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Blinded by ambition
Blinded by love
Blinded by weakness
Blinded by pride
Blinded by prejudice
Blinded by greed
Blinded by wealth
Blinded by lust… 37 more words

Arms and legs everywhere

There was a very odd play in the Cubs/Nats game yesterday.

Where do we begin. First, Kris Bryant seems to reach the area of first base before Gonzalez touches it. 485 more words


Judge Marie Brouillet of Montreal Municipal Court - The worst in humanity

I want to denounce the awful Judge Marie Brouillet for what she did this morning… however I have agreed to not speak too much of this particular case, despite the massive litany of abuses she committed, including sneering from the bench,  so I want to go back further in time… back in March 2014 she decided in a case that if a police officer stonewalls someone in giving his identification as he is obligated under the law to do, he can successfully win a conviction for obstruction. 165 more words

Doors are for idiots

You know what sucks? Doors. I hate them. They’re the worst. Always swinging open in one direction but not the other. Unless it’s a dutch door, then it’s going in two directions and all you really want is to just know, for realz, which direction are you going to open, door? 139 more words

Orcas Island

Orcas Island, part of the San Juan Islands in Washington State, is a popular tourist destination. Most of the island’s 57 square miles are rural and hilly, with curving roads that wind through forests and fields and past artists’ studios. 1,903 more words


Newly Reported Obstructions -Siltcoos and Willamette Rivers

Siltcoos River Below Tyee Campground Boat Ramp

A fir tree has fallen and blocks the river bank-to-bank with limbs obstructing navigation.  The Lane County Marine Patrol are seeking a contractor to help mitigate this obstruction so boaters can safely pass through.  157 more words

Boat Oregon Advisory Teams