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Phamily Fun & Fitness

So the day after Gauntlet Fitness I went to Phamily Fun & Fitness in Edmond, OK, run by the awesome Dominic Pham.  I was riding high after my first experience, but came crashing down to Earth pretty quickly. 772 more words

I really have no idea what I'm doing!

I meet with friends all the time…friends who may seem to be having a tough time at life at the moment.  This may be because of a recent breakup or discovery about someone close to them in their lives…a recent failure or mishap that they feel could have been avoided.   994 more words


Saracen Race 2017

What is Saracen Race?

  • Saracen Race is a 5km Obstacle Course.

The first time I came across Saracen was last November 2016, that was the time when I started engaging in Marathon events. 306 more words

5km Race

A Sudden Change


This is not me, but I feel so bad.

Am I tired or Am I just sad?

Don’t know what to do or what to feel. 131 more words


Those Conversations


21:00 I’m still at my work,

Everyone’s saying that I’m a dedicated person.

I just love my job and nothing more.

So I’ll focus on it, till my body falls. 103 more words


The Place Where We First Met


I looked at my watch, it’s another boring day.

Same old song, same old day.

Alone in this empty room, looking at the clock to fade away. 104 more words


"I'm on my way"

As a Day-care provider, circle time was my favorite, 10 mins per day and the kids learned so much, they learned by repetition,
We did the same songs, nursery rhymes, every day, redundant you say… yes there were times I changed up just a bit, and then we do a short activity to re-enforce. 217 more words