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'Eternal Witch,' the new novel by Alex Sumner

You now have the opportunity to buy my new novel, Eternal Witch, which is a Visionary Fiction thriller set in contemporary Britain.

ZARIA ROSE has it all: a successful career as a pop star, fame, fortune, adulation – and a Magickal way of getting absolutely anything she wants.

93 more words

Books Are Now Free

All my occult fiction except for one book is now FREE and available in a variety of formats. Go to this site:


I’m returning to my original ethos of art for art’s sake. 78 more words

Occult Fiction

Nessie's Demon

Occult fiction is described for works dealing with witchcraft, spiritualism, psychic phenomena, voodooism, etc., and for works dealing with the mysterious or secret knowledge and power supposedly attainable only through these and other magical or supernatural means. 1,507 more words

Short Stories -- Through Prompts

Free Book Promotion

My fiction books are on free promotion for all this week 4-10 March 2018.

Novella ‘The Rescue Circle’
Novella ‘Copying A Master’
Short Stories ‘Chaos Dreams Part 1’ 62 more words

Chaos Magic


We both wrote  a flash fiction story called ‘Tassel.’

My story:

I caught one of the tassels in my gown on the door handle of the drawing room, and it temporarily arrested my flight from the great house. 306 more words

Flash Fiction


Here is the piece I wrote to go with Ino’s ‘Mauve.’

Peter Carroll invented a new colour: octarine, a colour of enlightenment. But to me it looks purple. 212 more words

Flash Fiction

New Book Release


All my occult fiction books are now available on the Smashwords site for only 99 cents each. (Except The Wizard From Vahan, which is priced by Night Horse Publishing House, and available from Amazon and Lulu.) 81 more words

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