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Assignment 2 - Research - What is Stress?

The task of portraying something that can’t necessarily be seen using photography is a daunting task. Rather than photographing the subject itself, the subject will need to be suggested through semiotics (visual clues and signs) due to a lack of denotative elements. 838 more words


Project: Basic paint application, Exercise: Painting with pastels

I learned a great deal in this exercise. Although I had used both oil pastels and soft pastels in the past, I’d used the former largely on top of a near-finished oil painting that I was unhappy with, just to try and lift it  (usually the picture was so flawed in the first place that only an incinerator would have helped). 1,053 more words


T1-MMT-P2-p1 Extended sample

This extended sampler of joining techniques takes the form of evening attire for the adventurous woman.

A full length sheath of crystal organza wraps the body, bound around the torso to emphasize the female shape. 1,427 more words


Project: Basic paint application, Exercise: Applying paint without paintbrushes

The purpose of this exercise was to explore different ways of getting paint onto a support, and a number of different tools were prescribed. I assembled these before starting with paint: first, palette knives, one of conventional shape and size and two painting knives, which had straight edges along the widened top of their blade, each set at a different angle. 1,210 more words


Assignment 5: Project 1: Viewpoint: Exercise 5.1and 5.2

Exercise 5.1

Use your camera as a measuring device. This doesn’t refer to the distance scale on the focus ring(!). Rather, find a subject that you have an empathy with and take a sequence of shots to ‘explore the distance between you’. 1,057 more words


Developing a publishing plan - preparation for the assignment

As the event is not a large event it has not the typical clients as not so many are interested in minor league football but possible clients might be the team/club to cover this particular event or maybe to have some general pictures for advertising. 277 more words


A written plan & preliminary shotlist - preparation for the assignment

The event I want to cover is a football match of children age around 13 playing in my hometown of Boden.

The reasons for that are that it is a good size event that is near in time and is probably providing enough variation in pictures but also the fact that there is not a fitting event before the end of August. 410 more words