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I am hoping this blog will be given a new look soon by the ChaosPunkCollective  group who I am working with, and  it might then  become more visible. 244 more words

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New Book Release

All my occult fiction books are now available on the Smashwords site for only 99 cents each. (Except The Wizard From Vahan, which is priced by Night Horse Publishing House, and available from Amazon and Lulu.) 81 more words

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“And it was then that Nyarlathotep came out of Egypt. Who he was, none could tell, but he was of the old native blood and looked like a Pharaoh. 180 more words

Black Snake Conjure

Mainstream Writing And Writing For A Minority

I love some pieces of writing which have universal emotions in them, that appeal to a wide audience. Like the lyrics to ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, and the plot of ‘Love On The Dole’, and a very good short film called ‘Return To Waterloo’ which summed up life in England during the 1980’s. 535 more words

Occult Fiction

On The Novel 'Diary Of A Drug Fiend'

I’ve always been ambivalent about Aleister Crowley. Was he evil, or was he a great adept in the history of western occultism?

One thing I know is that he was a great fiction writer. 512 more words

Occult Fiction

New Dion Fortune Novel

OMG, it’s good. At least I think so. I couldn’t put it down. Twin Eagles Publishing has released their second V.M. Steele novel, The Scarred Wrists. 627 more words

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