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Black Moon in Aquarius

As the Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month, a Black Moon[1] is the second new moon in a month, and this is the second new moon in Aquarius, at 29 degrees Aquarius (ingress to Pisces at 4:47 PM EST).   896 more words



The cause of American Independence, the initiation of French Revolution, birth of medicine and chemistry, Thule society’s role in shaping second world war, reason for the Catholics to burn certain so called ‘witches’ and ‘wizards’, 339 more words



On Witches & Pagans, I talk about the “high winter” festival in Vanaheim.

On Patheos, I have a review of Book of Lies.  (Clarification: I mean the anthology edited by Richard Metzger, not the Crowley book.)


YouTube Phonies: David Jacobson

Background Information

Jacobson claims this “activity” started years ago after him and his friends played with an Oujia board.

He boasts a wide array of videos, mostly about the paranormal happenings in his apartments. 1,166 more words


Upcoming: YouTube Phonies

Another reason I made occultculture.com was to expose the paranormal phonies of YouTube.

Your first reaction, understandably, is “but aren’t all paranormal videos/shows/groups/etc’s not even real to begin with?”

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