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Melanie Martinez

Heyyy, It’s Kayla :) <3

Over the summer I realized I have a problem.
Well, I’ve known for a while, actually. lol.
I have a problem with… 456 more words

The Part Of My Life That Doesn't Revolve Around School &lt;3

These are a few of my favorite things

King Midas treasured his piles of gold. Maria loved raindrops on roses, etc. Longtime readers may think that IFO’s favorite things would run to money, stocks, CEOs… She does appreciate the first two, and enjoys the human aspects of investing as embodied in CEOs. 344 more words


UNWANTED SEXUAL THOUGHTS - 9 Coping Strategies - Obsessive Compulsive Awareness

Welcome to my fourth guest blog for Scott Schneider’s ‘Blog Out of The Darkness’ which discusses CBT techniques with exposure response prevention that helps challenge and defeat unwanted sexual thoughts. 152 more words


Rest in Peace, Pola Negri

Dearest Pola Negri died 28 years ago today. I write this with all my being: she lived one hell of a life. It was a hard life involving wars, tragedy, loneliness and poverty. 629 more words


Obama "bundler" blocks abortion videos

“ Orrick was nominated to his position by hardline abortion supporter President Barack Obama. He was also a major donor to and bundler for President Obama‚Äôs presidential campaign. 49 more words


Pranking a Telemarketer

This is probably very old. I first got it in a group email about 2006. Still is a hoot.


I laughed so much the tears were rolling. 12 more words

The Culture

Day 3

So, I guess every time I make a “day –” post, it’s going to be a journal entry. Yay! What’s more exciting than reading about someone else’s life?! 468 more words