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Helloooo internet world, the web-sphere, other uncool nicknames for the internet.

I’ve started this blog half a dozen times but don’t think I actually published anything. 494 more words

Fake Occupational Therapist Arrested

Southern California woman charged with felony and misdemeanor counts.

A Long Beach woman has been charged with felony counts of identity theft and obtaining money by false pretenses, along with a misdemeanor count of practicing occupational therapy without a license. 246 more words

Division Of Investigation

Creating My Routine

After 6.5 years of higher education, I can finally say that I have finally started my first full time position as an occupational therapist! I’m looking forward to the experience and all that it will bring for my professional development. 19 more words


“A small change can make a BIG difference”

An Interview with an AHP Dementia Champion

My name is Tracey Stronach and I’m an Occupational Therapist working in a large acute hospital in Edinburgh. 788 more words

Anatomy and Physiology Diploma

Anatomy and Physiology is about the structure, function and pathology of our body systems.  It is the study on how our bodies are made and exactly how it works, as well as examining diseases and disorders.   113 more words

Big News Bears and Decisions You Sometimes Wish Someone Else Would Make For You

So the big news? I got a job! But not just any job- one that would make a parent of a “lazy, entitled” Millennial proud. I’m about to start…wait for it…a career! 355 more words


Inspired to think...out loud

We all get inspired to think, to start something new; by something or someone familiar…or at least that is what I think. Today I was inspired to start a blog (something new) by a #OTalk twitter chat (something familiar), and the nagging feeling that sometimes our ideas and opinions can serve an educational purpose to each other. 239 more words

Newly Qualified