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when you've lost Mika Brzezinski

She reiterates her love for Senator Warren, and uses “we” when discussing how the media and political Progressives need to listen and learn from the 2016 campaign. 43 more words


Where are most airway obstructions?

These ‘may occur at any level from the nose to the trachea’ but are commonly found ‘at the level of the pharynx’ (Gregory & Mursell, 2010: 2) 19 more words


What causes airway obstruction?

  • ‘posterior displacement of the tongue caused by reduced muscle tone’
  • ‘soft palate and the epiglottis’
  • vomit
  • blood
  • ‘swelling of the airway (e.g. anaphylaxis)’
  • ‘foreign body’
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Inspector's Decision concludes landowner's changes to public access at Baydon House Farm, Wiltshire

A recent decision from the Planning Inspectorate confirming a bridleway diversion brought to an end a series of successful applications and interventions for the landowner at Baydon House Farm, Wiltshire.   318 more words



I used to respect Senator John McCain of Arizona. He was always conservative, always Republican, so I didn’t often agree with him, but I always respected him because he put the Country above partisan concerns. 200 more words

The Rumble: Social Graces

The GOP is selling the 50’s as a time of social graces, but it feels more like ISIS glorifying the Middle Ages. A time before hippies and long before hip-hop, ‘cause they were way too dignified to ever let the beat drop, they had a lot less stress, as gays kept to the closets, but don’t worry ’cause now they’ve got the FBI in their pockets. 56 more words


Field Hockey Rules: Another 'convention'

Rules of Hockey.

Edited 10th November 2016 – note on video referral procedure added.

Shoot out and obstruction. Physical contact. Backing into. Positioning between.

Negligence. Stupidity. 2,778 more words

Rules Of Hockey