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11 December: Season's Greetings with Penguin(s)!

Today we’ve made these Christmas cards with penguins on! We used:

  • Red card, 2 sheets of A4 (but you could use a smaller piece, and then glue it onto a larger white card)
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10 December: Stormy weather and pipe cleaners

Today we’d hoped to go to Leeds Castle, to visit their Christmas market and see the seasonal displays inside the castle. But we woke up to dreadful weather, with very strong winds and pouring rain, so we decided to stay at home. 343 more words


Celebrating Occupational Scientist Elizabeth Yerxa

In my previous blog, “What is Occupational Science?” I described the important relationship between Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy. In sum, Occupational Scientists fulfill a supportive role to therapists by developing new technologies, discovering new methodologies, and compiling information for decision making. 487 more words

Occupational Therapy

How To Stop Your Baby From Throwing Things (Most of the Time!)

After the adorable infant period of dropping objects from the high chair to see you scoop them up, most children devolve into a throwing stage.  Commonly seen at the 11-16 month developmental level, this is different behavior but it can be just as maddening.   368 more words


9 December: Paper snowflakes

Sometimes, the things I expect to be difficult are no problem, while other turn out to be much harder than anticipated. Like today, when we cut these paper snowflakes: Penguin cut out the circular shapes all by himself, which was brilliant! 176 more words


I'm dreaming of....

becha’ thought I was going to say “A WHITE CHRISTMAS!”

These days, I could care less about those things. Perspective has changed over the last few years and while a white Christmas morning would be serene and peaceful, my life is anything but! 1,331 more words

We Have An Idea For Your Holiday Wish List!

Are you considering redecorating your home? Sensible Sensory Spaces now offers gift certificates.

Sensory Spaces aren’t just for children. Do you struggle getting work done in your home office or wish your bedroom felt like a relaxing retreat to take away daily stress? 259 more words