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Behind the Scenes

Contact Store Y in Soho kindly offered to dress me this week in New York.

In exchange, I would give credit where credit is due, blog about a dress or two.   510 more words


I see you all have some questions about your "cable modems"

After I filed my latest USA Today column–a reminder that it’s still generally a waste of money to rent a cable modem–one of my editors said they would play up the post. 276 more words


Occupational Hazards

I was at the butcher’s the other day with a friend. It’s a thriving family business frequented by many in the area. They supply restaurants, hotels and groceries with their meats. 313 more words


The mystery white pastel issue is solved:

The people at Blick got back to me (!!!).  Long story short, the white in the Blick square pastels is Titanium White; the CL is there because they’re concerned about nanoparticles. 261 more words


The pastel saga continues...

So…I did end up getting the Rembrandts.  This was largely because the Alphacolor greyscale pastels really looked like exactly the same colors as I already had. 552 more words


The first day of the rest of your 2 weeks

I got up, pretty much, exactly 12 hours after I went to bed.  I did manage to get some things done and planned out for the rest of these next two weeks (time plotting took place yesterday — today was finding out that my library books won’t be as much help as I’d hoped — I can take the ones which aren’t helping back, ASAP).  789 more words


A Fishy Tale

Some days are better than others and this day was no exception. Customers had been nagging all day, Queenie seemed to be on the fritz because he hadn’t gotten laid the previous weekend ( having had high hopes didn’t help the poor sod either!), JB was being the usual chagrin bastard avoiding to help in the store by entertaining himself with bad Dutch music while browsing photo’s on his computer in the office. 1,242 more words