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Messy Play for Fussy Eaters

Most kids love a bit of messy play and it really should be a regular part of their play experience. There are many benefits to messy play, but my favourite benefit of all is that it can help fussy eaters to be a little less fussy. 598 more words

Childrens Occupational Therapy

Saying Goodbye to My Son's IEP

At the age of two, my son was evaluated through Early Intervention, and we discovered he had speech and cognitive delays.  At the age of three, he transitioned to pre-school and received special education service through a local Intermediate Unit. 1,097 more words


School is Almost Out!

Hello there! Its crazy to think that school is almost out, That’s when summer will officially begin for me although we tend to get into the low 90’s everyday. 1,231 more words

Repetitions for prevention

Have you ever heard of the phrase an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure? Nowadays the health system is more focused on curing the problem when they appear than preventing them. 520 more words


A New Model for "Patient Centered Care"

“On the way home I clutched the new prescription in my hand. I had been an actress and a dancer for twenty years. From my work in the clinic I knew a little about the disease; I listened to what patients experienced and I read about it in consult letters – but not once did I ever think it could happen to me.” 874 more words

The Old Lady In My Bones

Okupasi Terapis – Profesi yang Sangat Dibutuhkan Namun Masih Awam di Indonesia

Mungkin banyak dari kalian yang baru mendengar istilah OT alias Occupational Therapy atau yang dalam bahasa indonesianya adalah Okupasi Terapi. Tidak aneh memang, karena profesi ini masih tergolong baru di Indonesia. 582 more words

Occupational Therapy

PaperMate Pencils Help Kids Write Neatly Without Stress

These pencils help students with the following handwriting issues:

  1. They use too much force while writing, and the pencil tips break frequently.
  2. They need more tactile information to achieve and keep a mature pencil grasp.
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