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The Grafting & Origin Of The Devil : Genetic Alchemy

Bro. Panic coming with another topic of interest. Elijah Muhammad came with this message about the Devil.

I don’t hate them regardless of their history. I understand where they come from and how they got here. 17 more words


Sigils and the Law of Attraction

Before I started in the occult I studied a principle you may or may not have heard of called the Law of Attraction for about a year, in fact I’m still an active student of it. 176 more words


The Maiden and The Unicorn

Sister Rita did not mind kneeling in a puddle as she scrubbed dirt from between stones, the library was her favourite place. Large old volumes lined the wooden shelves. 2,054 more words


What Dreams May Come : An Occult Movie About Death Pt. 2

Now here’s where It get’s deeper into the context of the movie. Btw, This was written before the movie ever came out. All the bold text is my input. 1,637 more words


What Dreams May Come : An Occult Movie About Death. Pt. 1

I strongly urge people to pay very close attention to movies. They’re not spending millions of dollars just to entertain you. Just because im posing this doesn’t mean that I 100 per cent agree with what is said below. 595 more words


Understanding Duality (Continues from last post)

Remember the last thing I was droning on about? Well, I hope you read the thing I wanted you to. (my virtually non-existent readers)

But if you didn’t, then allow me to break down most of what they said. 964 more words

Esoteric Philosphy

Robert Benchley: The Rope Trick Explained

There is no such thing as the Indian Rope Trick, the stunt where a rope gets tossed up in the air, and an assistant climbs up it and vanishes. 695 more words