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Todays Ron Paul Revolution

I must say the most influential loosing presidential candidate is Ron Paul. Today in 2016, among my generation, we see plainly the revolution hasnt died – and yet the older generation doesnt really know it, but most of them are in it. 1,049 more words


Trump Rally in Chicago CANCELLED Due to Fights With Protestors

A Donald Trump campaign rally has been cancelled due to fights breaking out between protestors and supporters. The rally began at Chicago’s University of Illinois until a protestor interfered with Trump causing the rally to be cancelled or postponed. 132 more words

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What's the Matter with America I

This started out to be a single post. Before I knew it I had ten pages and I could never quite get it finished and posted because there was always something more that needed to be added. 729 more words

The Twitter #Revolution // #DIGC202

With the emergence of such sites as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube within the past decade, the ways that protests (peaceful or not) have been organised and participated in has been revolutionised. 295 more words


Post-Occupy: Another Way to Do Unions

“Oakland, by acting on the premise that they have a moral right to strategic workplaces in the economy, has emerged as a leader in the Occupy movement.

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Social Darwinists & Conservative Capitalists are Fucking Idiots, here is why...

Yes, there will always be a few pieces of shit at the bottom of society but if we are all at the bottom despite doing everything we were supposed to, something smells rotten in the state of Denmark. 47 more words