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mind web...sort of

All set up and ready to rock.
Of course, I began…then panicked. Ripped out the first attempt and folded it in half. Then I made a list on the folded page to organize my thoughts. 60 more words




seconds out,

loony rover

sent to scout,

looking over

ancient doubt.


sticky thoughts,

slippy fishes,

vainly fought,

look delicious,

till they’re caught.

Supersonic, 30 more words


Of Dishes and Safety

Welp, it’s official.

I’m on disability until the end of the year.

On one hand I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and on the other I still feel as if I’ve failed myself and others for “copping out”. 177 more words


Our neurodiverse family of five

This gorgeous family of five has recently orbited in to my family’s life and I feel honoured to be entrusted with their story as we get to know one another. 550 more words


There Isn't One Way

Ten therapists, 6 months of group therapy, 5 weeks in a psych ward has shown me my biggest mental health pet peeve-People who believe there way is a bulletproof way to help yourself. 135 more words


Appointment Number Two of This Week

Made it through my second appointment of this week! Yay! Now the relief can set in. As we left the city today and headed home, I could feel my hypersomnia kicking in. 689 more words


“Vitamins”- skinny pills or most commonly known as dietary supplements. I take about 5 different pills, 4 are dietary supplements 1 is my sleeping medication hydroxyzine . 22 more words