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Part 2. Ex Still Life with colour used to evoke mood.

Starting this painting…..I did some thinking beforehand and wanted happy, (I’d just been watching the Rio 16 closing ceremony)  I had no idea where to strt so I started with a bright vermillion red thin acrylic wash..aiming for a warmth as a starting point. 293 more words


Part 2 Ex Still Life with Complementary Colours

My first step in tackling this exercise was to scribble some colour studies in my sketchbook, helping me to decide and looking a little bit at layout.   225 more words


Project 6: Single Colour Linocut - continued

15 – 17/08/16

Further Single Colour Linocuts

I decided to explore my other sketches and attempt further single colour linocuts.

A neighbouring villa was interesting due to the mid afternoon shadows cast by its various elevations. 1,283 more words


The garden mellowing as August progresses

You can see that the year is drawing on, the garden maturing and mellowing.

courgette, Jerusalem artichoke, fennel and flowers in polyculture 2

Jerusalem artichoke and flowers in polyculture 2… 121 more words

Borderland Garden

Red Bridge - Image Analysis

Toshio Shibata, Red Bridge, Okawa, 2007

Part of the OCA course suggested an analysis of the image in this blog (P42).

Initial impressions were that the main subject is the path/road running from left to right, framed by a series of red A frames. 85 more words


Dairy Marketing vs. Reality

The great divide between the well-marketed image of Vermont dairy farming and its stark and toxic realities is becoming harder and harder to ignore. The marketing shows healthy cows grazing on lush pastures. 39 more words

Alternative News & Health

Exercise 1:Picture Charades

For this exercise you will need to find a friend or family member to help you. You are going to play a game of charades in which you try and communicate the name of a TV programme, film or book using only drawing. 229 more words

Graphic Design