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29 August 2015. Why I Didn’t Run With the Cantrell Story Until Now


Actually, I first heard the Cantrell story (him not only jumping from the priesthood, but also him going from Christianity to Islam) about six days ago. 384 more words


29 August 2015. Why Did Maymon Persecute Fr John Bohush but Treated Matthew Cantrell with Kid Gloves?


I got this from several voices on the grapevine (here’s one):

Fr Matthew Cantrell… did you hear about him? This OCA priest converted to Islam.

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T1-MMT-P3-p1 Sketchbook and change of plan

After the session using composimold (26-August-2015) I felt the need to step back and think about next steps. Wanting to examine results so far more closely I worked on my photographs in gimp ( 349 more words


T1-MMT-P3 Tutor feedback on Assignment 2

Last week I got feedback from my tutor, Rebecca Fairley, on Assignment 2. In my own review (6-August-2015) I was pleased and excited about the work, and happily Rebecca was also very positive. 512 more words


Exercise 3.2

This exercise was focussing on using slow shutter speeds to show motion within the frame. This is something I have a reasonable amount of experience with and I really love to play with so I was really looking forward to this exercise. 864 more words


Part 4, Part 4, Structure, Exercise 2, Three Figure Drawings (plus!) P.131

A2, Standing, Seated and Lounging.

Start with quicker smaller sketches and move onto bigger longer sketches.

I may have mis-read the instructions… but I did my quick sketches on A2, which perhaps was not a bad idea as I found the upscaling in paper a problem for my body part sizing! 584 more words

Part 4

Assignment 2 - Self Assessment

This post forms the Self Assessment to accompany Assignment 2 and is broken down into 3 parts:

1. Performance against the Assessment Criteria.

2. Performance against the Course Outcomes. 1,037 more words