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Countless inspirations,

From a myriad of souls-

With the strength of an army,

All reaching for goals.

We are flowers finding sunshine,

And blossoming with room- 139 more words


Yet another school year starts

I walked into Ms.Disa’s class, thinking its TOEFL and to my surprise, it turns out to be an AEP class. Sitting there, as time passed by, I doubted myself as to what AEP could stand for, and was later explained it’s Academic English Program. 174 more words

Straight as an Arrow

It’s not far going from here to there as the crow flies. 

He moved a fingertip from one spot to another on a map seemingly hung on the wall behind the cash register a few decades ago with mismatched thumbtacks. 44 more words


How can I increase my concentration?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could tune into our optimum brain power so that we can study effortlessly, remember everything, and still have plenty of time left over for doing things we like to do? 1,090 more words


Episode 20: How to Manage Obstacles When They Arise


Today Gia and Karen start off with Something Positive: the story of a dog who “adopted” an ultra-marathoner by running alongside him during an event in China. 231 more words


The big rocks

I remember as a young girl staring up at this massive, white rock. It was so intimidating. I recall countless times as I watched bigger, older kids scramble to the top of it with ease. 302 more words

What my diabetes has taught me about life's rough patches

There will be good days and there will be bad days. It’s inevitable. And it’s okay. The bad days are what help you appreciate the good ones. 482 more words

Type 1 Diabetes