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The Righteous Path is a Joyful One

“Many times did the Lamanites attempt to encircle them about by night, but in these attempts they did lose many prisoners.

And many times did they attempt to administer of their wine to the Nephites, that they might destroy them with poison or with drunkenness.

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Book Of Mormon

My Quora answer to What are hindrances and obstacles to church growth?

First and foremost is that society doesn’t beleive in the church institution anymore. Churches are not called to grow but to serve. When they serve, they begin to grow. 1,294 more words

Rolling With The Punches

Less than 24 hours after my initial excitement of finally going through with my first order… I hit my first obstacle.

I was woken by my phone bleep as an email came through at 7am. 305 more words


The Disgustingly Awesome World of the 'Double Dare' Obstacle Course

(Source: gizmodo.com)

Image: Nickelodeon

Our friends at The A.V. Club just published an insanely awesome oral history of the obstacle course from Nickelodeon’s classic game show Double Dare, and it’s chock-full of icky, messy fun. 993 more words


Make peace with hard times.

by J. E. Ayee

If “hard times” were a person, I’d imagine a conversation with them might go like this:

Me: Hey! What are you doing here again? 484 more words


I am the obstacle


I was trying to remember the precise moment when I started to materialise my wishes like crazy, one after the other.  And then in what precise moment I stopped doing it. 414 more words