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Red Lines and Areas of Compromise for the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is at a crossroads. In defeat–and the Democrat’s were resoundingly defeated in every branch and at every level of government in the 2016 elections–lies an opportunity for change. 211 more words

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Constructive Criticism On Obstruction

Senate Democrats have officially turned this into the most drawn out Cabinet confirmation process since George Washington set up the original in the 1700’s. It has been a case of obstruction for the sake of obstruction, a political temper tantrum. 409 more words


Builders and Destroyers

Builders and Destroyers

*** Revised on 2/3/2017 ***

Yesterday at the University of Berkley, a young girl wearing a Trump hat was sprayed with pepper-spray in her face and eyes by a man who was clearly not a student. 582 more words


Hearing Gorsuch

I have a pretty #resist mindset, but I’d like to see Gorsuch get a hearing. Here’s why.

First, I’ll stipulate that the stonewalling of Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, a qualified compromise pick, was damaging to the United States. 822 more words

Why We Fight

Hypocrisy at its Worst

Oh for fucks sake! You have got to be kidding me with this high and mighty bullshit! Hypocrisy abounds among republicans  right now, saying such things as “I think this is a completely unprecedented level of obstruction”(from the above article). 416 more words


Trump Executive Order on Refugee Resettlement and Importation of Muslims Ban Stirs Controversy

As Trump indicated in his campaign promise, he issued an executive order that banned Muslim importation/illegal immigration from specific Middle Eastern nations and limited the intake of refugees to Christians from war-torn areas.  1,909 more words

Understanding Conservative Ideology on Economic Opportunity--"I Didn't Need It" & "I Didn't Get It"

I was blessed with an incredibly supportive family, both in emotional and financial terms–I was lucky. Still, I faced many obstacles growing up, so I can only imagine the difficulties faced by others. 1,589 more words

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