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Some Valid and Relatable Points of Interest from "The Communist Manifesto"

“The weapons with which the bourgeoisie felled feudalism to the ground are now turned against the bourgeoisie itself.

But not only has the bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to itself; it has also called into existence the men who are to wield those weapons—the modern working class—the proletarians. 142 more words


Google Wallet Cha Cha Cha

so, Google Wallet is a currency product, which is different from both a debit card and a credit card.  since everything is electronic, traceable and fundamentally uncontrollable by anyone EXCEPT Google, it should be one of the most secure ways to manage cash flow for any household.   155 more words


Waiting for the land

Dividing up the land (Part 2): Joshua 16–19

Even though the land was under Israelite control, seven tribes hadn’t occupied their lands. Part of the reason was that they had no allocation; part of the reason was that they hadn’t asked for an allocation. 89 more words


Practical Economics: Illegalize Inflation

Lower income renters pay a higher percentage of their income to the rich pigs than the higher income owners have to pay.

As rich pig Marie Antoinette of Victorian France said, “Let them eat cake!” … 363 more words


Day 37: Mary Harris Jones

Mary Harris Jones (1837-1930) was born in Ireland and raised by poor parents. With the blighted potatoes causing the Great Hunger, she and her father were among the 200,000 people who left Ireland. 315 more words

End The Criminal War On Syrians.

(Cross-posted from http://prayersforsyria.com on March 25, 2015)


Syria is like a hunted animal, being slowly killed one American arrow at a time

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Earth Matters

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad On Surviving The Next Global Financial Crisis.


Dr. Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia for 22 years, shares his important, profound insights on becoming informed how Malaysia during his leadership became the target of financial speculators/abusers – and the need for governments to tightly regulate systemic risk financial transactions like those that brought down the global economy in 2008. 4,583 more words

Earth Matters