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Do Straws Really Suck?

“We are drowning the sea in plastic.”

~ Melissa Breyer

“Would you like a straw?” the waitress asked.

I hesitated. While I really like drinking my iced tea through a straw, visions of dying sea creatures and piles of trash on the beaches invaded my thinking. 730 more words


Thursday Book Feature: The Same Sea, The Same Gloaming

The Same Sea: The Same Gloaming: Poems

By Eugene O’Connor

Copyright 2018.

The poems in this short collection center mostly on nature, covering such topics as oceans, darkness, and insects. 116 more words

Abbie Johnson Taylor

'I never knew walruses climbed that high': Our Planet's scariest moments

Anticipating Earth Day this year, two important pieces of
documentary journalism were released this month, Our Planet by Netflix and Climate
Change: The Facts
by the BBC. 307 more words

Session Blog Post

Ocean farming comes to Britain

Ocean farming is one of the most promising ideas to feed a world with 9 billion people. Sea vegetables – lets not call them all weeds – are nutritious and eaten in many parts of the world. 569 more words


Phys .org: Scientists create largest collection of coral reef maps ever made

Phys .org: Scientists create largest collection of coral reef maps ever made . “The high-resolution coral reef maps made for this study can be found on the World Reef Map, an interactive coral reef atlas where users can explore all of the coral reefs and shallow water marine habitats mapped on the Global Reef Expedition. 24 more words

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Upcoming workshop on the future of Earth-observing satellites

Researchers and partners from industry, government, and academia are invited to a free workshop on May 24th 2019 to discuss the future of satellite-based remote sensing of Earth’s water resources and ocean dynamics. 175 more words

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Sonar Anomaly Leads to Discovery of 500-Year-Old Shipwreck in North Sea | Live Science

Salvagers looking for steel shipping containers at the bottom of the North Sea have discovered a 500-year-old Dutch shipwreck holding a cargo of tons of copper. 83 more words