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I. Am. AT 56%.

Do you remember Occupy Wall Street?

There was (and is) so much helpless rage surrounding the financial crisis of 2008. This boiling caldron of human frustration and despair inevitably boiled over giving rise to the Occupy movement. 438 more words

CodeUp Programming Bootcamp

The problem when protests become too mainstream

That’s one of the many pictures that you can find online from the Occupy Wall Street protests that took place right after the Great Recession in 2008. 864 more words

Black Politics

Mo' Money: Fundraising Without Assimilating

Fundraising always presents an issue for people who are first engaging in direct action based community organizing. The first is, obviously enough, that people do not usually want to endorse radical non-institutional solutions. 991 more words

Housing Justice

Clictivism, the polution of activism with the logic of Silicon Valley

Author: Micah White

A battle is raging for the soul of activism. It is a struggle between digital activists, who have adopted the logic of the marketplace, and those organisers who vehemently oppose the marketisation of social change. 854 more words


FINE ASS: Person of The Year

Tomorrow Time will unveil it’s Person of The Year. Time magazine is considering giving the Ferguson protestors the award for PERSON of the year.  What I didn’t realize is that “Protesters” actually won already back in 2011.  533 more words


A Call To Action

I’ve come to the conclusion that living in suburbia is “the American Dream,” for it is one of the greatest myths that capitalism has created. It’s the goal, the white picket fence, a dog, probably a Labrador, and a doting wife who understands that your career is more important than hers, even though she’s just as educated than you. 385 more words