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Being known?

There are a number of things I’m thinking about as relate to the functioning of this blog, and the incipient nature of my identity being known.  710 more words


Riding the PEP-Train

I’m on PEP again.

And I’m angry. And miserable. But mostly angry.

Because I’m careful. I am so, SO careful all the time, but others are not. 671 more words

Real Medicine

Expressive Portrait, done!

Yus.  Done with the Expressive Portrait!  Though I kind of look like a homeless dude lit by a campfire.

Maybe it’s just the hoodie.  Probably… 1,016 more words


General's White Charcoal versus Derwent Drawing Pencil (Chinese White)

Alright.  I just finished my freakin’ drawing for the Figure Drawing class.  I’m not posting it yet because there’s somewhere else it needs to go, first.  1,249 more words


I survived doing our own taxes (I think)

Over the last few weeks, I did the one thing I was sure I’d never do after leaving the Post: prepare my own taxes instead of paying a tax professional to do the work. 462 more words


Apple Watch coverage as a spectator sport

I didn’t see or touch an Apple Watch until yesterday–when I played with a couple in an Apple Store, just like anybody else could.

That was a somewhat unavoidable consequence of my freelancer status intersecting with… 345 more words


All of my aging gadgets

As I’ve been plugging away at my taxes this year, one thing’s become blindingly clear: I’m not doing my share to prop up the electronics industry. 649 more words