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You're not a journalist Hannah, you're a f***ing writer

Thank you Girls for renewing some vigor for writing. Although Lena Dunham’s show is not without faults and mocking, it’s got something about it.

There’s something that appeals to me. 195 more words


Debunking Myths about OCD (OCD Awareness Week 2015)

Debunking Myths about OCD

If you ask a random person what OCD is what do you think they will say? Will they answer that it is an often debilitating anxiety disorder that affects adults and children? 671 more words


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It's okay not to be okay, okay?

Ay up, duck.
I still don’t really understand what that means, other than it’s some kind of greeting and being a duck is okay in this instance. 539 more words

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OCD Action Week - Take Action

It’s OCD Action week and more than ever have I wanted to contribute to a cause. When I really needed help, I didn’t receive the help I needed and more than anything I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. 404 more words


OCD? Maybe not.

So, I thought that my OCD was what led me to Google “OCD” before writing this post. I was wrong. But, boy, am I glad I Googled it. 827 more words


It's Almost Perfect

Okay, I really love my five children, but sometimes they can be little stinkers. If you have children, you understand this. If you babysit, have nieces and nephews, teach school…you get the idea of children. 188 more words

Just For Fun!

Top 3 Things I've Learned As Mentally Ill Creative

All creative people have their ups and downs. We all sometimes lose our motivation, search for new inspiration and so on. But being creative person with mental illness is slightly different. 480 more words