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How am I supposed to live in this world?

Every obstacle has a silver lining in it, at least that’s what they say.

Every problem has a solution hidden somewhere, at least that’s what I hope it to be. 372 more words

Word: Obstacle

Okay. I might get a little heavy here.

I’ve always thought I had a difficult childhood (and honestly, I really did, this isn’t a post about how I learned that, because my mom didn’t buy me Cookie Crisp, that I had an idyllic youth). 323 more words


FICTION: Obstacle by Rodrigo Ribera d’Ebre

Obstacle 1

Whenever I talked to people about me ex-girlfriend Karen, I always left this one story out. I brought up the fact that she was a skank and a cheater, that she had kids, and that she looked like a Polynesian version of Denise Richards.

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Accomplishment in Progress

Being a writer is an ongoing journey. Sure, there are obvious landmarks – completion of the first book, deadlines, due dates, releases, but most of the time, being a writer is not as much about the big events, as it is about the small victories, things you have completed on those long, weaving-together days spent alone in your office with no one watching. 514 more words


Islamic Wazifa To Resolve Marital Issues

Marriage is one of the best relationship in human life, two people truly commit together to spend their whole with each other. But most of the time marriage can’t get success and result of that either couple get divorce or fight with each other.   301 more words

A Shadow

A shape across a running river:
I saw it long ago.
Who does it belong to?
That, I still don’t know.

The shape across the running river: 65 more words


The cross - A kereszt

The cross

“Come in, my child!” –  said the master, and invited me into his workshop.
“Well, choose!” –  And He showed me around in the small room, where a crowded row of varied crosses captured my eyes. 444 more words