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This Is a Call pt.7: Down In The Ditches

We have plunged head first into an age where people have become physically and mentally unable to speak their minds. Terminally frightened to unleash caustic word-horde’s that  offend, or invite intelligent informed debate… 1,969 more words


Wearing masks in Canada is now Illegal

Since it is now illegal to cover your face during an “unlawful assembly” (a.k.a., a protest) here in Canada, I think there should be a protest where everyone wears Stephen Harper masks. 18 more words


This Is A Call pt.6: Idle No More and friends VS. Goliath

The landslide of the North American consciousness all comes down to Geraldo. Or, more specifically, his moustache…We need more Captain Midnights…. Or perhaps a Hands Across North America… Canadian Parliament is like a 50’s era television set with the contrast turned on full… black and white, no room in the hen house for grey these days… 693 more words


Occupy Canada And become Idle No More

As of late, i have been consumed with the politics of Idle No More and Occupy Canada and the Oil Sands/Tar Sands/ Bitumen.

They are the fuse that is igniting the powder keg inside of every true Canadian. 45 more words


This Is A Call pt.5: ...on a personal note...

It’s that time of year folks!
That season where the snow has left, the geese have returned; and the cabin-fevered populace of this great expansive country are bursting at the seams to get outdoors and soak up some sun, some beer, and some fun. 562 more words


This Is A Call pt.4: Spring into action

You can call it an Anas Platyrhynchos, or you can call it a duck.
I prefer to call a duck a duck.
It is in those stark terms which I am going to attempt to speak to you now. 536 more words