Unrehearsed commotion

I stand and observe… 30 more words


Intention... How Effective was your Lobotomy?

Nothing much happens without intention. Creation ceases.  The driving force is lost.

Our entire lives are directed by our intention; our jobs, interests, hopes, romantic inclinations, relationships, ambitions, aspirations, thoughts, desires, … in fact anything we want to achieve. 440 more words

September Moon at Ascending Node #2

Wednesday September 28th the waning crescent Moon will be crossing the plane of the ecliptic moving north relative to the ecliptic. This is known as the… 185 more words


The Power of Observation

Observation is a key component of Montessori education. As part of a Montessori teacher’s training, she is taught how to be a thoughtful observer. Teachers are given lessons on how to allow the space for observing students during the school day, and in those observations, much is revealed. 319 more words

Wilmington Montessori School

Moon At Our Feet!

On a regular basis the Moon, at some point in its cycle of phases, passes above Orion’s head on its way to a traverse of the Gemini constellation. 124 more words