Safety and Wellness Programmes: intrinsically linked

Despite there being a direct correlation between wellness and safety in a business setting, many organisations still perceive these two disciplines as separate functions, managed by different departments with different systems, budgets and KPI’s. 1,184 more words

Occupational Health And Safety

Risk: Concept & Components

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Whenever there is a likelihood scenario of losing someone or something of value, there is risk associated. In a broader perspective, risk can also be understood as potential for loss. 645 more words


Defibrilators and CPR - the business essentials

Guest post: Fiona King for – independent supplier of defibrillators and AED training.

What businesses need to know about defibrillators and CPR

According to the British Heart Foundation, each year, tens of thousands of people in the UK suffer from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) outside of a hospital environment. 1,099 more words

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OHS - A Year in Review, 2016

Legal compliance and good planning are the cornerstones of any good Occupational Health and Safety policy, so it’s a good time of year for those involved in the Health and Safety arena, to reflect on the past year and any significant changes therein. 1,956 more words

Health And Safety Regulations

Wellbeing: the Astutis guide to health and wellbeing this Christmas

As we’ve been putting the ‘health’ back into health and safety in the Astutis offices in recent months, we thought we’d take a look at wellbeing in the run up to Christmas 2016 and offer a few tips to make ‘light-work’ of this festive season… 1,018 more words

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Components of an Effective OHS Accountability System: part 2

Last week we introduced Accountability Systems and why they are important to the modern organisation and specifically, the health and safety function. This post delves a little deeper into building a successful Occupational Safety and Health accountability system in simple to apply steps… 1,149 more words

Occupational Health And Safety

Oregon OSHA Provides Forester, Fire, and Construction Training Grants

-The City of Bend Fire Department is getting a $30,710 grant to launch a training project designed to reduce injuries and claims costs among firefighters by improving the efficiency of their physical movements and their flexibility and core strength.- 53 more words