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Oktoberfest Special

Now through October 31, buy one pizza and get 10% off a second of equal or lesser value.

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Romalea microptera (Romalea guttata)

Size: adult female 50-70mm (2-2.8″), males 43-55mm (1.7-2.2″)

Location: Southeastern US, broad range in low, wet areas in pastures and woods and along ditches.   163 more words


October 1942 Letters Transcribed ✅

The October 1942 letters are finished. The mood of the October letters is pretty upbeat, after Walt’s trip home at the end of September, and his plans to make Ruth a “Mrs. 31 more words


Magnolia Green Jumping Spider

Lyssomanes viridis

Size:  females 7-8-mm (2.8-3.1 inch), males 6-8mm (2,4-3.1 inch)

Range:  throughout Florida, from spring to early autumn

Habitat:  woodlands, on broad leaf evergreens (e.g. 26 more words


October 05: Moving On (Pt.1)

Moving on; according to the dictionary it can mean one of three things: To leave the place where you are staying and go somewhere else, to start a new activity, or, to accept that a situation has changed and be ready to deal with new experiences. 1,421 more words


Copenhagen, Denmark - Oct 1999

In October of 1999 I went to Copenhagen, Denmark to attended the 1999 IOA 20/40 Focus outside of Copenhagen, Denmark