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Thaumiel; The Dark Divided Ones by S. Ben Qayin

I got my copy of this book yesterday. I was too excited to open it and begin reading it. And yes I finished it the same day. 562 more words


Greeting the Unknown Guest: Party Crasher or Host?

“Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish” – Jean de La Fontaine

Part and parcel of the psychologization of strange phenomena is the idea that the human subconscious is a bottomless reservoir of desires, dislikes, obsessions, and revulsions.  1,340 more words


Review: The Great Inception (Satan's Psyops)

This book surprised me.  I wondered how sophisticated it would be.  It impressed.  I do feel like some arguments could have been expanded, but overall Gilbert made a reasonably strong case, one that I find convincing.  1,376 more words

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The Devil Went Down to Dartmoor: Remedial Tort Law for Imps

“Connected with the fall of Satan is his lameness. The devil is represented in art and in legion as limping on one foot; this was occasioned by his having broken his leg in his fall” 1,337 more words


Surveying the Conspiracy Blogs

Not all of them are kooky tin foil hats, and after the Wikileaks revelations in 2016, it’s hard to see where they were wrong in the main.  298 more words

New World Order

26 Occult Books I want to Read this Year

26 Occult Books I want to Read this year

I decided to get back on my reading challenges. One of my friends added me to a group she created called 52 books, and I used that as my challenge for how many books I will read for the Goodreads challenge. 411 more words

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Review: Trance-formation

Cathy O’Brien has the unfortunate (though not the most unfortunate thing to ever happen to her) of not being believed by even the conspiracy theory community.  767 more words

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