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4 Common Work Place Hazards

Most often people are worried about hitting deadlines or getting their job done when at the office. However, it’s important to think about safety at the workplace from time to time. 327 more words

Urgent Care

"Mad Skillz"?

Well, hopefully soon I’ll be able to get out and replace the two paints which I need to (Raw Umber and Cadmium Red Medium Hue, now — the neck screwed off of the tube in the latter today, too), and maybe pick up an Ivory Black.  859 more words


Twitter reminder: The block button's there for a reason

The block button on Twitter can get a bad reputation when people in a position of power use to ensure they won’t hear a dissenting but informed voice–even when it might help them do their job or their work outright requires it. 385 more words

Occupational Hazards

Indie Comic Spotlight - Occupational Hazards By Sarah Crosby

Occupational Hazards is a 12 page gem!

Short and sweet, it follows three stories or ‘terrifying tales’ about the different sides of the working world. 206 more words


An unexpected comeback for a paper notepad

PARIS–I’m still not a fan of taking notes on paper, but I was glad I had a reporter’s notepad in my bag when I flew here to moderate six panels at the… 266 more words


I started writing about mandalas and ended up writing about inks.

I feel like maybe I should be looking at alternatives to Library School, while I have the free time.  I have just been thinking about how most Library Assistants who float between branches can end up with six hours or so at Circulation (or so it seems) when substituting for a Clerk.  1,538 more words


Flash-drive disposal

I came back from a conference today (this time, the distinctly low-key CE Week), which means I also returned with a few USB flash drives adorned with some company’s logo. 317 more words