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Occupy Until I Come By Jack Kelley

Amazing commentary on a much quoted phrase.  Jack has such a clarity and grounded way of explaining God’s truth!

Remember, the darker it gets, the brighter and farther our little light shines! 2,871 more words

End Times Prophecy

They Should Have Occupied the Fed.

(Article by Skyler Miller Originally Published in The Bullet)

The Occupy Wall Street movement was the result of well-intentioned frustration on the part of the protesters, but was that frustration directed at the right target? 1,403 more words


Hispanidad Universal Humanidad - Britania frente a Hispania

Unión Latina

# Iberiar Batasuna

# Iberian R-Evolution

Unión União Unió Ibérica

Hispanidad Universal Humanidad

Hispanos Unidos  #  Somos 1000 mil lones hõeS

Europeos Unidos de Este a Oeste y de Norte a Sur… 259 more words


ameisenstraße is a project realized in the public space of viennas thrid district. public space is not just to be seen as horizontal levels like streets, lanes and pavements, but also vertical. 39 more words


Dignity, Fifty Shades of Government, Good News, and 80%

Here are some more photos with which to re-educate yourself and prove to your selfish Losertarian and evil KKKonservative friends why they’re wrong and contributing to the evil Koch brothers’ conspiracy. 76 more words


~ Individual vs. Collective Responsibility, or the Forest v. the Trees: A Dramatization ~

OK, check this out. I’m pretty. I’m bad. I’m a pretty bad man. In fact, I’m so bad that despite what my online persona might have you believe, I go around the street knocking people upside the head. 657 more words

A National Wild Marijuana Sanctuary

A National Wild Marijuana Sanctuary, where pickings are free, as long as the Eagles are not treaded upon, and as long as the Marijuana is not over-harvested, so that the groves can continuously reproduce. 294 more words