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affordable housing II: more on dormitories

Yesterday I was talking with a tourist destination designer from the Tourism Division of OCT. He explained that each themepark hires approximately 1,000 workers who are housed in dedicated buildings in OCT holdings. 195 more words


Error Saving MSP File in OCT

When saving an MSP file in the Office 2013 OCT you receive an error that says, “Unhandled exception: NodeType get property called for OXmlNode with null interface” 74 more words


Things are piling up.

I’m feeling crafty. That isn’t really a problem except that I have two projects that I haven’t finished, work, theater costume adventures to finish, some bad habits that Indy has magically decided are fun that need fixing aaaaaaaaand 3 projects on my mind. 211 more words

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Why You Can't Miss Oregon Children's Theater's "Timmy Failure"

Even if you haven’t read Stephan Pastis’s charming “Timmy Failure” books, you’ll still enjoy the Oregon Children’s Theatre production, “Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made.” We sat in on the show and found the exploits of a seriously clueless 8-year-old detective and his sidekick, a 1,500 lb. 518 more words

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A Cuttlefish in Taffeta

I had fully meant to go to the theater after work every day this week, and managed to get down there a total of NO times. 130 more words

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West Coast Retina: When Vision is Distorted with 20/20

West Coast Retina:   Case of the Month March-2015.

A 40 year old woman has 20/20 visual acuity, but has a history of distorted vision.   Diagnosis was focal choroidal excavation (FCE), in which there is a mild disturbance of the retinal pigment epithelium.  14 more words

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