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September 30, 2017-March 20, 2018

Dang, I’ve missed you, Blog. I’ve missed reminiscing and saving all of our emilyandboys adventures. Things have been busy. Also, I’ve been intimidated to blog, because I don’t have the writing skills to convey how things have been going. 469 more words

September 2017

credits to jenefa bangoy for lending me her phone to take these pictures.

Black & White


Semoga hari itu menjadi hari paling indah dalam hidup aku.

October 2017


aku jumpa erti bahagia;

saat aku berhenti “hidup” dalam memoriku.

kesilapan besar aku selama ini

adalah menjadi hamba kepada kisah silamku,

yang ku sangka adalah terbaik. 42 more words

October 2017

Memories lost

140 days ago…

It was a normal morning.

It was the night before that I decided that I was going to start working on putting together some photo albums of my journeys.   320 more words


10-30-17 Listen

Are you listening or are you just hearing?

Hearing is just having sound hit your ear. Listening takes hearing to the next level. You must consciously work to understand what that sound is that hits your ear and interpret the information. 418 more words

October 2017

10-23-17 Make People Remember

Can you remember exactly when you first met one of your friends?

Do you remember when a teacher or mentor entered your life?

What makes these people memorable? 562 more words

October 2017