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Pirates of the Atlantic

The passengers were understandably worried. As they leaned out over the rails of their own ship, a towering, grimy hulk emerged from the thick fog. Four funnels belched out black smoke against the grey of the morning mist. 1,507 more words


Iconic Liners: Olympic - Part II

As guns began to shriek across Europe, Olympic found herself at sea. Under the command of the wonderfully named Captain Herbert Haddock, the liner continued commercial sailings until White Star wisely called a halt in October 1914 (the rival Cunard failed to take heed until 1915 when its own… 983 more words


A matter of degrees

A friend of mine pointed me toward this analogy. We were having a personal development conversation. I was expressing my frustration with my patterns, lamenting the fact that I seem to always be struggling with the same issues, and I just wish I could get over it already. 639 more words

Random Musing

Iconic Liners: Olympic - Part I

It’d be easy to overlook the Royal Mail Steamer Olympic, elder sister to the infamous Titanic. Titanic (for obvious reasons) completely eclipsed Olympic… 892 more words


Full Speed Ahead

Hi everyone and welcome to The Only Way to Cross. If the title, pictures and nautical puns (get used to these) haven’t already given it away then this blog will be focussed primarily on the era of transatlantic travel and the great ocean liners. 269 more words


#911 - The Titanic: An Interactive History Adventure by Bob Temple

The Titanic: An Interactive History Adventure
Series: You Choose: History
Written by Bob Temple
Capstone Press 3/20/2016
112 pages    Ages 8—12

“It is 1912. 702 more words

Children's Books


Although the great transatlantic liners were almost always associated with the west side of Manhattan in New York, it was really in the 1930’s that what is now known as ‘Luxury Liner Row’ truly came into its own. 1,112 more words