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Graduation Nerves

capitalcarmenFirst of all, take a deep breath. Second of all, know this: you will be fine. This is the moment you’ve probably been waiting for/simultaneously dreading since you very first freshman lecture, am I right?

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Self-Built Fences

An old cowboy song I enjoyed as a kid popped into my head the other day.  It was “Don’t Fence Me In” by Cole Porter and Robert Fletcher.  316 more words


A Box of Obstacles

There are days I feel like a fake.  I pick up a paintbrush and cannot find a creative thought. I sit down, pen in hand, and my mind becomes a jumble of disconnected thoughts.   693 more words

Fortification Friday: Trous-de-loup... French for pits in the ground

Trous-de-loup!  Oh-la-la! Anything in French just sounds sweeter… dare I say romantic?

Mahan listed Trous-de-loup as a type of obstacle. What is a Trous-de-loup, anyway?   1,274 more words

American Civil War


Sometimes life is like a round container, at other times it changes to a square, then to a rectangle, situations change, obstacles show up and challenges come—but be like water! 170 more words


Obstacles on the path of life…

It is only when a stream of water encounters obstacles, do you see bubbling brooks and raging torrents. In the same way, placidity in life needs a few rocks to make it more interesting ….



Be Free

There comes a time when you stumble across so many obstacles, you don’t know what to do. Do you run from it? Or face them, even if it includes forever heartbreak. 240 more words