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On mental architecture and octopus literature.

I might spend too much time thinking about how brains work.  Less than some people, sure — everybody working on digital replication of human thought must devote more energy than I do to the topic, and they’re doing it in a more rigorous way — but for a dude with no professional connection to cognitive science or neurobiology or what-have-you, I spend an unreasonable amount of time obsessing over ’em. 1,481 more words

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With the beginners lessons video and the new banjo of yours you are ready for the magic of bluegrass. Get going, practice more and slowly start to play along with your favorite bluegrass songs, not only will you improve but you will start stunning your peers by actually strumming popular bluegrass numbers for them. 279 more words

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Getting started on playing a banjo, sounds great but you need to know a few mandatory things before you actually leap ahead and start to learn the banjo. 200 more words


Old Home Week and go see War Room!

Today, there were 4 octopuses that let me look at them.  A VERY good number for me!

And 3 of the 4 were in places that had housed octopuses before.  1,346 more words

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In the modern era, we can’t imagine our wardrobe without branded and top class tshirts in it? Regardless, of any occasion is it a party or anything else, … 378 more words