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Bowls and vessels as a metaphor for death


  • Contain things (life)
  • Can be empty (death)
  • Tipped they can spill their contents.
  • Used as part of funeral ritual – vessels buried with deceased contain items needed in the next life…
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Open College Of The Arts

T1-MMT-P1-p1-e5 Basic crumpling technique in Canberra

This weekend just past I was in Canberra for the annual two day walk (link), so OCA work had to fit in where it could. 838 more words


T1-MMT-P1-Research Surface distortion - various artists

I’ve spent some time going through my archives, gathering some images that speak “surface distortion” to me. All these works have drawn me to them at some point, so it seems a good place to look for inspiration. 366 more words


T1-MMT-P1-Research Megan Q. Bostic

Megan Bostic’s work is beautiful and terrible. The titles of her work and exhibitions have a raw emotional honesty – “The First Year of Grief”, “Stale Hope: Too Much Was Never Enough”, “Internal Bleeding”, “Self-Defense Mechanism: It Can’t Hurt When You’re Already Numb”… It feels close to voyeuristic to view such feeling, except that clearly this is the artist’s chosen way of living with and understanding her sorrows, and that the work itself is sincere, evocative, emotional, deeply thought as well as felt, often tender and beautiful. 451 more words


Exhibition - Chuck Close: Prints, process and collaboration

It’s late to write about this exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney (link). It closed a week or two ago, I went to a talk by curator Terrie Sultan last November and have lost my notes… still, a couple of thoughts I want to capture. 440 more words


Research point - Odilon Redon

Having looked through numerous drawings and lithographs done by Odilon Redon I have really been struck by the effectiveness of contrasting tone and it’s placement in Redon’s work.   914 more words

Part One. Feeling, Memory And Imagination