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if you stopped trying to convert politicians
and instead started proselytizing the public
we might see change
in the radical dimensions of the Gospel


That’s what Woodpecker said.


What Makes for a Millennial?

Now that newspapers are dead, our news source websites (like Slate, Huffington Post, Vox, Drudge Report, the Root, etc.) are continuously running vacuous think-piece articles to make news stick. 306 more words

Leaflet from Occupy Dame Street

A Leaflet from Occupy Dame Street concerning a protest to be held on the 10th of December 2011.
Many thanks to the sender.

Irish Politics

An Apology and Announcement from the Bored Room

So, I’ve been reviewing this website and have realised that my output over the last month or so has become somewhat distracted by the partly political parliamentary pantomime. 239 more words


Michael Corcoran | How Sanders Shaped the National Discourse on Class: A Media Analysis

 An excellent analysis of Bernie’s impact on the election campaign, especially around critical issues, with informative charts and graphs about Bernie’s influence and also comparative charts about the Occupy movement’s effect in the media and other areas. 4,079 more words

Media Criticism

another milestone and what’s been learned?
all that warfare, political bungling and attempted coups
spy networks that turn upon us
wealth collecting in ever fewer hands… 100 more words


Ups and Downs...

Personal blog 25-8-16

Hell of a week.

Huge thanks to the Occupiers who made me an editor of the Occupy London fedbook page. Singular, awesome thanks to Scriptonite of the Canary fame for giving… 359 more words