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Life Drawing 23Feb17

At life drawing this week, I wanted to try and retain the liveliness of mark making and sense of energy which I had found in drawing to music in… 454 more words


Assignment 3 Reconsidered

I was disappointed in the outcome of Assignment 3. I am increasingly interested in process and trying to be less concerned about outcome, and I found the process interesting and productive, yet remained bugged about the outcome. 1,144 more words


Exercise: Lorum Ipsum

Now select one of the designs from your research that you like and think works. Using the dummy text, try and copy the layout and design as closely as possible. 465 more words


Exercise: View from a window or doorway

Choose a view onto the world. Decide how much of the interior you wish to include and where the main focus of the picture will be. 753 more words


Part 5, Assignment 5, Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness design and compositional skills.

Over the course I have no doubt all skills have improved. 568 more words


Assignment 5 Written Element.

Using tone studying texture, depth of field, and applying learnt skills.

I have learnt a lot in this course, and wanted to put what I had learnt into practice with my final piece. 692 more words


Exercise: If the face fits

Create your own sample book of typefaces on your computer that you can refer to.Organise them into:

  • • Serif for continuous text; readable at small sizes and those suitable for headings.
  • 1,745 more words