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A smart man would learn after his “I got tapes” bluff doesn’t work with a writer, that it won’t work with the director of the FBI. 817 more words

The White House Lawyers Up

President Trump hired a lawyer to help him with Trump-Russia investigations. In fact, he hired a whole bunch of lawyers. His vice president and… 129 more words


Leftist Power-lust Trumps All: Our Descent into Madness

Once again, the various events and challenges of life have taken from my ranting time, but God knows there’s been no shortage of things to rant about during that time. 1,019 more words

Perspectives: Robert Reich - The Case for Obstruction of Justice (VIDEO)

Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense. It was at the heart of Richard Nixon’s impeachment. The parallel between Nixon and Trump is almost exact. There’s already more than enough evidence of probable cause to begin an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. 13 more words

Donald Trump's legal team has come out ready to hit hard

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump, whose combative instincts are to lash out and never retreat, appears to be shaping a legal team in his own image. 1,116 more words