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"The last educated generation": "It had become clear to the people at the top they could better manipulate the masses without free thinkers in the way"

“…the Vietnam War had seen increasingly larger degrees of complaint, criticism, resistance, and defiance to its pursuit from these liberal arts campuses. I was on campus and was part of it. 151 more words


"The fact that Mitt Romney lost is in indication of the “fall of obvious truths”...discussed in...this book and which is the hope abundant in the advance of generations."

“One of the biggest recent battles in that class war was waged in the U.S. presidential election of 2012. The 1%, having gained an unfair advantage to use their vast wealth unrestrainedly to further their ends electorally, had managed to pollute the electoral process so much that one of its most visible members — Mitt Romney — was able to be one election away from being the most powerful person in the world. 269 more words


How to Waste Your Breath and Your Vote (re: Occupy, Chris Hedges)

There is perhaps no person with greater first-hand experience of the collapse of corrupt power structures than Chris Hedges. He has reported as a foreign correspondent from more than fifty countries over the span of two decades (fifteen years of which he was employed by the  1,257 more words

the revolution will not be tweeted

I was assigned a reading for class called ‘the revolution will not be tweeted’ a while ago but I just happened to remember it last night. 232 more words


Last week, in the wake of the People’s Climate March and the #FloodWallStreet protests that followed it, I was tweebating folks of the “voluntarist” persuasion of libertarianism about the alleged hypocrisy (or irony, at least) of environmentalists using the fruits of capitalism to communicate their presumably anti-capitalist ideas. 659 more words


Russia Strikes it Rich

Poor lefties try as they might, their excuses for US citizens to sublimate their lifestyle and Independence for the sake of hoaxes made up from whole cloth keeps running afoul of the truth and they wear themselves out trying to keep up playing Whack-a-Mole as actual inconvenient (to them) truths become obvious. 158 more words


#OccupyWallStreet Now Suing Each Other

Not a surprise to me. It seemed pretty clear from the get go that the entire movement was all about people who felt that everyone else in society owed them more.