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Change scares me. It terrifies me.

Ever since I moved to India ( I used to live in the States before), I feel like my life has been going downhill. 376 more words

The Victory of Losing

As Much As I Tried To Be The Perfect Person I Wasn’t
By Allowing Myself To Not Live Up To My Own Standards, I Failed Myself… 103 more words

Pattern Drafting

I have an amazing dress. It fits me in a flattering way when I gained 15 lbs and lost 15 lbs from where I am at right now (30 lb range at LEAST). 406 more words


The Obstacles — Orlando Espinosa

No matter the obstacles you may continuously face, the journey is far from over!

via The Obstacles — Orlando Espinosa

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” ― Molière


Intention Realized

TLS 365 Experience #24
March 24, 2017

To me it is a wonderful opportunity to share this ancient, creative, open-ended, transformative, personal place for healing, etc. 160 more words

The Daily Experience


Some of my New Year’s resolutions are to try things that scare me, and not be so concerned with being tired. I am, at my core, a very lazy person. 548 more words

Bree Steffen

The Storms of Fortune

The laws of fiction aren’t the laws of life. Luck is a deciding factor in many aspects of our lives. Some people are born with better cards, born into the one percent. 777 more words