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A Warning Before Entering Our Walls

To those who wish to enter the Void and become as God through our temple teachings, you should know a few tenets behind the Temple. If you are not comfortable with any aspect, this is not the Temple for you. 237 more words


Tarot card interpretation

The Lovers

Card number 6

Represents Gemini ♊

Timing May 22nd – June 21st

Keywords for upright – Union, alignment, values align with partners.

Keywords for reversed – Disconnected, imbalance, values don’t align with partners. 405 more words


Using a Ouija Board [Supplemental #1]

“It moved on its own!”

Ah, the common Ouija board. So maligned, so misused, so woefully misunderstood. For the first installment of my new Supplemental series, I’m going to give a quick rundown of the ins and outs of Ouija and all its many uses. 1,942 more words


#domagick Throat Chakra

To be honest this is the scariest chakra for me to work on. Even more so than the heart. Why? Because I have a difficult time expressing myself via words. 338 more words


God does not want us to have fellowship with demons

this is an example of a familiar spirit entering a host body. This is forbidden in the Bible under a death penalty. It is having fellowship with demons to the extreme. 154 more words

Spiritual Warfare

Psychology does not undermine your experiences, and 'spirituality.' It empowers it. - What is spirituality?

First thing’s first, we will have to define a rather ill-defined word: spirituality. You’ll often hear things such as “I am spiritual; not religious” or “I am into spirituality” or “Spirituality is an important part of humanity.” 1,219 more words

The Cards don’t lie🌙🔮🌙

New moon in Aquarius tarot reading from “The luminous Spirit” tarot deck.

1. Queen of Swords ⚔️

Swords – Air

Logic ✨ Ideas ✨ Intellect… 100 more words