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Let the training commence

I started university four years ago. I knew exactly the career I wanted and the path needed to get there. Fast forward to today and the story is completely different. 131 more words


Trudy M. Davies - Surrey Muse

Trudy Davies is an author, illustrator and poet with background in health and education. She has published a children’s story book, two chapbooks of learning with children, and a collection of poetry. 256 more words


10 minutes with ....

…..  Susan Madigan, Occupational Therapist, Disability Service, Dublin City University.

1.    What does an Occupational Therapist do?

Occupational Therapists work with people in relation to their daily activities or “occupations”. 973 more words

For Parents

What Occupational Therapists Really Do

I went out for dinner with two close friends last night, and when talking about work one said “you’re a bit like Chandler from Friends.. No one really knows what your job is!” 459 more words


Adding Life To Years

Studying Occupational Therapy is a feat in itself, being a para-medical health science field, it had its own difficulty level but also it came along with a very commonly asked question – What is Occupational Therapy? 159 more words


I fight for the users

Who do you fight for?

Anyone working in IT has to choose. It is easy to settle into the mould of the tech-overlord who monitors users’ activities and punishes erring behaviour by unplugging the cable or limiting wi-fi access. 74 more words


Helloooo internet world, the web-sphere, other uncool nicknames for the internet.

I’ve started this blog half a dozen times but don’t think I actually published anything. 494 more words