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off to the land of the sun and the sand.

“Your wings already exist – all you have to do is fly.”

Well everyone – another week begins and another day goes by getting me closer and closer to my adventure. 916 more words


6 reasons living on the Cape is underrated

EVERYONE loves to give me shit.  “What are you doing there???”…”why are you living on the Cape?”… “you need to move.”  blah blah bleh. I could go on for hours about the constant bitching and unwarranted advice.. 302 more words


Out of the Ice

17 January, 2017. I’ve heard that timing is everything. When we scheduled a three day weekend in Florida a couple of months ago, we figured it would be a welcome respite from our normally cold January weather. 62 more words

Planet Ocean

I like to get WET.

I like to float in the sea. Smell the salt. Listen to the  whirr of the wind and the oceans chorus. 462 more words


"Finding Who We Are" Entry #11: Learning to Swim

The ocean is a terrifyingly beautiful place. The depths of its reaches and the creatures that reside can be nightmare inducing. However, the blue waves that come crashing onto the shore and slowly recede back into the abyss calm even the most anxious soul. 1,068 more words