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#Day27 is a bad day

I am bloody livid. Like you know how a volcano shakes before it erupts? That is me currently. I’m beyond furious, annoyed and frustrated. All I want to do is see Mr.Current, that’s all, but a week to our arrangements and things have intervened, thanks world. 231 more words


How to work with your spouse in a perfect balance?

This following interview has touched my heart and made me tear up at points. I interviewed a couple this time and I have to tell you, the outcome is AMAZING. 2,507 more words


Blogging 201: Day 1: What Lies between us

So, I started the Blogging 201 Poetry challenge, and my first task was to write a poem about a screen.  This was sort of difficult, but I did my best…lol. 13 more words


Give Yourself Permission

When someone hands you the stage and says “take it, this moment belongs to you.”

You don’t leisurely saunter nor do you causally walk over to it. 90 more words


What it means to love your neighbor

Upon finishing today’s blog, I admit it’s more like a sermon than a daily devotional, but here goes.

As anyone who reads my blogs, listens to my sermons online, or goes to church here knows, I believe I am to preach repentance.  431 more words


Too Good 104

“Bluberry Hill?” Duvan asked, “You want to cut through the woods?”

“Yes,” Gabrielle said decisively. “I need to get home to Adriel. He was asleep when I left so I didn’t tell him I was leaving. 550 more words