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Ariana Grande: No Tears Left

Not sure how it is with you but it’s rare I really like a music video these days. Either they’re just not that intriguing or it’s so full of negative magic that it’s at best a mixed experience. 778 more words


A Malevolent Star

As I stared squinting, the sun finally dimmed. It had been slowly happening for a while now, I know, but it was suddenly real. It turned off with a suddenness that was still present despite the months of anticipation. 1,220 more words


Another BIG update

Every section of this website has been updated and we are now accepting applications to join the Ordo Astrum Draconis. This unto itself was a monumental undertaking!!! 100 more words

A Hint of the Occult II - Drawing the Wheel, and other things about Tarot.

The Tarot’s History

Games are meant to illicit certain sensations, an emotional and thoughtful response from those who engage with its rules. The tarot is no different. 3,150 more words


Edward Hunter's Key of Rabbi Solomon and Mormonism

Recently, commenter Adonia Zanoni asked me to write a review of the nineteenth-century Key of Rabbi Solomon, as issued by Hell Fire Club.  This is probably late for most potential buyers, as only the 11-copy super deluxe edition remains for sale, but I’ll handle this as best I’m able. 983 more words


#domagick Fluidity with Lilith

This is going to be a very horny day lol. It always is with Mother. But it will help me connect even further with my own emotional waters.


A must read- Burying The Honeysuckle Girls

Emily Carpenter has opened my world to a new genre. this book is listed under Occult Fiction and let me tell you, this is a complete riveting read. 95 more words

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