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Feeling the need to write again...

I’ve been sick since the latter half of last week.  Accordingly, I haven’t been doing much artwork…but I have been writing.  This has kind of gotten to the point of not knowing whether or not to continue on with the Writing full-force — as the art practice is emboldening me to do — or to continue on with the Art, knowing that it is not an easy path (especially if I want to work at it, professionally). 1,124 more words


Trigger Warning: rape, sexual harassment, mutilation. Thoughts on the female condition.

I’m not sure how long I will have to write — or rather, how long I “should write — but I came to a couple of clear moments today at work, and wanted to record them. 1,367 more words


Dark Matter: My Rather Peckish Relationship with the Christian Mystical Tradition

“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend.
Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”
—Groucho Marx

I’ve never really gotten into the old Christian mystics. 1,889 more words

Occupational Hazards

Sitting duck - how sitting down is silently hurting us

What would grandma say?

As we move further into the modern era of the internet and new technology we begin to move further away from risks that were once very prevalent in old occupations. 1,216 more words


All Roads

For the past several weeks (predating Christmas, actually, if the born-on date may be believed) I’ve been chipping away at a poem.  I finished it just a few days ago.  590 more words


Occupational Hazards

These days, I spend a fair amount of time sitting at a desk staring at a screen.  Poor posture, bad eye sight, not enough breaks, and too many tasks that involve a computer are occupational hazards I should worry about, but often times, friends and family are more concerned with the dangers of travel, exploding rocks, working in remote locations, or health issues that come with cold, dry environments.  64 more words


Spurious correlations alert: executions and murder rates – updated

– Updated

Many a data shyster will make hay with the above chart on the simple correlation between executions and the drop in the US murder rate. 245 more words

Applied Price Theory