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Rule 5: Ashley Graham

Just can’t get enough of our favorite gal, clothed or not.


Funny how the day comes slow

It’s all coming at once. College started yesterday. I leave for Norway in four days. 1,508 more words


More welfare equals more terror

The Democrats love welfare. They always want more of it. ‘Cause peasants are so much easier to control when they’re on the dole. Unless, of course, the peasants are Muslim refugees. 76 more words


Obsessions 8.16.16

A little rock n’ roll to get you through this punch-drunk New York heat…

  1. “All We Ever Knew” The Head and the Heart

“All We Ever Knew” is a romantic roadtrip song that I’m absolutely loving this week. 217 more words



Hey there beautiful. Yes you reading this post. Or don’t you think you’re beautiful? Who says you can’t be beautiful cos you’re male? Or cos you have that scar that makes people look at you in an awkward way. 1,024 more words


Keep your thoughts REAL...

If you let your mind wander too much, it can wander to some very dark places. Your thoughts can get so far away from reality that your life is impaired. 147 more words

Food For Thought

Black Olives Matter

Proof, in case it was needed, that so-called Social Justice Warriors have zero sense of humor. But, so far, this restaurateur is not backing down. 59 more words

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