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Bye, bye Confederates

I suppose it was inevitable. Especially in a largely liberal town like Austin. Rewriting history certainly isn’t uncommon elsewhere.

So it’s soon goodbye to Lee, Lanier, Johnston, Reagan and, possibly, Travis. 154 more words


Girl's Guide to November 2015

Since I plan on being in a food coma in t-minus 52 hours, I figured I should get my obsessions out now while I can still think. 507 more words

Must-Read Comic Recomendations [Nov 2015]

I remember the days I thought that comics could only come from two places: Marvel and DC. Some may blame the mainstream media for this thought process; I blame my own ignorance. 898 more words


Opt Outside

^^From our John Muir Trail backpacking trip this past summer.

We’ve never been big Black Friday shoppers around here, so when REI announced that they were closing all of their locations on Black Friday, and giving their employees a paid day off to be outdoors, we were thrilled! 49 more words


Design Obsession of the Month - November 2015

Florence + the Machine is my favorite artist/band (for real, which is it??? I’m just going to refer to it as her/Florence) of all time forever and ever. 201 more words


November 2015 Obsessions

Can we talk Nalini Singh for a second here? So, I stayed away for awhile–figured it wasn’t my cup of tea. After all, I tend to like more action to my books and I need to be in a certain mood to read some romances. 145 more words


The "warmest temperature recorded" shuck

One of our local television station’s meteorology departments prints on their phone app the latest federal climate change do-dah, without any perspective at all: warmest October evah. 47 more words