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Made in North Korea: Everyday Graphic Design from the DPRK

The fantastic House of Illustration in Kings Cross had an exhibition of graphic design from the DPRK on (in addition to a lovely display of Quentin Blake’s art). 401 more words


Part 4. Exercise: A Tattoo

In this exercise I have to create a tattoo based on the word ‘Mum’. It must also be suitable for a greetings card.

Ok so immediately it’s confession time. 771 more words


Part 4. Exercise: A Children's Book Cover

In this exercise I have to produce three colour visuals for a cover illustration for a natural history book for children entitled ‘Animals From Around The World’. 1,245 more words


Part 3, Project looking at faces, Creating mood and atomosphere

Ok I don’t look quite as horrific as this but I had the choice of likeness or mood. I chose mood. This to be fair is very abstract and was done at speed the whole painting took just over an hour and is by no means accurate or brilliantly painted. 315 more words


Birthday List

For the next exercise in infographics, I had to make a poster list for myself involving the birthdays of friends and family and what I would do for their birthday: send a card, a text, an e-mail, or a present. 832 more words


Part One, From that moment onwards.... Project 1 The Instrument Exercise 1.1​

Take three or four exposures of the same scene. Don’t change anything on the camera and keep the framing the same.

Looking back on these images the differences are extremely subtle. 70 more words

Part 3, Research Point 2, Observing the human figure.

For this I had to go on the internet and find some portraits, that convey a distinctive mood or atmosphere rather than simply a physical likeness. 1,067 more words