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Large Coffee, Black

As Osbourne lies in bed and considers the dark roast coffee grounds waiting in his kitchen cabinet, something occurs to him: he hasn’t slept a single night in the past month. 1,208 more words


Holidays and Mid-February Obsessions

It’s half term and I’m on holiday!

I’m so glad to get away from everything, even if all my school books came with me. It’s just nice to fly away and get a little lost sometimes. 205 more words


cholon, saigon, 1929

« Je lui demande si c’est habituel d’être triste comme nous le sommes. Il dit que c’est parce qu’on a fait l’amour pendant le jour, au moment de la culminance de la chaleur. 34 more words


Bookish Goodies II


Since last Saturday I posted about “Bookish Goodies” I decided to post another this week. If you are verly joining me my bookish goodies are anything book themed related. 506 more words

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The Game of Drones

Miss Piggy, however, hardly deserves their company


My OCD up close and personal; Fearing the end of the world

This is the second instalment in this series where I discuss all the different themes/fears of my OCD. As I have overlapping OCD, I felt it was important to discuss each area of this illness that led up to the flare that broke me at the end of 2016. 603 more words

Obsession Confession: make up and beauty products

I am totally obsessed with make-up and beauty products. Like way past VIB Rouge 😜 I keep up with a ton of different vlogs, blogs and, you would not necessarily expect it, but BuzzFeed is a great source for product recommendations that go beyond Sephora. 146 more words

Beauty Products