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On Art and Populism: Is the populist groundswell today an effect of the internet?

Syriza protest Greece

A by country list of popular political movements

27/10 2015 In previous posts I discussed why political populism tends to get dismissed as an unworkable… 1,328 more words

Political Populism

On Art and Populism: Political Populism – A Fresh Start for the 21st Century

Slavoj Žižek

There are solid reasons why the populist tendency in politics now seems ubiquitous

20/10 2015 A quick formulation for the phenomenon of political populism could be: a tendency that gains in traction to the extent it departs from reality. 1,059 more words

Political Populism

after hearing all these years the War Between the States
was about preserving state’s rights
see how the Confederacy always had it backwards
no defenders down de ribber… 91 more words