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Chase and Escape: Pursuit Problems

From cheetahs chasing gazelles, through coastguards saving shipwrecked sailors, to missiles launched at enemy aircraft, strategies of pursuit and evasion play a role in many areas of life (and death). 633 more words


TANKA #158

do the clouds above

ever reach an arm to Earth


occasionally sun beams

fall upon special places

© Matthew Saunders


What Does It Mean To Apologise?

What does it mean to apologise?

Until this year, I knew nothing about the 1919 Amritsar (or Jallianwalla Bagh) massacre, in which maybe 1000 Indians (the figure will never be accurately known), including babies, were killed by British Indian Army troops. 253 more words


K3 implies the Inverse Square Law.

Kepler formulated three remarkable laws of planetary motion. He deduced them directly from observations of the planets, most particularly of the motion of Mars. The first two laws appeared in 1609 in Kepler’s… 629 more words


Dance the night away at a ceilidh

If joining a regular dance class isn’t quite your thing, how about trying a ceilidh? Pronounced ‘cay-lee’, these are brilliantly fun, very sociable Scottish country dances (like a barn dance). 393 more words


Psalm 22; The Innocent Sufferer and Exalted Savior

04/21_Resurrection Sunday; Psalm 22 – The Innocent Sufferer and Exalted Savior; Audio available at: http://www.ephraimbible.org/Sermons/20190421_psalm-22.mp3

The Innocent Sufferer

Good Friday night we looked at Psalm 22, the Psalm of the Cross, because it gives us insight into the heart of Jesus, what he experienced on the cross, what he went through for us. 2,536 more words


Coming to Terns with the Past

How do you come to terms with the past? It’s a question that has slowly crystallised in my mind in retirement, as the memory of my teaching life slowly fades and I think about the things that the preoccupying business of work pushed aside. 555 more words