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What happens when 94 exorcists get together?

Manila handles 100 cases of demonic possession every month

by Jullie Yap Daza for the Manila Bulletin
September 18, 2016

There’s a scene from one of those movies about exorcism where the priest, a fictional Jesuit played by Anthony Hopkins, is performing the ritual when his cellphone rings. 369 more words

Demonic Possession

Why the death of Fr. Gabriel Amorth is such a loss for the Church

We need men who fear nothing except God standing up against the deconstructionists and dissenters who claim that all that happened prior to 1965 in the Church was an embarrassment. 391 more words


A Shrine to Lord Saturn

This year, both I and my husband turn 28.  It helps that we’re only born, like, six weeks apart, so our natal charts aren’t too dramatically different from each other’s, at least for the slower-moving planets out there.   3,040 more words


Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Hey guys, seems I was nominated by a follower for this thing? Thank you, Everyday Dusty .

Her three questions were:

1. If there was one thing you could change about your personality, what would it be? 335 more words



I shall guide you in your search for success and power in your life

Consider me your personal teacher in your exploration for a better more fulfulled life… 255 more words


Oh my, how can this happen... A simple Magick lesson - Symbolic signs and possession

I gave a Magick and Hierarchy lesson from memory to my guardians… And I am so forgetful that I stepped right into the church, not noticing that there was so much more than just attending and listening to the priest preching, but to be accepted.. 267 more words


Why I Don't Spell Magic With A "K"

It’s my personal preference. I could leave it at that, but that wouldn’t make for much of an article! It won’t be much of an article anyway, I suppose. 511 more words