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Social Darwinists & Conservative Capitalists are Fucking Idiots, here is why...

Yes, there will always be a few pieces of shit at the bottom of society but if we are all at the bottom despite doing everything we were supposed to, something smells rotten in the state of Denmark. 47 more words


Goodbye to London

Dear brothers and sisters, I am writing here in the heart of London for this blog, I’m about to embark on my sixth episode of my peace pilgrimage journey around the world starting from Monday 18.5.15, so just to let you know please watch, and follow the blog as well as my twitter (@earthiankvn), and facebook (Earthian Kvn), as I need your moral support and your writing feedback will be my engine force to my world peace advocacy at this crucial time of conflicts, almost everywhere around the globe, so please keep your posting and get in touch with me as and when you can. 1,716 more words



You might not expect 100 minutes real time set entirely in a church office to be enthralling theatre, but it is. Steve Waters intelligent play about the dilemma facing the Dean of St. 470 more words


Protests, anger and 'constitutional crisis': UK facing 'rocky ride' as Tories claim power

London, United Kingdom – Democracy campaigners and victims and opponents of austerity policies are planning a wave of protest, occupations and direct action amid widespread anger at the return to power of the country’s right-wing Conservative Party and warnings the UK is on its “last legs”. 1,101 more words


Campaigners call for 'real democracy' ahead of UK vote

London, United Kingdom – Activists in the UK are braving a draconian crackdown on public protest to stage a “festival of democracy” outside the Houses of Parliament in London, demanding “system change not regime change” amid predictions that Thursday’s general election could pitch the country into political chaos. 1,424 more words