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Coming soon: the HX labyrinth

As everyone knows, hamsters are just plain cuter with toys. Here, is an advertisement for an obstacle course that I will show soon: The HX Labyrinth. 126 more words

Living Out Your Purpose!

There is nothing more gratifying and satisfying than to live the life you were intended to live!

To awaken each day on purpose makes life worth living. 508 more words

Of Love And Its Greatest Obstacle

Marcus enjoyed hosting dinner guests. He and his wife, Theodora, took great care to lovingly set the table with their finest dishes. Invitations were handcrafted with Theodora’s sweeping and circular calligraphy. 1,384 more words


Single Line of Vision

The line of vision is impaired.
The clarity of a single, straight line is known.
Everything else is blurry.
It doesn’t see any obstacles.
There’s only so much an eye can see. 109 more words

Journal Entry

Opportunity, Obstacle or a Mix of Both?

Big Data is a term that’s being thrown around a lot in the marketing industry lately, but just because this word is being mentioned in that big conference room by the CMO doesn’t mean they exactly understand it or even how to use it. 659 more words

Integrated Marketing


Today is Monday. I participated in Adrenaline Rush [] two days ago (there’s a post about that coming).

Since the race I’ve been celebrating, eating all the sugar and processed carbs I’d been (somewhat) avoiding. 85 more words

Training on the Move

For anyone who travels around I would highly recommend getting some TRX. (Shout out to Dan who donated our first set- best present ever) 59 more words

Mud Run