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Red Rush Athlete Laura Lunardi: A Spartan Elite

Laura Lunardi is a top-ranked obstacle course racer. According to the Spartan athlete ranking page, she’s ranked highest in her age class. She finished eighth in her class on her very first Spartan outing and has gone on to win or place well in dozens of races over the last few years. 433 more words

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Can You Really Do It?

I loved Yoda in Star Wars when he said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

I always think of this when I’m writing a book. 926 more words

Rainy Day Blues

37º with a 100% chance of rain…the perfect combination for “rainy day blues”.

There are so many fun, exciting DIY games and projects that you can implement in your daily routine to help your little ones get through days like these. 128 more words


Help Adam Moore Become the Next American Ninja Warrior!

By Nolan P. Smith

American Ninja Warrior is one of, if not the, toughest obstacle courses in the world. As with its Japanese counterpart, the course is near impossible, filled with feats one might have to be superhuman to complete. 96 more words


Tough Mudder Is Going To Start Incorporating Tear Gas Into Its Obstacle Courses

If you’ve ever been on Facebook, you’ve probably heard about the Tough Mudder through that one friend who won’t shut up about all of the extreme sporting activities they’re always participating in. 229 more words

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Rugged Maniac 2014 Petersburg VA

Hey guys!

I have been a bit busy studying for tests and practicals last week so I apologize for a delay in my posts. I do however have some exciting updates! 242 more words

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Weekly Photo challenge: An unrepeatable sporting challenge

Let me set the scene for this photo. I had just come back from the Triathlon World championships in Auckland, which I was advised NOT to do due to upcoming knee surgery that was scheduled  for the DAY AFTER the Tough Mudder race. 174 more words