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this obsessive thing

I walked for some 4 hours today I think. I am not entirely sure; parts of the day are very hazy in my memory. I did take a lot of good photographs but my back hurts a little. 375 more words

Do not turn legitimate pursuits into illegitimate obsessions!

Let My Praises Be Heard!


His successes (riches, popularity, power, position) have become his ‘ladder to destruction’. Of course, God never condemned the four above-listed aspects of human living (as such or inherently). 212 more words


Autism is Literally Not Self-Centered

fMRI scans show striking differences between people with autism and neurotypicals.

Most notably, neurotypicals’ “thoughts of social interaction clearly included activation indicating a representation of the “self,” manifested in the brain’s posterior midline regions. 298 more words

Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I had never heard of Tourette’s Syndrome until I was diagnosed with it at 8 years old, I started to hear other people talking about it as I moved onto secondary school, however this wasn’t because there was someone else suffering from it, but because of class mates cracking jokes about it.  1,510 more words

Mental Health

Do People Act on their Intrusive Thoughts?

Do people act on their intrusive thoughts? If no, has this been proven? And are compulsions the opposite of impulses in terms of people acting or not acting on their thoughts? 985 more words


Music Obsessions [October 2017]

Welcome to October’s Music Obsessions!

The first week of October is pretty much ending. I probably should have been last Sunday’s segment but as you can see, things have been running way ahead of me so its nice to get that extra moment to put this together. 710 more words


Trump saves the Little Sisters

“Last year the Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of the nuns and demanded a rewrite of the HHS rule to ensure respect for religious belief. 90 more words