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perfect lines

When you’re drawing a lot of the time, you want to have everything cleaned up with no sign of  the sketch base. And I will a gree this can make your drawing more appealing. 152 more words

{ I'm a Bad girl } - by Ken's

Title : I’m not a Bad girl


Cast : Jung Jeorin – Oh Sehun – Other’s


Author : Ken’s


Genre : Unconditionally


Length : Oneshoot… 5,376 more words


Character Studies 9

A character study for a protagonist of a novel I’m writing. The prompt was to write a setting for an OC.

Chel sat cross-legged on a moss-covered log, her book resting gently on her lap. 82 more words


My Pokemon OC - Mimi Harmoni Lewenhart

Hey, what’s up? Mimi14Senpai here! Here’s another OC of mine! This OC is for my Pokemon XY fanfiction! I hope you will enjoy~! :D 168 more words


[FICLET-MIX] Skylar yang Malang

Skylar yang Malang

ficlet-mix for imjustagirl’s birthday

BTS’ Jung Hoseok and imjustagirl’s Jung Skylar

family, sad, slight!angst, slight!fluff, comedy, thriller | 3 ficlets | General… 607 more words


[What is Your Color?] Yellow Heart Paper – Oneshoot

Judul : Yellow Heart Paper

Nama Author : vlentxiu

Genre : school life and fantasy

Lenght : Oneshoot

Rating : PG-15

Cast :  Kim Taehyung (BTS) 1,204 more words


[What is Your Color?] Orange Juice – Vignette

Orange Juice

By Nnafbjnr

Cast : Kim Namjoon& (OC) YooShinji.

Genre : sad, hurt, (idk for genres)

Lenght :1.313k words

Rating : … 1,289 more words