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We have all kinds of options and opportunities in our lives. There are limitless choices we can make. We can do anything we want to do, go anywhere we want to go, and spend our time with anyone we choose. 665 more words


Feeling the tension in others can be difficult, and sometimes we don’t always know when we are. It’s easy to confuse other’s emotions with our own sometimes because the movement, vibration and energy of other people are quite fast, regardless if it’s of a positive or unfriendly nature.

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Creativity is unlike anything else on the planet. It is akin to madness, with a touch of release and a drop of hope. I recognize that creativity is a big part of my life and personality.

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Life is full of challenges and overcoming them is living.

Just as when you are in school, you are asked to write exams at the end of the term or semester to evaluate your understanding of what you learned, life also present us with examinations all the time. 202 more words


Viper Challenge Asia Experience: How NOT to Organise an Obstacle Race

So, if you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll know that I partook in the Viper Challenge last weekend. It’s originally from Malaysia, and this is the first time it’s held in Singapore (I think!). 688 more words


The Goal Theory

I am a very ambitious person. I wanna achieved something that an average person cannot do. I wanna become popular of being someone that I love to become. 334 more words



Make the best out of any obstacle.

Barbed wire may be a barrier to the mighty, but its a bridge to the small.