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Bill & George

It’s been a good few years since I watched Masterchef. Season 1-4 I watched religiously, then there was a battle of the sexes type promo which I think sorta grossed me out, girls in pink baking cakes vs boys in blue barbequing. 81 more words


OCD - How It Affects Me

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can present itself in countless ways. Whether that be the “clich├ęd” version – washing your hands to prevent contamination – or doing things a certain amount of times, or even having a compulsion to touch something. 319 more words

Give me envy, Give me malice, Give me your attention

I’m currently listening to my most played music in reverse. Time To Dance just finished. Now it’s And The Songbird Sings, by Dan Bull.

How are you guys doing? 375 more words


My Obsessions

Sunday mornings affect me in a special way. The effect is more profound when there are sunshine and blooming flowers in my garden. Enchanting flower beds outside my windows and buzzing bees. 386 more words

Diaspora Literature

Minimal temptation today.

Today I found myself obsessing over several pairs of shoes, I even stop and asked one lady where she bought her shoes from. Yes I couldn’t help myself. 193 more words


Pinterest Inspired: Headband Curls

Pinterest is my jam. I love finding a subject and getting obsessed with it and Pinterest helps me find new obsessions.

Recently, I got into the “No Poo” thing (no shampoo, no crass jokes please) and have found plenty to learn about. 216 more words