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The Biggest Test We Face When Setting Goals

Ah, goals. Don’t you love that feeling when you decide enough is enough and you’re ready to make a change? You think to yourself, “YES. I CAN DO THIS. 618 more words


T + P + C = H

What is this?

No, it is not a new texting acronym nor is it a chemical formula or advanced math calculation.

So what am I trying to say with these four letters? 573 more words


​ Day 6: Someone who fascinates you and why

I can’t say there’s a specific person who fascinates me, but I’m fascinated by people who go for their dreams without fearing that they are going to fail. 127 more words



 Hi dudes, it is my pleasure to have you here today, you’re welcome. Today, i am going to discuss with you 5 steps to success in achieving your goals. 705 more words


Driving to Success

Ambition is the fuel to succeeding. You can only be successful if you have a goal in mind – but to be honest, that’s just step 1 of the whole process. 591 more words

Diaversary, henna, and pre-bolusing

Today is my diaversary. Today marks 17 years since my diagnosis. Seventeen years since I went in for my 12 year check-up, symptom free, seemingly healthy, and got the news that would forever change my life. 642 more words

Type 1 Diabetes

Resistance is Futile!

Acceptance (likely many of the virtues) is simple to understand but often times very difficult to apply. I know I make it more complicated than it has to be. 255 more words