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OCD in the Workplace

Earlier this year, I turned down a job opportunity that would involve training employees at my current company’s new locations. There were a lot of reasons I turned down the job, but I definitely fantasized about what I would tell my trainees. 290 more words

some stuff i didnt put in about

On the off chance a human being is actually reading my blog, then I suggest you read the About section first. I put in some basic stuff that’ll be constant throughout the blog… except I won’t be thirteen forever… and I won’t be at this school forever… whatever. 585 more words

Anxiety, Part 1

If you read my introduction post, you’ll know that I struggle with anxiety and maintaining my mental health. When I introduce myself to people, within five minutes I inherently will work into the conversation that I have an anxiety disorder. 898 more words

Mental Health

The Selfish Croak

I’m a selfish little toad.

In a move to ensure I keep at least a wee hold on sanity, I have just begun one week of writer/me time.  68 more words


Headaches and Chamomile Tea

I decided to stop because it gave me headaches. I decide to stop thinking about an issue, when it starts giving me headaches. Or when I feel heated. 289 more words


Good morning or something

It’s early morning and I was drinking heavily last night. Luckily I cut myself off just in time. So I shouldn’t have the worst hangover. But I really want pizza. 143 more words

My Writing: The Checker

The Checker

by Mark Majors

I don’t sleep much anymore.  I’ve grown tired of the pills that would occasionally overpower my senses and force my eyelids shut.  745 more words