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3.3 Rebecca Horn - Research

When Rebecca Horn was around twenty, she was hospitalised for a year. She had been making sculpture out of fibreglass, not understanding the need for safety precautions, and became dangerously ill. 550 more words


Parallel Project - In the Space Between

I have been experimenting with gouache and ink to explore ideas around layered space, voids, different places or states coming into contact. This particular little sketch, using layers of gouache and areas of water on Japanese paper reminded me of a figure, half seen or disappearing. 577 more words


Part four - Project 3 - Exercise 4.3

Project 3: ‘The beauty of artificial light’
This section is all about artificial light e.g. neon signage.

Exercise 4.3

Capture ‘the beauty of artificial light’ in a short sequence of shots.   390 more words


Part four - Project 2 - Exercise 4.2

Project 2: ‘Layered, complex and mysterious…’
This section is all about daylight or what some call natural light.

Exercise 4.2

In manual mode take a sequence of shots of a subject of your choosing at different times on a single day.   483 more words


Part four - Project 1 - Exercise 4.1

Project 1: Exposure
This section is all about light.

Exercise 4.1 / Part 1

Set your camera to any of the auto or semi-auto modes.  695 more words


Parallel Project - Diving into the Unknown

In about 480BCE, a man was entombed at Paestrum in Greece. Inside the lid of his stone tomb is a drawing of a  young man… 1,029 more words


Parallel Project - Second Thoughts

My original ideas for my parallel project were around my garden but during Part 2 of the course I did a several pieces considering the sudden loss of my father when I was relatively young and my anger at him for leaving us. 160 more words