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We live in Feudalism 2.0 with Wage Slavery. Employee Owned Businesses or Customer Owned Businesses are a better way.

What we have today is an economic system where the super rich have purchased Senators and Congressmen who pass laws designed to steal from the poor and give to the rich.  293 more words

EP 14- We Are Legion -Anonymous

Metaverse EP 14 – We Are Legion -Anonymous

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Metaverse- An Introduction
HiroJa Shibe Here-
Speaking to you from a small café adjacent to the famous The Black Sun Bar. 448 more words


No Space for Democracy? Political Dissidence in Colonial and Contemporary Hong Kong

Written by Adam Cathcart and Alexander Nicholas Shaw.

For Cold War historians looking at the Occupy Central movement of 2014 and Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Hong Kong, a number of ironies are striking now that the shoe is on the other foot. 2,055 more words


Robert Scheer | When Democrats Crushed Occupy: A Cautionary Tale (Video)

What are the parallels between the defeat of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the unexpected political ascension of Donald Trump? Truthdig Editor in Chief  125 more words


Watch as Antifa cheers Hitler!

The progressive socialists are out holding another one of their stupid “resist” protests as a troll who deserves a whole case of beer gives them some socialist/communist quotes (Note: … 60 more words

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You could look at mirrors forever until the patriot acted come home while
reading the Washington State Budget that saves schools in Afghanistan from us.
Or not.