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Get To It

It’s time to work off that candy.  If this chicken can do it, SO CAN YOU.

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Watch As This Toddler Runs Through A Tyke-Sized 'American Ninja Warrior' Course

Kids absolutely love American Ninja Warrior, and for good reason. The show’s course is essentially a Chuck E. Cheese playground on full-blown steroids. Enter young Yoshi, who’s such a giant fan of the show, his parents made him a tyke-sized version of an… 94 more words


Year of the Spartan

On August 23, 2014, I participated in the Virginia Reebok Spartan Super at Wintergreen Resort, my first major race ever. My goal was to just finish it, which I did in a little over 7.5 hours. 191 more words

This is SPARTAAAAN RACE! Win a Singapore Spartan Sprint entry!

AROO! The Spartans are here!

You may have heard of the inaugural Spartan Races that will be held in Kuala Lumpur this October 2015, and in… 904 more words


“You Can’t Make Everyone Happy” – No Longer Applies

After a few weeks of teaching riding lessons, I’ve come to truly realize and understand what my trainers went through every day. It’s a constant balancing act between loving your students, wanting them to truly excel, and keeping in mind how far they actually want to progress compared to how much fun they want to have. 266 more words


Red Rush Athlete Laura Lunardi: A Spartan Elite

Laura Lunardi is a top-ranked obstacle course racer. According to the Spartan athlete ranking page, she’s ranked highest in her age class. She finished eighth in her class on her very first Spartan outing and has gone on to win or place well in dozens of races over the last few years. 433 more words

Beet Juice

Can You Really Do It?

I loved Yoda in Star Wars when he said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

I always think of this when I’m writing a book. 926 more words