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Musings: Commuter Quirks

I get on the tube every single day because car life is a distant memory and let’s face it, I want a car but the not the… 406 more words


More change...

I have a busy mind. I admit it’s been floored a bit since the MI. I’m writing this whilst the cat’s having one of those crazy moments, so I guess his mind’s a bit like mine right now and he may leap on to my desk any minute… 219 more words


Caught up in the Moment!

Your eyes are close as you sing from your heart and soul

and, I can’t seem to focus on anything else.

As the beautiful melody flows out of your mouth… 139 more words


Blue Moon of May

The Moon will be full on May 21, and according to some, it’ll be a blue moon. Now if you’re familiar with the common definition of a blue moon, you’ll look at that date and say “hey, that can’t be a blue moon!” That’s because the modern, common definition of a blue moon is the second blue moon in a single month. 207 more words



You begin to wonder backwards as if it will lead you forward. Asking questions like, How did I get to where I am? Why is my life moving in the direction it is? 159 more words