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#Picture_Diaries::: A series of photographs

Autumn has always been my favourite season. I consider it as the winter’s spring. The red and yellow hues create nothing but magic. Yes, MAGIC! 278 more words


Greek Park Compound- October City





Greek Park Compound- October City

كمبوند كريك بارك – مدينة أكتوبر

كريك بارك

كمبوند متميز يجمع بين الابداع في التصميم المعماري والاسلوب المتميز للحياة…..حيث قام فريق التصميم بعمل فكرة متميزة تخلق جوا خاصا لقاطني كريك بارك. 36 more words


[Thoughts] Fujifilm X-T1

There will be no film images this week. Two rolls of Lomography Color Negative (Medium Format) are done. But the new local “lab” I’ll be testing, is out of chemicals. 599 more words


Hue to Hoi An via the Hai Van Pass

Hue was a nice city. Dubbed by the Lonely Planet as “the intellectual, cultural and spiritual heart of Vietnam”, the city is packed with palaces, pagodas, tombs and temples still standing from the ancient Nguyen era. 806 more words


Peer Corps Conference (10/29/2015)

Planned and Initiated activities (S: 4 hours)

Conference is another main event for Peer Corps. I briefly organized the support system for the conference. We needed students to hand out paperwork, student’s progress report, guide parents, and help out teachers. 83 more words


ICE test run (10/29/2015)

Undertaken new challenges (C: 2 hours)

ICE finally completed the quadcopter and now is ready for the test run. I have been waiting for this experience. 81 more words


miRcore: Lung Cancer (10/3,10,17,24/2015)

Engaged with issues of global importance (C: 8)

I am still involved with miRcore every Saturday online. I am really happy to be a part of this organization where it educates the public about a certain disease in a genetics perspective. 29 more words