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Guest Article: Fritjof Capra - The Spirituality of Change-Makers and the Global Civil Society

In this article Fritjof Capra discusses the way in which change-makers around the world are inspiring paradigm-level changes in civilization and the spiritual dimensions of the shift into a more conscious, purposeful and meaningful economic ethos. 884 more words

Fritjof Capra

Alt under kontroll!

Velkommen til kunstnersamtale på Galleri ROM fredag 24.02.17, kl. 19:00 – 21:30

Alt under kontroll er ent foredrag og kunstnersamtale med Oliver Ressler. Med utgangspunkt i utstillingen inviterer Galleri ROM til felles refleksjon om hvordan lokalsamfunn kan ta kontroll, påvirke og ha innflytelse på arbeidsliv, økonomi og politikk. 49 more words

Repost-’Kenneth Anderson At Volokh: ‘The Fragmenting of the New Class Elites, Or, Downward Mobility’

Full post here.

Anderson had his own theory of the Occupy movements and the recession:

‘In social theory, OWS is best understood not as a populist movement against the bankers, but instead as the breakdown of the New Class into its two increasingly disconnected parts.  

237 more words
Public Debate

Anarchists who helped kill Occupy worry anti-Trump activists

From Chronicle – by Kevin Fagan and Michael Bodley

As Kathy Lipscomb watched TV newscasts of “black bloc” anarchists smashing windows at a UC Berkeley protest, the former organizer of Occupy demonstrations was obsessed by two thoughts. 1,288 more words


Mike's Podcast - Help name the cast/What happened to Occupy and Anonymous?

Today’s podcast, I ask you to help name the podcast and get a signed book! Also, what’s happened to the occupy movement? Does it still exist? 29 more words

Empowering Industrial Regulations

What’s so great about this article is its truth for the NRC to see: the corporation shut it down, not the regulators. Just like at Diablo Canyon, this was an industry decision to close because safety and repairs and issues are too much for the corporate bottom line. 187 more words


An analysis and contrast of the Irish homeless crisis

Part 1 of the homeless crisis in Ireland 

Written by – Umesh Maharjan

How are we to feel if we are to live without a roof over our heads and adequate accommodation? 1,831 more words