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Occupy Randall's (Part II)

Exactly as Stefan had scripted, Billy Emo appeared in front of them all. His jet-black hair was pulled to the side revealing his incredible tattoo. 243 more words


Occupy Randall's (Part I)

Scene: Stefan texts Jude about the first protest. Protest takes place at Emo-Hip-Centric Night at Randall’s. It’s a hot, humid, normal Florida summer night. 307 more words



 That was all you would know,

With the passing of your life,

On a hyper-lapse of memory,

It’s obscurity till you occupy it,

To erase the time of innocence. 33 more words

America vs The Beautiful

America is a goddamned dumpsterfire.

Okay, so that’s not fair. America is a lot of things: for many, it is hope. For many others, it is fear. 1,817 more words

"How To Exploit Minorities For Financial Gain from THE BANG BANG BROKERS (2017) Trailer #2

See the high octane action comedy THE BANG BANG BROKERS at     http://www.TheBangBangBrokers.com  –  A Black Gang and Latino Gang who join forces and use street moves to sway a hedge fund. 42 more words

Notes: Kelly E. Happe, "Parrhēsia, Biopolitics, and Occupy"

Happe, Kelly E. (2015). Parrhēsia, biopolitics, and occupy. Rhetoric & Philosophy, 48(2), 211-223.


Happe looks at the Occupy movement’s rhetorical work within neoliberal, late capitalist contexts as… 314 more words