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Now that the dust has settled, the official narrative is in place, the alphanumerics cast. As the story goes, soldiers of the Islamic State plowed a van 550m down the pedestrian strip of Las Ramblas before coming to a perfect stop on a Joan Miró mosaic. 731 more words

Cover Reveal of The Secret Name

I’m compiling my Life of Kendra series into a book and this is the cover! I created it with canva.com. What do you think?

Life Of Kendra

Succubus Summoning

Succubus summoning – an oldie, but goodie – used to often be found floating on 4chan:


How dabbling in the Occult almost ruined me...

The above painting is a very famous painting by Henry Fuseli painted in 1781. This is one of my personal favorite paintings and is a really good representation of an experience I had once. 899 more words

Being a Solitary Witch Bitch

via Daily Prompt: Solitary

Do you have to be apart of a coven or some other group to consider myself a powerful witch? Hells no… 303 more words

The Mystery of the Devil’s Entertainers

Have you ever been so perplexed over a magic trick that you begin to think that what you have you seen is not a “trick” at all? 2,205 more words


Creating a Horror Universe | Annabelle : Creation

In an industry where films are being fleshed out to inhabit their very own worlds, Marvel and DC are the obvious front-runners, what with their rich legacy of comics, graphic novels and the numerous buck-churning movies that have been able to firmly establish intricate universes. 1,280 more words