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Why I don't and (probably) won't use an ad blocker

It will cost me a few hundred dollars to try iOS 9’s new support for ad-blocking tools, courtesy of that feature not working on my vintage iPad mini. 316 more words


CTIA ROI: Did I need to go Vegas for this?

LAS VEGAS–My stay here only ran about 38 hours, but even if my itinerary hadn’t gotten upended by flight delays Tuesday I would have only spent 42 hours here. 477 more words


Did I do the whole vacation thing right?

I was on vacation from last Tuesday morning to Wednesday night. Could you tell?

Maybe not. Beyond my output at Yahoo Tech (two posts written in advance, … 474 more words


August 25, 2015

The trouble with writing for living, which is what I am doing increasingly, is that parts of you start to hurt. I have just started work on a new book on contemporary origami artists, while continuing to write art-related articles, prepare and give a handful of lectures. 302 more words


Occupational Hazards of Being A Reader

While reading, I’ve begun to observe a few occupational hazards as a reader that I have encountered.

Here are a few I’ve noticed.

1. Disappointing endings–especially these. 64 more words

Reader's Corner

When you think too much...Mama Drama

Real life questions

My son; “Mommy, how do unicorns throw up rainbows?”

Me: “They eat too many skittles”

My son; “Mommy, my booger was silver!” 151 more words


Creativity and neurodiversity

Alright, so here we go…

I was at a meeting the other night where, apparently, I touched on something that people without my diagnosis don’t have to deal with.  489 more words