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The eighth month

The eighth month, how it lies! The eighth month, when the good summer is almost over and most of the living get joyful and get glad when they themselves see the leaves turn mostly red and the good harvest is over, the eighth month, how it lies! 70 more words


Gallivanting... Or Not!

And I’m back with a relatively well timed post, I’m so proud of me!

I had planned on making this nice post explaining the pros and cons of going out on the town but unfortunately, yesterday I fell horribly ill and I am in no state to be drinking anything but water and original lucozade (My favourite illness drink). 120 more words


Bullying, finishing school and a birthday?


So I finished my ISA paper! It was really hard, including topics we hadn’t even covered in class. This is reflected in my grade.. 26/50 or an E… ouch. 808 more words

Monthly Round-Up: October 2014's Fics

Miss a prompt? You can always go back and write to it at any time! Just ping me on this post to get added to the round-up! 113 more words



Remember the¬†Halloween…

I wore those black and white stripes

Red stains on my tights and

Lips where you’d kissed me

That fake blood tasted nasty… 39 more words