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Bob Dylan was never my poet

I sorta liked “A Hard Rain Is A’Gonna Fall,” but otherwise. Folk music was a joke. And the hard rain didn’t really fall. LBJ retired to the ranch. 142 more words


Mark Power - 'The City of Six Towns'.

The City of Six Towns refers to Stoke-on-Trent, a polycentric city of some 500,000 people in the heart of Staffordshire. Commonly known as The Potteries… 106 more words


Tutorial Write Up - Nick Bright // 14.11.16

In this project tutorial, I had produced more work in which to show Nick. We discussed how the project was going, and I explained that I had been trying to photograph more people in the transitional spaces in which I had encountered. 709 more words


Joel Sternfeld - 'Stranger Passing'.

Over a period of fifteen years Joel Sternfeld travelled across America and took portrait photographs of people that he encountered during this time. Unlike historical portraits which represent significant people in staged surroundings, Sternfeld’s subjects are uncannily “normal”, and his style of shooting means the viewer can contemplate the figures captured within a certain environment, time period and circumstance. 137 more words


Clare Hewitt Project Tutorial.

Today Clare Hewitt gave a talk about her work and process, and how to make ends meet within the photographic industry. It was very useful to hear first hand how she has juggled many jobs since finishing her degree in photography, and has gained many transferable skills in doing so. 877 more words


Group Edit Session // Zine Production.

A few notes from an edit session looking at how best to present my work. Also a few evaluative notes on my process and decision making in terms of the final outcome, and how I arrived there. 931 more words