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My First Blog Post

First Few words

Hey there, so I have been visiting my hometown this week, sitting on a sofa in the afternoon I thought how can I reach out to people and express my experiences to them? 160 more words


2018. Now that was a tough year. I am not sure how bleak this blog will be, plus, you might find there are a lot of misstakes, as I won’t want to reread this, so I apologise in advance. 884 more words

David's Blog


I’m winded.

Dragging this heavy heart around while trying to write this week has
been grueling.

Which leaves me feeling stupid, selfish and weak.

I really hope I’m none of these things. 33 more words


Why Wrestling With My Mental Health May Turn Out To Be A Good Thing

Grappling with OCD could turn out to be a vehicle for the good stuff

Having a therapist is like speaking to your mind. Only the questions they respond to are relevant and the answers rational.  299 more words


The OCD in the Family Family Takes the OCD Conference...Well, Sort Of

Austin, Texas. I’m writing tonight from Austin and the 26th Annual OCD Conference. And, Blake is here! The guy who wants nothing to do with anything OCD is here of his own free will. 268 more words


I Refuse

I refuse to apologize for my state. Consuming tides seen blistering in storms, heated from shores to shores. Wait. Step back. Let me reiterate, illustrate. Not to confuse you with land but a man. 283 more words


Excitement =anxiety=excitement

We are going camping with friends. I haven’t been for many years. I haven’t even taken an overnight trip for over 3 years.

This is because the preparation caused my anxiety to go off the scale. 201 more words