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How Fast Can Social Justice Warriors Run?

Why do social justice retards think that some small tires or a couple of people can stop cars and trucks? Why do they think that it’s OK to randomly block Interstates? 35 more words


China wants another try at brainwashing Hong Kong's young into being obedient patriots

In 2012, tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong took to the streets for days to resist an attempt by the government to implement what some saw as “brainwashing” patriotic education in schools. 532 more words

ex-Soviet reports from Occupy LA

Do you remember “Occupy” movement? I went to check out their Los Angeles camp and made a video report. Sorry for the quality, but it is funny… and scary. 18 more words


Daring to Dream Dangerously in the Post-Occupy World

Besides, we, the Social Democrats, do not

simply “want to make a noise like Socialists.” We

actually want to do something as Socialists. We want… 677 more words


IT'S THE SUN WOT LOST IT [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun 

Corporate Media Attacks on Corbyn Backfire SPECTACULARLY!


  • Brits are sick of tabloid politics
  • Out of touch billionaire elites…
  • 63 more words

What Are They Teaching?

We ask this question, sometimes with a sort of finger-pointing amusement and sometimes in anger whenever some new ridiculousness comes out of academia. Yesterday people were being pepper sprayed by Antifa dirtbags at Berkeley, today professors are being chased from campus at Evergreen. 368 more words