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InCoWriMo: International Correspondence Writing Month

We all know I love a good monthly challenge.  One of the things I have enjoyed about the Postcard Club so far this year has been sending analog mail to people. 498 more words


Current obsessions

Today I wanted to write about things that I’m currently obsessed with. So let’s start!

First off I’ve been obsessed with Netflix (as usual). In particular two series. 223 more words


My Current Shoe Obsessions

Any one who knows me knows that I am obsessed with shoes so it was pretty had to narrow it down. I managed to pick the 5 pairs that I have recently found myself wearing non-stop. 316 more words


Hitler's reincarnation

Comment of the week at Instapundit comes from a fellow signing himself as BackwardsBoy:

“This Hitler fellow must be a Buddhist; he keeps getting reincarnated as a Republican president.”

Via Instapundit


Child abuse sentence and the catholic church.

Trigger warning – this post refers to clerical and other child rape. 

I got a call the other day from a producer at a nightly TV news program – they do news differently, wanting me to talk about the alarming number of catholic priests alleged to have committed sexual crimes against children. 769 more words

Public Interest

Getting older

I was reading a post on a young person that got plastic surgery to look like someone else. I had to reply on this post, because this is what I have always seen all over as I was growing up and what I learned about getting older. 192 more words



I’ve never been much for typical romance. I’ve never seen Dear John, or The Notebook, and I giant teddy bears creep me out. But with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m done denying that I’m not a romantic…I’m just not romantic in the ways that perhaps others are. 1,167 more words

What I Love