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Micronutrients and the treatment of mental health disorders

WOW, I just found this website…www.truehope.com.  They are an organisation that supply combinations of micronutrients to treat mental health disorders, including; anxiety, OCD, depression, bipolar, ADD/ADHD, and Autism (ASD).   113 more words


Blogging 101 Course

I’ve been blogging for a little more than a year and I’ve decided to participate in the Blogging 101 course over at The Commons on WordPress. 78 more words


More about OCD

So latly I have written a lot about love and my lost of a guy I fell in love with. I now want to write more about OCD. 406 more words


Bump date: 27 Weeks, 86 days to go!

Baby is size of : a cabbage and weighs 2 pounds

Weight: Dr. says my weight is good. I’ve gained 10 pounds so far.

Movements: TONS!!! 376 more words


Bunnies and Ice Cream

I have lived in a quaint Upstate New York town of 3,000 people my entire life; I have always loved it. It is a town full of so much history you wouldn’t believe it! 397 more words


An Answer For Everything - Football Post-Partum Blues???

Ok ladies, you can come clean and admit that watching your man lard ass-ing around camped out on the sofa in front of the television every weekend from the beginning of September until the first week in February is personally offensive to you; as is the beer breath and other breakdowns in personal hygiene that accompany this football related gender specific OCD behavior.


Hello Internet!

Hello there Internet!

Do you ever just feel really horrible… Like nothing that happened today mattered, that it all was completely rubbish and you would have been better off staying in bed all day. 407 more words