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Hong Kong's Pan-Democrats Won't Be Divided By Chinese Trick, Nathan Law Says

Hong Kong Free Press
Jimmy Choi reports

2016-12-04 HKT 17:03

Pan-dems won’t fall for permit ‘trick’: Nathan Law

File Photo

Lawmaker Nathan Law said on Sunday that he doesn’t think the pan-democrats will allow Beijing to split the camp with its move to allow a number of previously-banned opposition figures from applying for home return permits once again. 266 more words

How does love work when we are called to fight?

As you can probably imagine, I’m having a hard time getting back to novel-writing. The hours pass quickly as I read article after article, click share, post thoughts, reply to thoughts, and delete or edit some of those #Ishouldhaveknownbetter replies . 745 more words

The Contemplative Way

The Goy Has Defiled The Temple

A few days ago I wrote about an appearance made by Christopher Bollyn at Brooklyn Commons, and the fallout from this event. While this incident is rather puny in the grand scheme of things, there were some interesting themes to be explored, such as “safe spaces” and freedom of speech. 258 more words


On the second anniversary of Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement, a look back at its most iconic moments

On Sept. 28, 2014, tens of thousands of Hong Kongers took to the streets to protest against Beijing’s decision over how the city’s leader would be elected in 2017. 1,067 more words

Wells Fargo Steals Our Wealth

When I read news today of Wells Fargo’s illegal banking practices that resulted in $185 million in fines and the firing of 5,300 employees (but no cost to higher ups–of course they blamed workers), it reminded me of Wells Fargo’s deep involvement in the financial crisis, their theft of citizens’ wealth and homes. 1,153 more words


Hong Kong's historic 2016 Legislative Council election, in five charts

Hong Kong voters turned up in record numbers on Sunday (Sept. 4) to vote for the city’s 70 legislative council members, and ushered in a new era in the city’s politics by… 225 more words

Two years after the Occupy protests, Hong Kong's youth made big gains in a record-breaking election

Voters in Hong Kong showed they’re willing to put their future in the hands of politicians as young as 23, casting aside some of the most well known faces in local politics in the process. 589 more words