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New Release: The Betrayal by Award-Winning Author, Anne Allen.

Today I’m so pleased to welcome historical fiction author, Anne Allen, whose latest book, The Betrayal, will be released tomorrow, October 20th.

Hello Anne and welcome! 2,018 more words


I am also looking other people pages, and this one really ‘frighten’, and wanna read the whole… It’s really cool!

“It was very bright, a jolt of pain in the back of my head, awaken me up. 327 more words

Abeltje Quintijn

De Quessé? : L'impérialisme

L’impérialisme est une doctrine politique de domination se traduisant par une volonté d’étendre sa domination directe (conquête/occupation militaire) ou indirecte dépendance, jeux d’influence et de menace). 202 more words

Éditions De 2017

Occupation as Liberation

240 years ago, Philadelphia was occupied by British forces under the command of General Howe; the city was taken after a brutal campaign through the… 561 more words

Living History

Shimon Tzabar

BBC bias: Presented and also produced by his own son, this very one-sided programme avoided saying (and nobody was asked) why there was such opposition to Tazbar. 473 more words

Confederates, Memory, and NOLA pt. 2: Occupation and Abolition

The Confederacy of Southern States comprised of states which decided to leave the still-young nation after the election of Abraham Lincoln, presuming that he intended to end slavery.  1,978 more words


Γνωμοδότηση του δικηγόρου Χρήστου Παπασωτηρίου: Η Συνθήκη Εγγυήσεων της Κύπρου είναι άκυρη εξ υπ' αρχής


            Συνταχθείσα κατά τις σχετικές περί γνωμοδοτήσεων διατάξεις τού Κώδικος Δικηγόρων υπό του Δικηγόρου Αθηνών Χρήστου Ι. Παπασωτηρίου.

Cyprus Problem