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E is for Everest!

Mount Everest is the ultimate summit for many mountain climbers. Most climbers might conquer
Everest and think, “What else is there?” These days, with Everest tourism, it’s a little easier to reach the top than it once was, but it’s still the ultimate peak in the world, the highest high of the tallest mountains and an extreme challenge even for the most seasoned of climbers. 261 more words


D is for Dodge!

When I was in elementary school, I wasn’t very good at catching stuff. Whenever somebody would throw something at me to catch, whether it was on the playground or in the classroom, I was more likely to freeze up or bat it out of the way, rather than catching it, even if it was just a balled-up piece of paper. 462 more words


At one point and time, the news and media outlets we consumed would tell us the location of a fire and help us understand how it started.

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Never Waste an Obstacle

An obstacle does not prevent you from reaching your goal, it only changes the path you take to get there.

An obstacle measures what your dreams are worth…

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The Definition of Strength = You #inspiration #motivation #strength

Did you know you are a strong soldier?


It’s true! In fact, you are one of the elite, a member of the strongest soldiers the world has ever seen! 103 more words