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Dealing with your work disappearing

If you were going to look up any of the tech-guide stories I wrote for Gannett’s NowU last year, don’t. NowU has become more like NotForU: Gannett stopped updating the site in the spring and shut it down a few weeks ago. 258 more words


Van Gogh & the Art of Longing

Beyond power of speech,
When the one thing you want
Is the only thing out of your reach.

—Stephen Sondheim

I like a look of Agony, 641 more words

Occupational Hazards

Van Gogh & the Aesthetics of Redemption

A while back I was strolling through Vincent Van Gogh: A Self-Portrait in Art and Letters, a gorgeous and substantive book that traces the famous artist’s creative and inner journey through a careful chronology of letters, sketches, and paintings. 1,302 more words

Occupational Hazards

How to survive walking around in D.C. during the summer

There are a lot of things I love about living in the D.C. area, but weather like today’s is not among them. It’s only just now dipped below 90 degrees and the humidity’s been stuck at about 50 percent–and neither number is even that bad compared to how things can get in July and August. 338 more words


What to share, why to share, etc...

It seems that I go over this problem a lot — the question of the purpose of this blog, the question of the purpose of sharing anything, the question of the purpose of expression, etc… 796 more words


Why do I keep seeing journalists take notes on paper?

I was at a lunch briefing today, and of about 10 people around the table–some Visa executives, some PR minders, most journalists–I was the only person taking notes in an app instead of on paper. 303 more words


Occupational Hazards: “Better Prevented than Cured”

What are Occupational or Professional hazards?

An occupational or a professional hazard is something unpleasant that one may suffer or experience as a result of doing one’s job or profession that can lead to illness or death. 1,872 more words

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