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Thankful For Oral Sensory Tools

Adelaide’s school loaned us an oral sensory tool called the Grabber XT from Ark Therapeutic. Addie fell in love. It is traveling between school and home in a plastic sandwich bag. 333 more words


At 38 a bright new start - thanks to Peedac, the Stroke Foundation & Australia!

All my blogs combined could not come close to the excitement of today, and I’ve had some exciting changes through my fight back from a motionless slab of meat!!  292 more words

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Few facts to know about occupational therapy

Occupational therapy has been considered to be a much highly required treatment among kids and adults, who are said to face developmental, mental and physical disabilities. 323 more words

Occupational Therapy

Article review: Community Dwelling Elderly Women and Meal Preparation - Eckel (2012)

The researchers sought to identify which tasks in meal preparation were the most demanding for elderly women, and how they overcame these to continue preparing meals as they aged. 208 more words

Occupational Therapy

Fine Motor Control Development: Lego Build Activity

 Lego Build is an activity I developed for some of my sweet special education students. That being said, fine motor skill development is critical for children of all abilities. 396 more words


Low Muscle Tone and Teaching Your Child to Get Dressed

When a child says “I do it myself” most adults are thrilled.  Kids with low muscle tone want to do things like the big kids too, but they often end up in a tangle of sleeves or twisted pant legs.   511 more words


Addicted to silence

Actually, I’ve wanted to write this blog a million times already. And now I am writing it on a day that isn’t as glorious and awesome as the last few months. 1,218 more words