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Medical Mission Trip

Oh my goodness you guys!! You don’t even know how excited I am about this. Ben and I have been married 10 years now and we have always talked about doing medical missions together (even before he was in the medical field) and we finally have the opportunity to do so!! 551 more words


My Bathroom Is A Safe Place

A few days ago, my friend R came over and did some work for me in my bathroom. I’ve been in need of a handheld showerhead for a while, so he picked one up for me, along with a few other items to make my bathroom a safer place. 636 more words


One hand clapping in a two-handed world

I never grew up thinking I had a disability – in fact, I don’t think that word ever came into my mind.

Sure, there was that time I had to use a skipping rope in primary school, or tie my shoe laces for the first time.  451 more words


Beyond the Picky Eater... Does Feeding Therapy Work?

We are in our 14 month of feeding therapy with our 3 year old grandchild, sometimes I do find myself asking that very question “does feeding therapy  work”? 272 more words


One of those days

I’m having one of those days today, where I feel helpless and that I’m really not making a difference.  I’m working today, as we rotate Saturdays.   329 more words

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The Gift of Dementia

If someone had asked me, back in 2008, what gift I was being given by my mother’s encroaching dementia, I’d have been hard-pressed to give them an answer. 557 more words

How Good/Bad Do I Feel?


It’s hard to accurately quantify the severity of my prolapse symptoms.  I guess it’s kind of like trying to quantify pain symptoms.  For example, “mild” to one person might be “moderate” to someone else. 616 more words

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