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What If He Dies

When you think of OCD, what do you think of? I would wager that most people think of someone obsessively cleaning their house, washing their hands, or flipping switches. 504 more words

Sometimes My Brain Is Like A Maze of What Ifs And Every What If Leads To Another Maze.

I’ve known since I was very young that the mind can make you believe things about your body that just aren’t true.

For a while people called me a hypochondriac. 1,034 more words


Back to Day 1

I had this post all started about Pollyanna and how she was going to ruin my life, or that maybe big one would because he hit somebody at church today and has been really abusive to me for the past couple of days. 101 more words


Always moving forwards 

Hey guys

Just a quick drop in-

Sometimes I’ll get an anxious intrusive thought, and it won’t bother me. It may be triggered or it may just appear. 101 more words


How do you know when you're on the mend?

At what point can I say I’m on the mend? I know when I have a cold that I’m headed towards healed when I can breathe again and I don’t need the tissue box next to me at all times. 347 more words


Not maintaining under maintenance

Today, I had two doctor’s appointments:  the nutritionist followed by the chiropractor.  I will start with the easier of the two — the chiropractor.  When I began going to this practitioner, he set up a 15-visit schedule that would culminate with a maintenance schedule.  248 more words


what is wrong with me..

sometimes I think there’s something really wrong with me how can I function like I do but yet be so incapable of being happy and looking after myself. 295 more words