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Citrus Sunshine Margarita


3 parts @espolontequila Reposado.

2 parts @solerno_bloodorange .

3 parts @oceansprayinc Ruby Red Grapefruit juice.

1 part freshly squeezed lime juice.

Salt flakes infused with orange Shrub rim. 11 more words


Quality in cans

Simple pleasures can come in the form of cans, and I try to only enjoy them during the holidays. Cranberries says it all.  Canned Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce… 41 more words

My Mom's Cranberry Relish

I am a food lover, maybe even a foodie, but I am definitely challenged in the kitchen. Given that my husband is an amazing cook who will often take an entire afternoon to make a gourmet meal on the weekend, this hasn’t helped me develop my skills any further. 199 more words

New Jersey and the Cranberry

As I have always said, New Jersey has many things to offer. One wonderful taste of Jersey is the cranberry.

New Jersey is the third largest cranberry producer in the nation, behind Wisconsin and Massachusetts. 174 more words


Co-Conspirator of Turkey

What else would today be if not the Co-conspirator of turkey everywhere?  That is right, it is Cranberry Day!  We once again ask why, especially when it comes to that wiggly, jiggly, ridged cranberry sauce from the can. 251 more words

Cranberry Love

What is not to love about the cranberry? The color is gorgeous. The fruit is tart but becomes deliciously sweet when cooked with sugar or honey. 1,087 more words

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