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solstice 2017

Solstice 2017. COCO by me. Sicily, 1995


What I learnt from Wonder Woman

So I finally managed it…I made it to the cinema to see Wonder Woman. I won’t do a full review of the film but simply put…WOW. 714 more words


Selfie Obsessions – Is It Healthy Or Narcissistic?

Selfie Obsessions – Is It Healthy Or Narcissistic?

In 2013 “selfie” was added to Oxford Dictionary. It refers to a person taking a photo of themselves with their own phone. 45 more words


Addressing Anger in Children Who Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

My child who has OCD has the most horrendous rages. Why is this?

Anger in children who have OCD is not unheard of. Rage Attacks in Paediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder… 995 more words


'That Girl'

Click on this link to hear the theme song and opening sequence: That Girl

I loved “That Girl.” I wanted to be Ann Marie, the lead character. 1,021 more words

Growing Up

DPSN Vlog: Obsessions

This month, for our Obsessions theme, we chat with Spencer Sharpe about their obsession with the mid-2000’s emo music, the amazing knowledge they have about it, how it impacts their identity, and how it connects to them.


Kids and Magical Thinking – Please Let Me Keep My OCD!

My son is resistant to having treatment for his contamination fears. He refuses to talk about his obsessions and compulsions and says he wants to be left alone with them despite the fact that he’s clearly in distress. 1,262 more words