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SEARCH: Octopus is Coolest

Octopus is Coolest
by Dianna Kersey

From the Atlantic Pygmy Octopus to the fabled Kraken, octopuses have been entrenched in our culture as some of the coolest sea creatures to swim in our oceans and even to crawl on our lands. 102 more words


[Visit Jeju Island] Seafood and pork, combined and dined upon by the sea

The photos speak for themselves. This restaurant on the northeast of Jeju Island has some fantastic offerings.

For more culinary ideas, click here: https://www.visitjeju.net/u/Rx

Bengdi (벵디)
2031-2 Pyeondae-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju  City
Open 10:30 a.m. 44 more words
Jeju Travel


God made so many awesome creatures when He created the world!

For example the platypus. He has an otter body, a beaver tail and duck feet and bill. 281 more words

Day 17, 30x30 direct watercolor challenge: octopus card and label (posted late)

Most people doing this challenge are doing complete paintings… my goal was just to get into the habit of painting every day, and try new little techniques, and learn about my paints. 30 more words

LV RESTAURANT WEEK 2018 | Day 2 - SUGARCANE raw bar grill

Every day from June 18th to the 29th, some of Las Vegas’ best restaurants are teaming up with Three Square to bring us Restaurant Week 2018… 1,302 more words


[Visit Jeju Island] Do you enjoy octopus dishes?

Mungeya, a restaurant just south of Sarabong Park and Jeju Port in the old part of Jeju City, has plenty of variations on octopus dishes. They may not cheap, but if you like fresh seafood, then the novelty and flavors are definitely worth the cost of the meal. 49 more words