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Something New...


Hello everybody! In my last post I did mention I’m moving out for my new job. There has been so many things happening in terms of moving house, getting the furniture and appliances altogether, packing clothes and other stuff in lots of boxes. 152 more words


Brain fog

So I’ve been feeling kinda out of it all day. My dissociation is bad, very bad. So bad that I went and missed my appointment with my OT Mark this morning. 223 more words

Be free from shoulder impingement pain

Grace Walker, Director of Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center in Orange California has an effective program for shoulder pain including shoulder impingement disorder in a fun and healing environment. 109 more words

An Occupational Perspective of Substance Use in Socially Deprived Areas

The topic I have chosen to explore and blog about is an occupational perspective of substance use in socially deprived areas. Firstly, I will provide some statistics to link why this is a contemporary issue today and what this means for occupational therapists. 941 more words

Is it Worth Paying for a Full Psycho-Educational Assessment (Part 3)

In my last two blog posts, I explained the long route we took to getting our two kids assessed and diagnosed with Learning Disabilities.  In Part 1… 1,098 more words

Learning Disability

Best Of Luck To Me!

Pre-interview: Pumped. Excited! Intrigued on what a day to day looks like for the position I applied for.

Post-interview: The OT Manager and I talked for about an hour! 81 more words