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Fall Prevention | Tips from Three Pillars experts for keeping falls at bay

Each year, countless Americans go to the emergency room with fall-related injuries. Falls are not fun, and we could definitely do without any this fall. 355 more words


October is Occupational Therapy Month!

October is also Occupational Therapy Month!

How can an Occupational Therapist can help? Here is an occupational therapy song written and performed by Janine Farragher, an OT student at the University of Toronto.


i LOVE preschool!!

Our grandson started preschool earlier this month, it has been a beautiful thing!! For the  first time in 14 months there is a scheduled “me time”. 523 more words


Feeling Anxious


It’s almost time for bed as I type this, and tomorrow I go back to work.  I haven’t worked since my 40th week of pregnancy.   528 more words


OT - Occupational Justice


Just to warn you all in advance this is another OT related post. I’m on placement at the moment and I’ve found that writing about the key concepts on this blog helps confirm them in my mind ready to apply in practice. 454 more words

Occupational Therapist

OT - What is occupation?

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am an occupational therapy (OT) student and this post is OT related. If you are an OT, OT student or someone interested in studying OT then this post may be of interest to you but hopefully will be worth a read to anyone! 437 more words

Occupational Therapist

Cleaning House

This morning I was getting our house ready for tomorrow’s guests.  We’re having our baby’s first birthday party…woo-hoo!  It should be fun!

I’ve mentioned before that I need to modify certain activities so that I don’t make my prolapse symptoms feel worse.   234 more words