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Exercise - Emotive

We are looking at how emotion can be conveyed in a single frame and the emotions and feelings you respond with. Also how the frame causes this. 1,080 more words


Wolf Wood - Movie Planning

After studying subjective movies (filming from the main characters POV) I have been fired with enthusiasm and inspiration and when I was chatting with my friend and fellow course mate, Catherine, it settled it. 291 more words


Andre Masson: De Marseille a L' Exile Americain

13 November – 15 March 2016 Musee de Marseille CANTINI

Sometimes it is lonely visiting exhibitions without the company of other fellow students, but sometimes I am happy to be ‘out on a limb’ here in southern France. 315 more words


Exercises - Visulisation

Find a quiet moment or two and try to imagine the situation described below. Think what you would see if you were there. Once you’ve conjured up the images go back to each and sketch out basic impressions of what you see (yay more drawing :) ) 1,534 more words


Assignment 3 - Self Assessment

This post forms the Self Assessment to accompany Assignment 3 and is broken down into 3 parts:

1. Performance against the Assessment Criteria.

2. Performance against the Course Outcomes. 875 more words