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Description From Photographer if Any:

Surfing Fun

By ClaudeMichelDePryck

Source: 500px.com


Look Beyond the Horizon

The world is a place full of adventure and curiosity. Wherever you look, you are bound to wonder. Take this sunset for example, It is quite fascinating how the sun reflects off the clouds and gives them the magnificent colors they express. 42 more words


Daylight Finally!

6th April 2015

I was so happy to see daylight!…why does all the bad shit happen during the night?! The bathroom had slowed down with it’s intake of water now that the sea’s had calmed a bit and we weren’t taking as many waves over the bow. 769 more words


A Song for the Last

A weeping woman called out

Singing her sad song

She begged for him to come out

To let the sweeping waves comfort him

Yet in his room he remained… 194 more words


Drift away 

Let your sadness drift

Away with the dark current

Leaving you behind.

6 more words