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Midnight Motivation: Regression

The words ‘setback’ and ‘downfall’ illustrate our fear of regression. We don’t want to stumble backwards or fall behind. And therefore we decide to give up to avoid running off course. 126 more words

Fantastic Fail

The entire week was fail-succeed-fail-succeed. With one aunt coming home from rehab with a brain-tumor induced diagnosis of dementia and another dying of a broken heart (a-fib), the run was way overshadowed by family drama. 763 more words


Asteroids Do Not Concern Me: Obstacle Placement Strategies

“The odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field is 3,720 to 1!”

– C-3PO

With the introduction of the new FAQ. A small, but important, change has happened to how obstacle placement works in X-Wing: 1,304 more words

Work it

The whole 5th wheel shook violently with each jumping jack, oh and squats are horrible but I did the work! I keep telling myself bathing suit, bathing suit. 30 more words

Travel Nurse

Dear Two-Timing Ex,

Yes. I called you a two-timer. It’s true anyway, and the truth hurts, so bear with it. I was able to endure the pain you’ve caused me when you cheated, so just face it. 336 more words


"The scale may not reflect the amount of work you did"

Every few seasons, I follow The Biggest Loser on NBC. I admire the courage it takes for people to participate in the show. American beauty culture is not too forgiving when it comes to obesity. 456 more words


Trust The Voice Within

“Confidence.” – is something you create within yourself by believing in who YOU are.

Living with Lymphedema or any condition for that matter can be a constant challenge, but there are many rewarding aspects that lie within us that we are devaluing without even realizing it. 240 more words