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Hong Kong pro-democracy figures make surprise inroads in local elections

Pro-democracy campaigners unexpectedly won a handful of seats in Hong Kong’s District Council elections following the vote on Sunday (Nov 22) despite the odds against them. 545 more words

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Groups "Not Likely" To Renew Civil Disobedience Campaign Anytime Soon, Occupy Co-Founder of Benny Tai Says

By Elizabeth Cheung
South China Morning Post

Benny Tai believes no new mass movement is on the horizon. Photo: May Tse

There is no sign of a new Occupy Central-style mass movement as the pro-democracy camp needs time to reflect, a co-founder of Occupy said on the first anniversary of the start of the 79-day sit-ins. 370 more words

Montreal this morning: Terrasse weather continues

Expect a repeat of Wednesday, with a high near 29C.

Look for a mix of sun and cloud in the afternoon and clear skies tonight with a low of 19. 415 more words

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Two Key Hong Kong pro-democracy students formally charged -- Investigations ongoing, Police expect more arrests



Student leader Alex Chow is taken away by the police outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong, December 11, 2014. REUTERS/BOBBY YIP… 313 more words

Hong Kong: Police bid to change watchdog ruling that officer assaulted a Hong Kong pro-democracy protester 'lacks evidence'

By Lai Ying-kit
South China Morning Post

Police commander Franklin Chu King-wai hit a pedestrian with a baton in Mong Kok during Occupy protests last year. 371 more words

Don't Underestimate Bernie Sanders - The Atlantic

  In the wake of a congressional banking scandal and a congressional pay hike, Brown vowed to “take back America from the confederacy of corruption, careerism, and campaign consulting in Washington.” In an era of escalating globalization, Buchanan promised a “conservatism that looks out for the men and women of this country whose jobs have been sacrificed on the altars of trade deals done for the benefit of trans-national corporations who have no loyalty to our country.” In a Democratic Party whose activists felt betrayed by their leaders’ support for the Iraq War, Dean pledged “to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.”…. 113 more words

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