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Cross-sector Service Delivery in HSE Consultancy and Training: E4D/SOGA, Uganda

Case Study

Astutis was commissioned by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH to develop and deliver Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) training and coaching to 60 participants at managerial level from 30 organisations across Uganda in order to upgrade their HSE practices and standards as part of the E4D/SOGA (Employment and Skills for Eastern Africa) programme. 1,699 more words

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State Contractor Told Worker To "Hit The F***ing Road" With Safety Concerns - Willamette Week

A story in the Northwest Labor Press today has worrisome new details regarding a February accident at the Ross Island Bridge, in which a father fell forty feet onto his son, who was working at the site for the same company, an out-of-state business with a $22 million contract with the Oregon Department of Transportation. 16 more words

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Managing Workplace Fatigue

It is estimated that fatigue in the workplace costs the UK economy between £155 and £240 million each year – in direct workplace accident costs alone. 1,627 more words

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11 Tips on Worker Involvement in Safety & Health (WISH)

Worker involvement in safety and health (WISH) is a two-way process of collaboration whereby both employers and employees work together to spot, solve and own health and safety problems for the improvement of organisational safety and employee health as a whole. 1,307 more words

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Health & Safety: In the midst of a disaster!

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Under any disaster situation, the immediate disaster responders have to work in a very close proximity with the victims. Besides there is high probability that the circumstances under which they are performing the job, inherently carry certain level of risks due to hazardous conditions involved. 505 more words


Safety and Wellness Programmes: intrinsically linked

Despite there being a direct correlation between wellness and safety in a business setting, many organisations still perceive these two disciplines as separate functions, managed by different departments with different systems, budgets and KPI’s. 1,184 more words

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Risk: Concept & Components

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Whenever there is a likelihood scenario of losing someone or something of value, there is risk associated. In a broader perspective, risk can also be understood as potential for loss. 645 more words