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Alleged bank robber jailed for obstructing justice

KELOWNA – An alleged Kelowna bank robber has yet to go to trial for that crime.

But he has been sentenced for threatening a witness in the case. 125 more words



This is classic. This is beyond the realm of sanity. This is typical Obama despotism.

The federal government is prosecuting Sheriff Joe Arpaio for enforcing federal immigration laws that the federal government refuses to enforce. 363 more words


Evidence? Obstruction of Justice

Nope. Nothing to see here.

WOW, LISTEN > The full list of evidence destroyed by #Hillary will shock you. #Trump needs to arrest her & clean house at the FBI & DOJ.

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2016 Presidential Race

White Collar Crime, Prosecutorial Discretion, and the Supreme Court

Does the Supreme Court still believe in prosecutorial discretion? A string of cases over the past few years has to make you wonder.

Prosecutorial discretion – the power to decide whether to bring criminal charges, who to charge, what crimes to charge, and how ultimately to resolve the case – is a fundamental component of the criminal justice system. 2,504 more words


What You Should Know about Obstruction of Justice in fraud cases

Obstruction of justice occurs when an individual engages in an act designed to impede or obstruct the investigation or trial of other substantive offences. Prosecutors usually are pleased to discover such violations by defendants because they add a more sinister flavour to what might be colourless white-collar charges, and such actions can help to prove criminal intent. 243 more words


Bridgewater police chief placed on leave following sex assault allegations

The chief of the Bridgewater, Nova Scotia police force has been placed on administrative leave following allegations of sexual assault, Global News has learned.

Scott Feener, deputy chief of the Bridgewater police confirmed on Monday that John Collyer, chief of the Bridgewater Police Service has been placed on leave by the police board August 18. 125 more words


Unity Though Solutions Discusses Obstruction of Justice by the Democratic Party.

We Unity Through Solutions Discusses Obstruction of Justice by the Democratic Party.

  • We all watched in horror as Benghazi unfolded and the Clinton State Department ran their disinformation;
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Unity Through Solutions