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Be Brave, Ancient Warrior

As OCD symptoms tried to set in – standing in front of the mirror – I looked myself in the eye, and defiantly pronounced: “Be brave, ancient warrior!” I bundled my fears together and took them… 6 more words


I Compel Thee

In the summer of 2017, several personal experiences made me question why some people are compelled to make up white lies–it prompted me to pick up a book titled, “CAN’T. 679 more words

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Though the world doesn't care it matters to me

(It Happened – Stephanie Pauline)

I’ve seen blog posts after the owner has not written for a long time that simply say something along the lines of “Y’all, I am doing so much better” and that is the end of the post and often the end of the blog. 2,188 more words



Today was my 1st day back to work after my week off. I sure know how to start it off right and by right I mean totally wrong. 455 more words


A place to call home

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”

― Maya Angelou…

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Weekly Neuroscience Update

Simultaneous activity of three cognitive systems found in the study NeuroscienceNews.com image is credited to Vadim Axelrod, Bar-Ilan University.

Internal experiences, such as recalling personal memories, are associated with the simultaneous activity of at least three different cognitive systems, a… 163 more words

Weekly Round-Up

OCD Failed MOT

The OCD struggle has been real the past couple of weeks, and when it takes hold like this, inaccuracies and contradictions traumatise me.

Compulsion at the wheel, Obsession on the gas. 462 more words