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Every time Andrew and I go to a tropical destination we go snorkeling. Except for that time in Hawaii where we went to snorkel but the rain dumped on us so we didn’t get in the water and instead went to brunch and that is not technically a snorkel, it’s more of just a snorkel-brunch or a snunch. 1,251 more words

Palm-Sized Soft Octopus Robot Farts Its Way into Your Heart

People creating robots that resemble nature is nothing new, but engineers at Harvard University have made something spectacular – a completely soft bodied Octobot with zero batteries or wires that uses gas (and farts) to move. 295 more words


Mariana Millennials

A new musical about a bunch of sea creatures trying to navigate their mid to late twenties in the Mariana Trench


Sy Montgomery’s Soul of an Octopus continues to present excellent facts and effective mollusc insults.

Making Waves: Alley Cat

I had heard a lot of buzz from multiple sources about Alley Cat, and seeing as how they specialize in seafood, it was a no-brainer for this feature. 913 more words