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August Obsessions: Art, Design and Life

  1. Light, Rustic Wood:  “Dark, distressed wood” – I write this loose description out quite a lot as a design element for clients (and yes, it’s the title of my upcoming thriller).  
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The mudslinging begins

You could say Trump’s calling the Hildabeast “Crooked Hillary,” which he has done all year, was the beginning of the mudslinging. But there’s actual evidence… 234 more words


What Will We Remember?

Friends visited us recently with their son Robert, who is younger than Martin and less far along the autism recovery journey. Robert kept his mother busy, as she had to pull him repeatedly away from his fixations—trains, colors—to get him to eat or otherwise join the group. 334 more words


The Boy, The Teacher

One of The Boy’s areas of intense interests is (and I believe always has been) cars and trucks. He knows an incredible amount about makes and models, when they were produced, and various other trivia. 159 more words

Special Needs Parenting

I've started so I'll finish...

Obsessions…they are usually one of the first things that spring to mind when people think about Autism. But there is a big difference between something that is a ‘special interest’ and something that is an ‘obsession’. 774 more words

Thank You, Consequences, Anxiety and Stereotypes

First of all, I would like to express my deepest thanks for those who commented on my last post, “Sh*t for Brains Strikes Again.” People were very supportive of me and all comments are deeply appreciated. 595 more words

Intrusive Thoughts

“What has been seen cannot be unseen, what has been learned cannot be unknown.”
― C.A. Woolf

For the reasons in this quote from C.A. Woolf, I have shied away from writing about intrusive thoughts. 1,650 more words