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Assignment 2: Point of sale display

For this assignment, I had to design a point of sale display card for seasonal fruit and vegetable.

Drawing from observation

The first part of the assignment asked me to draw fruit or vegetables from both summer and autumn. 2,432 more words


Exercise: Visual metaphors

In this exercise, I was asked to collect examples of visual metaphor. After that, I was asked to create a drawn list of objects and subjects that could be used to represent one of a choice of phrases. 258 more words


Exercise 2.2 - People and Activity - The Plan

A trip out to 3 venues – Grosmont train station and engineer yard, on the NYMR train between Grosmont and Goathland, the platforms of Grosmont and Goathland. 309 more words


With OCA, Don’t Fret About Condyle Matching

Osteochondral allograft transplantations (OCAs) are becoming a mainstay of treatment for knee-cartilage injuries. To help ensure that the allograft plug is transplanted with <1 mm of step-off from the surrounding recipient cartilage, many surgeons restrict themselves to orthotopic OCAs—matching the graft-recipient condyles in a lateral-to-lateral or medial-to-medial fashion. 207 more words


Review - Anthony Luvera - Residency 2006 - 2011

This project fascinates me because it is about collaboration. Luvera did not take the photos, he invited his subjects to make the photos, after he had spent time teaching them how to. 474 more words


Research point: awareness

With this post, I went back to my “visual diary” (in my case, my Instagram, Pinterest Dream Portfolio board, and my Tumblr) in order to try and understand how my eyes travel around the items I’ve collected. 363 more words


Part 2, Project Still Life, Exercise Still Life with flowers

For this exercise, I was to set up a still life with flowers that can remain in place for a day or two, keeping the arrangement simple. 710 more words