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Let's Get Started

I took a little hiatus from working out but recently I got myself back to the gym.

You know what the hardest thing about working out is? 155 more words


Riggity Riggity RIGGED MKII

I was suppose to post this up last Friday but I forgot so meh. BUT ANYWAY I’ve rigged my character FINALLY!!! Most of the controllers work well, I’ve not checked them all yet  but so far so good.

Fantastic Friday: Justin Constantine

“Whatever hardships you face, never give up.” ~Justine Constatine

U. S. Marine Corp (Retired) did not give up, even when his prognosis was dire. Instead, he survived being shot in the head by a sniper in Iraq  in 2006.

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Life Management


I textured my character, YAY! And looks good. Originally I was suppose to use MudBox to texture it, but unfortunately the program doesn’t load, so I had to move to Z-Brush. 25 more words

Jammin' in Jamaica: A playlist for world peace

I’m back from an incredible vacation in Jamaica, where the air feels cleaner, life isn’t such a rush and the grass seems a little bit “greener.” After a gorgeous week of ocean gazing, soul searching and absolute gratitude, I feel inspired. 827 more words