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Outline and evaluate one psychological therapy of OCD (4+8 marks)

Exposure, Response, Prevention therapy (ERP) is a behavioural OCD treatment where clients work through several steps with the therapist. The process involves turning inappropriate behaviour that has been learnt as an obsession/compulsion and replace it with a new appropriate behaviour. 635 more words

Psychology A2 Aqa

Another anorexia glose

“Burn it up on re-entry, burn it,

burn it. So she trains

with weights, she jogs, she runs,

as if the sky were falling.”

– ‘The Wasting Game’, Philip Gross… 121 more words

Mental Health

This is unnerving

So, uh, as of recently, my zoloft hasn’t been working as well as it could be.

My OCD is returning to the full-force, soap-covered bloody hands that taunted and tortured me in eighth grade. 55 more words



Sleep. It’s a basic and everyday function of life. It’s also very important for mental health. Getting a proper amount of sleep can set the tone for the entire day. 475 more words

My rOCD jar

Yesterday my husband said to me that I should have a list of things that “I really WANT to do” PLUS a little money jar…. every time I get the OCD niggles, I do something on that list, and if money is needed, then crack open the jar ….. 158 more words

Therapy Tango

Yes, here we go again the therapy tango. I have much to talk about today, but i’m not going to waste my breath, he’s so good at interrupting, and I’m so good at listening. 558 more words

Maternity Leave Isn't All Cake & Coffee

I’m sure there’s a perception that new mums spend most days in their PJs until lunchtime in a sleep-deprived state, and failing that they’re out for “lunch with the girls” or playdates.  542 more words