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How Many Mental Disorders Is Too Many?

How many is too many? This is what I asked myself when a psychiatrist – who I was seeing temporarily while my usual was on paternity leave – looked up from a stack of books and a database on his computer and said to me, “This is really complicated.” 1,369 more words

Mental Health

I understand I will never stop hating myself.

At this point, I understand I will always hate myself on some level.

I saw a photo on my Facebook newsfeed which I will chuck in below. 264 more words

Finally Confronting My OCD


Most people hear about people who wash their hands a lot or like to have everything in order, but the most debilitating thing about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder isn’t something that you do. 28 more words

Hello OCD

On Friday I got diagnosed with OCD. It wasn’t as simple as walking into a doctor’s office and walking out with a diagnosis. Mental health, unlike physical health, is more confusing. 576 more words

My Experience with Dermatillomania

Content Warning for mental health; this is a post I was unsure about sharing for a long time but I thought it might be able to help people who don’t know about dermatillomania or people who think they might have it and are unsure of what to do. 1,479 more words

Life Observations

Everything is changing and I'm still kickin'

Just about every major aspect of my life is changing in some way or another; my best friend and I are clashing more often,  is falling back into the clutches of addiction, I’m working more, I’m reconnecting with my father… I’m even playing Destiny less often! 601 more words


Update Blog

It’s been forever since I’ve been able to sit here and write anything. My life has been in a bit of chaos and I have been in the process of moving my desk into a different room. 548 more words

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