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Exercise 1 (Project 4)

First Person:

“I pushed the cart and both the boy and I carried knapsacks. In the knapsacks were essential things in case we had to abandon the cart and make a run for it. 460 more words


The language of light, creativity, 4.5 (Photography 1, ID 513323)

In this section of part four we are looking at the assessment criteria for creativity. Mount Fuji is used as an example – the vast majority of images are stereotypical in that they offer a view of the mountain with water in the foreground (sometimes with the mountain reflected) and cherry blossom. 703 more words


The language of light, project 4 studio light, 4.4 (Photography 1, ID 513323)

The soft light of Jean-Baptiste Huynh http://www.jeanbaptistehuynh.com/livres_7_.html is very beautiful. Simple images with wonderful lighting. I say simple – that is the feeling they give me, they may have involved complicated lighting. 169 more words


The language of light, project 3 artificial light, 4.3 (Photography 1, ID 513323)

I think as humans it is only natural to revere natural light. It offers clarity and hope where artificial light merely illuminates that which we deem necessary in the absence of natural light. 817 more words

Research & Reflection

Exercise 3 - Experimenting with light

This exercise requires me to take four to six portraits of the same subject using different lighting effects. The images should be head and shoulder and if needed one of the images can be flash or studio lighting. 446 more words


Part 2 Assignment - Collecting


I started this project by doing a scrappy rough brain storm to assess my options. I normally have a think about each possible category then figure out which one suits my style or objective best. 988 more words


Initial Thoughts

I have started to think about initial ideas for my main project as well as starting to fill my sketchbook.

I want to explore the idea of what is left after we have gone from our own perspective rather than from those who are left. 132 more words

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