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Do not give up. Quote for May 31st

Not to give up under any circumstances should be the motto of our life: we shall try again and again, and we are bound to succeed. 43 more words


The Off-Balancing Act: Making Time for Art

You might notice that for this series we posted out of our normal order. This would be because on May 7th I jumped on an airplane to leave the country for awhile and wouldn’t be back until very late the 25th. 686 more words


The Way Out

I’ve been missing the life I had before,

Thinking about times of yore.

Times when I was free;

Feared to just be me.

Now the walls are closing in… 171 more words

Double check the pastor's sermon

I listened to a Matt Chandler sermon this morning.  He tells that in ancient days when there was a sheep that was prone to wander, the shepherd would chase the sheep down so many times until the shepherd would finally break the front legs of the sheep and carry the sheep around until the legs heal and then the sheep would never wander again.  311 more words


Head Meet Wall

While I am not exactly banging my head against a wall yet, I am having a bit of a rough week. OF COURSE THEY ARE BOUND TO HAPPEN. 464 more words


Obstacles to Foreign Policy Restraint

From the American Conservative


Emma Ashford reviews the recent Advancing American Security conference, and adds this:

Despite these attempts at engagement, realist and restraint-oriented perspectives, whether from inside or outside the Beltway, remain a relative rarity in Washington, where broadly interventionist ideas tend to dominate among both Democrats and Republicans.

516 more words
World At WAR

Savage Race: Let the Training Commence

Are We Really Going To Run a Savage Race? Really?… Yes We Are.

My husband and I have decided to run a savage race later this year in October. 281 more words