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Living this Stressful Life

I just want to relax and sleep. My duties never do seem to end. 892 more words


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I guess two months of not writing is better than my normal six month hiatus. I thought being unemployed would mean more time to write and read, but it ended up meaning more time to spend with my family and to stress over job applications. 264 more words

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Sibelius - Earworm of the Day

I woke up this morning with a tune stuck in my head (an earworm). Today has been and will be a long day spent resurrecting a dead computer, so I have been playing a lot of music to keep me from getting too bored as I wait for file after file to download – including today’s earworm. 43 more words

Exclusive Interview with Karim Tha Peasant

So, patient and loyal Cowbellites, the time has come to give you the exclusive interview you all so heartily deserve. I was humbled to sit down with the one and only Karim Benotmane a.k.a Karim Tha Peasant, who has been creating quite the buzz in the London music scene. 1,048 more words


No, just no

Much as I like candy corn and as thankful as I am for my blood sugar levels that its mainly available this time of year, … 10 more words


Princess Jellyfish Anime Review

After moving to Tokyo to try her hand at becoming an illustrator, Tsukimi now lives in the Amamizukan apartment building where no men are allowed and every tenant has their own obsession. 1,803 more words