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Blinded By The Light

Once upon a long ago, I was raised in a normal family in a normal house. I went to a normal school, I had normal hobbies and normal friends. 1,646 more words


Procrastinating? Already?

I got to class late today and left early to get professional quality paints.  I need to leave at least 1 hour early to get to Watercolor class on time; I allotted 45 minutes today, and got there about 20 minutes late.  323 more words


Kingdom Of Eternal Warranty

It had been a very slow morning until around 12:30, when I had decided it was good enough for me to get a cup of tea and a lunch break added to the total as well. 1,029 more words


CES 2016 travel-tech report: Where did the battery anxiety go?

Something bizarre happened at this year’s CES, my 19th in a row: Neither my laptop nor my phone ever got into the red-line zone that leads me to start frantically searching for a power outlet. 488 more words

Occupational Hazards

Something Of A Gentleman

The best day you can have at work is one where you’re able to help customers, make enough sales to please your boss and being able to have the occasional cup of tea and kick your feet up. 810 more words


A Gypsy's Tail

I’ve had quite a dramatic childhood while growing up. High school wasn’t the best period in my life. My life consisted of having to dodge bullies who were only interested in taking their frustrations out on me and me trying to make good grades while trying my best not to be seen by others. 1,999 more words


Thinking ahead to Watercolor classes, and reapplying for Library school...

I’m having a little bit of a freakout over working with (toxic) watercolors, come Spring.  I’m sure it will be fine, however, I will want to get a box of good-quality disposable gloves along with my paints for Spring semester.  1,712 more words