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the revolution will not be tweeted

I was assigned a reading for class called ‘the revolution will not be tweeted’ a while ago but I just happened to remember it last night. 232 more words


Last week, in the wake of the People’s Climate March and the #FloodWallStreet protests that followed it, I was tweebating folks of the “voluntarist” persuasion of libertarianism about the alleged hypocrisy (or irony, at least) of environmentalists using the fruits of capitalism to communicate their presumably anti-capitalist ideas. 659 more words


Russia Strikes it Rich

Poor lefties try as they might, their excuses for US citizens to sublimate their lifestyle and Independence for the sake of hoaxes made up from whole cloth keeps running afoul of the truth and they wear themselves out trying to keep up playing Whack-a-Mole as actual inconvenient (to them) truths become obvious. 158 more words


#OccupyWallStreet Now Suing Each Other

Not a surprise to me. It seemed pretty clear from the get go that the entire movement was all about people who felt that everyone else in society owed them more.



Occupy abolishes $4 million in other people’s student loan debt | CNN

After forgiving millions of dollars in medical debt, Occupy Wall Street is tackling a new beast: student loans.

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Three Years Later, What Has Come of Occupy Wall Street?

Back in 2011, I took my children down to Zucotti Park to show them what the Occupy Wall Street movement was all about, how they were protesting and the physical manifestation of a peaceful protest movement, what it looks like and acts like, because I wanted them to learn that peaceful protests are both possible and necessary in a democracy. 388 more words

Blog #55a - Why is there Inequality? It's no Mystery

Blog #55a – Why is there Inequality in the U.S.A.?

An Answer in 22 and 7 words.

Piketty showed, in 648 pages, that inequality is increasing long-term. 378 more words