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On The Novel 'Diary Of A Drug Fiend'

I’ve always been ambivalent about Aleister Crowley. Was he evil, or was he a great adept in the history of western occultism?

One thing I know is that he was a great fiction writer. 512 more words

Occult Fiction

New Dion Fortune Novel

OMG, it’s good. At least I think so. I couldn’t put it down. Twin Eagles Publishing has released their second V.M. Steele novel, The Scarred Wrists. 627 more words

Visionary Fiction

Taking A Break To Write A Novel

I shan’t be blogging so much for a while because I’ve started to write a novel, and it’s taking up all my creative energy.

So far the experience has been a revelation. 261 more words

Chaos Magic

The Long Road to Missouri, by Bowdoin

Indeed, it’s a Long Road to Missouri. Especially when you’re involved with another murder. Even after you’ve retired.

A fast-paced mystery that takes an assassin out of retirement. 195 more words

Book Review

The Witches, 1966, Pan (Peter Curtis)

We all love a film tie-in in the world of tawdry horror paperbacks, don’t we? Whether it’s a novelisation of the film or a re-issue of a novel with the artwork (and often the new name of) the film adaptation. 1,810 more words


The Sorcery Club ~ Elliott O'Donnell (The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult ~ Volume 6 (Sphere, 1974))

Next up in The Dennis Wheatley Library of The Occult is volume six, The Sorcery Club by Elliott O’Donnell.

I’m sure that many of us have one or two O’Donnell books kicking about on our shelves, he was relatively prolific and his books were immensely popular in their day. 1,498 more words

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