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Day 17: Some Laws are Meant to Be Broken

Throughout our time in the Land, we’ve met some amazing organizations, academics, and people who are trying to change the narrative here. Last night, we talked to Rabbis for Human Rights, who work to share about the way that the Jewish faith supports treating others with dignity and kindness, and the faith simply cannot support the realities of the occupation. 957 more words


Day 14: One in a Thousand

Today was a wonderful experience of getting to be a minority in a place where minorities are, out of necessity of safety, regarded as suspicious until proven otherwise. 1,100 more words


Day 10: A Million Miles from Eden | Dual Narratives | Revolving Doors

I have an embarrassing confession: I have a fear of revolving doors. I hate them. I hate them. I do anything I can to not walk through them because I’ve always worried about getting caught in it (or something? 1,873 more words


Day 9: Backwards Crosses

I have a lot to process.

Today has been radically different from yesterday. In the ecumenical purpose of this trip, we won’t walk away pro-one side and anti-another; instead, we will be pro-both and pro-peace. 1,803 more words


Day 7: The Wrong Side of the Tracks [Walls]

Today was one of the most difficult days of my life. There was a lump in my throat that never resolved. There was a thump in my heart that sped up and never slowed down. 1,331 more words


Day 5: People as a Form of God’s Blessings

Today, I have a fuller understanding of what the house of God looks like, and it is a truly beautiful place with people whose lights are of many colors, but all add to the prism of global humanity. 1,465 more words