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In the mid 1990s, I was about ten years old and read nearly every Goosebumps book R.L. Stine wrote. I was a kid obsessed with creepy ventriloquist dummies, monster blood, haunted masks and ghosts next door. 347 more words

October Haunts

It Follows

There has always been a correlation between sex and becoming a victim in a horror movie, but never quite like in It Follows. In this film, having sex passes on a supernatural force, like an STD that will follow you until it literally catches and kills you. 441 more words

October Haunts

Young Frankenstein

I’ve heard it said that while Blazing Saddles is Mel Brooks’ funniest film, Young Frankenstein is his best. I have to agree with both parts of that statement, with no offence to either films. 453 more words

October Haunts


Fear is a powerful force. In It an evil entity lives in the sewers and emerges every twenty-seven years to feed off of fear by taking people, especially children. 656 more words

Movie Review

Crimson Peak

Horror films in the 21st century have become stale with so many modern takes on old characters, nightmares fueled by technology and enough exorcisms to bore the Pope. 445 more words

October Haunts