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MMT - Pt1 - Pj3 - Ex3 - Using Hot Water - Part1

Polyester fabric? Uck! It’s horrible stuff but you need it for this exercise. The only other time I’ve used synthetic fabric was when using transfer paints. 342 more words


MMT - Pt1 - Pj2 - Ex5 - Creating Flaps - Part 2

More using up old stuff! I though I really should make another sample for this exercise so I went back to my stock of manipulated papers to have a play. 216 more words


MMT - Pt1 - Pj2 - Ex4 - Cutting Holes - part 2

I keep finding myself going back to this exercise, I don’t think I have explored the action of cutting holes in different surfaces. Even with these next 2 samples I’m still not satisfied that I’ve done enough investigating and experimenting but if I do keep going I’ll never meet my end of June deadline for Assignment 1. 148 more words


MMT - Pt1 - Pj2 - Ex5 - Creating Flaps

With this exercise I was pretty sure before I started what I wanted to do before I started. I’ve had this colour chart for a while and had been wondering what to do with it and when this I saw the instructions on creating flaps I knew I had found a happy occupation for these little colour chips. 440 more words


Exercise: Book cover design

Finally have the chance to begin working on my 3 HG Wells book cover designs. Since the idea is to work on three books that fit together in a series and demonstrate how classic and timeless HG Wells’s work is, I wanted to be a bit more simplistic and minimalistic in my design process. 437 more words


Before and After - Lightroom Grad Filter

This was a poorly exposed photo, and I have probably gone a little too far in Lightroom, but I like the end result.

Most of the changes that I made came from the use of the graduated filter which I brought down from the top using the shift, click and drag method. 63 more words


The Photographers Eye by John Szarkowski

This book is mostly made up of images, so the textual part is less than the other books I own, so far. ┬áThe reason I took to this book first for C&N is that it was one of the recommended books for Expressing your vision (‘EYV’) which I had bought but never got round to reading. 355 more words