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1.3 Artist in Residence (FRWL)

The morning after Constance said ‘yes’ to going out with him, Gage Briody woke up feeling better than he had in years. Well, she didn’t exactly say ‘yes’ to dating him, but ‘tea’ with Constance was a step in the right direction. 1,825 more words

Gage Briody

Time for Tea

The day had finally arrived for Gracie’s 18th birthday celebration:

A Downton Abbey Victorian tea party.

My mom┬ámade reservations for us to hold Gracie’s tea party at The Zimmerman Bury Octagon House in Marshallville, Ohio. 499 more words

Prince - The White English Terrier That Lived at the Octagon House

Towards the latter half of the 19th century, the popularity of purebred dog paintings was at an all time high. Newly acquired pets by society were all the rage and many artists were commissioned to capture their likeness in oil on canvas. 860 more words