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Rubbing it in

I spent a few hours in my garden mowing down the lawn and clearing out weeds. As is my habit, once I finished I showered to scrub the grime off. 172 more words

Insightful & Intuitive Magick

As mystical folk it’s important that we have strong insight, and a developed intuition. Lots of times, if you are a practicing Witch, you can get caught up in formulas, rites, incantations and the like. 985 more words

Eyes Without a Face

A Rephaim: Bloodlines Paranormal Short Story

Single mother. Special ability. An offer she couldn’t refuse.

Eyes Without a Face is a paranormal short story in the Rephaim: Bloodlines universe. 122 more words


Do FBI Files Confirm The Extradimensional UFO Hypothesis?

No. No they do not.

When articles like this one and this one make the claim that recently released FBI files confirm that the government knows the UFO phenomenon is extradimensional in nature, they are referring to a single file: the now-infamous… 890 more words

UFO Phenomenon

My Top 10 Occult Movies

8 – Lord of Illusions (1995)

“I escaped from the grave, so I have to give something to the grave in return.”

A pre Star Trek… 566 more words


Energy Vampirism

So you have been told you’re an energy Vampire. Now what?

The negative connotation is simplistic at best and negligent at worst. Energy vampires are essential to recycling the negative energy in the world. 606 more words