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Jade and the School of Night Part II

Jade snuck out of her room, dressed only in the oversized England rugby shirt that she wore to bed, and crept down the hallway. The treacherous floorboards of the old house cried out with her every step. 1,167 more words


An Alternative to "Good vs Evil"

The picture above illustrates a common belief that good and evil are diametrically opposed to each other.  If the Judaeo-Christian symbolism featured here doesn’t work for you feel free to substitute your own iconography.  432 more words

Human Interest

Divine Magick for Beginners (Part 2) Journaling

It seems to be somewhat popular today to just throw this practice out the window and many consider it optional or even a relic of the past. 582 more words


Classic: Night of the Demon!

The film also called Curse of the Demon (1957) is based on Casting the Runes by M.R. James. This is a classic, but absolutely. It is a grown-up horror film. 685 more words


Spirits in the Library - Lilith

For the next contestant in our series, let’s look at Lilith.

Lilith first comes to our attention in Sumerian times, where she appears as a hostile spirit known as “Lilu.”  Biblical texts are often ambiguous about her, but the oral tradition of Judaism establishes her as the first wife of Adam and develops her character as a night-spirit who kills infants due to her own lack of children.  337 more words