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Oh Hot Damn

Well, I’m back….finally.

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Understanding Tarot: A Basic Introduction


Divination has been popular in Europe since classical times (may references are found in Greek and Roman literature) it was a big part of pre-Christian religion. 681 more words

Satanic Temple Sees Arkansas As Possible Monument Location

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – A group advocating for separation of church and state may propose that a Satanic statue be placed outside the Arkansas Statehouse after their first choice of the Oklahoma Capitol grounds was scuttled by a state Supreme Court ruling barring all religious monuments. 99 more words


Transcendental Magic, Its Doctrine and Ritual - Eliphas Levi

Senate – 1995

This book is a load of bollocks. I’ve seen it mentioned in other books, and I thought that I should check it out. 738 more words


"Which Tarot Deck Should I Buy...?

Which Tarot deck should I buy…?

I come across this question a lot. Both in live discussions and online in message board threads, newcomers to Tarot, overwhelmed by the sheer dizzying number of decks out there, will often ask some variation of, “Which deck should I buy?” or “What’s the right deck…?” 1,246 more words