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I Wanted to Be a Bird -- Leonora Carrington

Quería ser Pájaro (I Wanted to Be a Bird), 1960 by Leonora Carrington (1917–2011)


Sitting Bull speaks

It has been hard to keep up with all the guidance and inspirational insights I have received over the past month, but I will do my best to try and repost my meditation sessions with you so that these wonderful lessons are able to reach a larger audience and I hope that will inspire and support the love of all. 459 more words

Demons of Magick

Every day, great evil takes place in this world, because humans decide to commit evil. This evil takes place with no demon being called. Immeasurable acts of kindness and love also take place, without angels ever being involved. 651 more words


Soul'd Out

I’ve heard this concept of “selling the soul” more times than I can count. I was first introduced to it back when the whole “Illuminati” propoganda campaign started, or when it caught my attention around late 2009–early 2010. 733 more words


My family groomed me. My family groomed me like a mangy dog. They groomed me like con men do their victims. They groomed me into cheap labor. 377 more words


Rosicrucian = The Original Sin (27 May 2017)

that justly we may boast of the happy time wherein there is not only discovered unto us the half part of the world, which was hitherto unknown and hidden, but He hath also made manifest unto us many wonderful and never-before seen works and creatures of Nature, and, moreover, hath… 280 more words

Symbolism as an Occult Act (27 May 2017)

Yet, the symbol itself is an open secret. Inexplicable though it is, it makes possible its own understanding. If acted upon-that is, if enacted as a rite and allowed to act-it does the inner and the outer work that is its teaching. 48 more words