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crochet phone cover for crochet phone case

Earlier on in the week I wrote a blog with my crochet phone cover as the star.

Well now I have (made it up as I went along) a lovely crochet cover for my crochet case. 38 more words


Crochet chair gets crochet cover

As an OT I believe that it is fundamental to our wellbeing that we engage in activities that are meaningful to us.

However, I also know the importance of good posture and about repetitive strain injuries. 81 more words


Monday Funday: It's A Vanilla Bean Vampire Bat! Brought To You By the Letter Vv

I don’t know how vanilla got such a bad rep for being plain and boring. My kitchen and hands smelled amazing for the whole day after making this vampire bat! 297 more words

Speech Therapy

Calming Jars

Here is a picture of some of my calming jars :)


Fill a mason jar (preferably a smaller one) about 3/4 of the way with room temperature water. 102 more words

Sssnake! (with lashes to die for)

This is one of my favourite ever makes. My draught excluding snake.

I didn’t have a pattern – just a very long rectangle, stuffed with a rolled up towel and joined together. 40 more words


Caring for a Child with Special Needs has Been a Growth Opportunity

In my experience, when people look for growth opportunities they usually talk about things like traveling, training, or networking with a specific community of people. I’ve done all of these things, and they certainly do expand your horizons. 333 more words

Special Needs