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Deity or Duped?

Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.” – Matthew 7:15

While I hate quoting the Bible for personal reasons I won’t share as to not offend anyone, that sentence rings true for me in every way. 829 more words

Visual Inspirations: Self-Care

After a very powerful talk with a customer, I made this graphic, which I hope will inspire you and empower you.


The year is about to end, we are all facing stressful times, and if want to survive and thrive, we absolutely need to be the strongest that we can be, the most badass version of ourselves. 43 more words

Self Sufficiency

New Moon Tarot Spread

Another spread, one of 3 I am ending the year with.  The featured image I found off of Google, and the link is still there so you can check them out. 113 more words


#domagick Day 17

The Power of the Woman
This is a very powerful time. A New Moon, all my planets in a Fire sign, Lilith being very prominent, and me on my Moon flow. 297 more words


Video Nasty and Year in Review (2017)

2017 was a pretty good year for me. I got a much better job, became a dad and went back to university (again). These changes, while mostly enjoyable, meant that I didn’t get to review or read as many books as I have in the last few years. 344 more words

Occult Books

Circle for Hekate Vol.1

Circle for Hekate Vol. I by Sorita d’Este is now available in Avalonia Books!

In February 2016 I was commissioned to do a special illustration that would be use to describe an exercise as well as being featured in the cover of the book. 32 more words


#domagick  Day 16

Today I did part 2 of yesterday’s meditation. The third one will be tomorrow. Here a dived into the world of the Fulani. And the messages delivered where personal. 210 more words