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Horror as Horny elephant tramples keeper to death after being freed to pose for selfies

A horny elephant trampled his keeper to death after being freed to have his photo taken with tourists.

Atork the elephant was in his mating season when the holidaymakers asked for selfies with him. 134 more words


Travel hack gone awry: the conference that got canceled

AUSTIN–South By Southwest starts today, but I’ve been here since Wednesday. That seemed like a smart way to arrange my travel until last Thursday–when the… 336 more words

Occupational Hazards

So I find myself with a free half-hour.

Although it is very apparent to me that my Cataloging class is discouraging me from the career path I laid out for myself (though this is largely not my fault), it still looks like more of a match than Digital Services.   344 more words


Things I have learned from 20 years of CES

January 1998 brought something new to my schedule: a flight to Vegas (Southwest from BWI through Midway) and four days at the Consumer Electronics Show… 577 more words

Occupational Hazards

Every so often we get a crazy day.

It’s almost a given to be knocking off, bump into someone in the locker rooms, and share mutual head-shakes to commiserate the mad rush of the day (or night!) that’s just passed. 327 more words

2016 in review: a year of travel

This has been a trash bag of a year in so many ways, but on a personal level it could have been worse. As in, for a few weeks in the late winter I thought the overwhelming source of my income would vanish along with… 504 more words