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[III] VIVIENNE - Insecurity

August 24th 17.29

I put the cell back in my bag and remain in the car. I guess I should probably go home; it’ll get dark soon, my stepmom will be wondering where I am. 2,210 more words

Satanic Cult

VIVIENNE - The New Order


September 30th 15:14

I step off the stage to the side, feeling the warm sunshine caressing my face. The light. Reporters shout, raise their hands, thrust microphones into my face. 346 more words

Psychological Thriller

The Angelic Prophecy- page 1 

The Angelic Prophecy by Kelly Long

“It was late, well after their shift and once more he had been left standing at their meeting place alone. 85 more words


The Angelic Prphecy- a glimpse 

The Angelic Prophecy by Kelly Long:

When the earth was still young, humans lived harmoniously with beings we now believe to be only myth, and stories that at times make up our most frightening nightmares. 146 more words


Beware of the New Occultism: Charlie, Charlie Challenge

Title: Beware of the New Occultism: Charlie, Charlie Challenge
Text: 1 Samuel 28, Philippians 4:8-9, James
Time: June 2nd, 2015

During the past week I learned of an Internet craze sweeping the nation that teaches young people to try speaking to a supposed spirit of the dead in order to ask it questions and get answers. 2,532 more words