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Tyler Akers: What is the function of using separate names Peter Lamborn Wilson and Hakim Bey?

Peter Lamborn Wilson: I call it ambulatory schizophrenia. You know, foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of etcetera etcetera. 191 more words


O for Other One

It’s been three years,
since the fateful day
when you agreed to be mine
for lifetimes to come.

It’s been two years
since the fateful day… 61 more words


The Travel Diaries #4 (Day 14 - 15)

Trigger warning: sexual harassment, rape depictions on television

April 1, Day 14

The morning was spent enjoying a long breakfast. Sara and I cradled our coffee mugs. 4,819 more words


The Internet's Response is More of a Problem than the Pepsi Ad Itself

I finally took the time to have a look at the latest Pepsi ad that has “united the Internet”. There are so many things wrong with the ad, but the overwhelming hateful responses are focusing on the wrong aspects of the almost three minute commercial. 727 more words

Popular Media

It's The Corruption, Stupid

At the risk of losing some of my Republican friends, I’m going to tell you right upfront that I’m a Bernie Sanders person. I love Bernie, and I would love nothing more than to see him cream Trump in the 2020 Presidential election and swoop into the White House with a serious progressive mandate. 489 more words


When We Were Just Fine

Not so much these days
but back then
the bleak ones were to come
the same old thing made us mad
and what we’d lose… 45 more words

Necessary Trouble Project 2

When I first began to listen to an episode of the Belabored Podcast featuring Sara Jaffe discussing her new book, Necessary Trouble, I was not anticipating the first words out of her mouth to be about the… 801 more words