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Review Blitz! Witch of the Cards by Catherine Stine

Witch of the Cards by Catherine Stine
5/23 – 5/27


 Fiera was born a sea witch with no inkling of her power. And now it might be too late. 476 more words
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My Name and the Fluff

For a while now I’ve been going by the pen name Candy Ray, and I always explain that it means ‘the pink ray of affection.’   Therefore some people probably think I’m ‘fluffy’, to use the horrible word: fluffy candyfloss pink. 511 more words

Chaos Magic

The Aeon Egregore Stories

I am not the sort of blogger who can talk about what’s happening in the world; facts and figures fly straight out of my head. I’ve always been the diary- writing type, and all of them are journals about what goes on in the inner planes; dreams, meditations and magic spells. 438 more words

Chaos Magic

Gormly and the Dread Cloud

My Dear Strangers,

A mint-scented envelope was left on my study’s desk overnight. Inside was a note from Mr. Gormly, the small man living in my basement… 413 more words

Reports From A Haunted Brownstone

Entry 0074: Drafting a Short Story

EP: The Fabulous Sequel by Pere Ubu

1979 Chrysalis CHS 2372

Favorite Track: The Fabulous Sequel

This is a continuation of the work started in entry 0056. 834 more words


The Pigeon's Last Flight

My Dear Strangers,

The box I pulled out of my stomach is three inches square—smaller than my original estimation. It is not metal, as I earlier believed, but milk-white bone. 284 more words

Reports From A Haunted Brownstone

The Box in My Stomach

My Dear Strangers,

I retrieved the pigeon’s key from the sidewalk, secluded myself in the bathroom, and prepared to extract the mystery box hidden in my stomach. 450 more words

Reports From A Haunted Brownstone