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My Dreaded Wednesday

First things first my peeps! Wherever you are in this crazy planet of ours today, I hope that you are having a good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night. 256 more words

Daily Post

Behind the smile

I’ve not long since watched a video done by one of my favourite YouTubers, Stephanie Lange. In it, she opens up about some of the anxiety in her life and other things. 1,907 more words

Intrusive Thoughts and Urges: You are not Evil

So a few years into this mental illness I started having horrible, disturbing, and sometimes morally challenging thoughts. They were either violent or sexual or just plain disturbed in nature. 687 more words


I will admit

I am struggling at the moment. But I can’t pinpoint the problem, I feel low, but not so low as to call it depression, I am anxious, but not so anxious. 79 more words


May 22, 2018

My cancer was a nuisance. It caused a series of disturbing events, memories, and changes I didn’t need or want.

By allowing me life, my cancer set me on a path of confusion. 439 more words


I give up

I'm tired of fighting my own mind. I'm tired of fighting irrational fears and thoughts. OCD has created its own universe inside my brain. It sent me into a spiral of dissociation and derealization and I can no longer distinguish between my genuine thoughts and my OCD thoughts. 697 more words


An Exposé... on Myself

You fear it. You try to run from it. You try to avoid it. You try to hide from it. But it catches you. It always does. 1,972 more words