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PIZZAGATE: An Appeal To All Alternative Media And Truthers

Don’t let them bury this again. I have posts on the Hampstead case on this blog, as well as Bill and Hildabeast pedophile news from well before the election scandal. 135 more words

Christian: Jews Exposed - The Seed Of The Serpent!

Be sure to read up on the Kalergi Plan, Sheep.


YT description: http://www.worldslastchance.com/ – The Crypto-Jews: Seed of the Serpent Dominating the World!

• Crypto-Jews… habitually lie and change the facts of history to suit their own wicked agenda. 314 more words

PIZZAGATE: More Murders, More Evidence And More Cover-Up!

Posted on Nov. 26, but with a lot of info tied together from many sources. Worth the listen.


YT description: Note: Nancy Schaefer died in 2010, I apologize if I made it sound more recent in the video but I believe her work, as well as her death, are still relevant to this investigation. 135 more words


A scientist named Dr. Ember discovers he has the ability to enter the minds of individuals who are possessed. After the loss of his family, Ember decides to use his ability to evict the parasitic entities out of the possessed in hopes of finding the one that took his family from him. 784 more words


SiREN (2016) - REVIEW

There’s something in the V/H/S anthology franchise for everyone to love. If exploding cultists are your thing, the V/H/S’s have you covered. Same for lovers of haunted house exorcisms and Faustian magicians. 808 more words


I'm on Facebook!

Hi everyone, The Luminessence is now on Facebook! I would like to connect with as many of you as possible. So many of my favourite New Agers post regularly on Facebook which is why I wanted to join. 27 more words

Glass Grimoire Part 1 (Chapters 1-12) now available as PDF.

The Grimoire of Glass, though a marvel for the ages, is not always conducive to the most enjoyable reading experience  of 21st Century Earthers.

Please at the link below you will find a pdf version of the story so far. 46 more words