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Undine (acrylic on canvas)

Back in my over-prescribed indigent human experiment geodon depakote days I made a painting of an octopus with a woman’s head that was far more stylized than this, but ultimately very static and safe, heavy like lead on it’s canvas board the way my thoughts and my body and eyelids were heavy like lead under the anti-psychotic spell. 68 more words

Arrival of a new batch of "minions" at Couture de Fantaisie

Among my many millions of activities, here is one that eventually gets materialised. In 2013 on a lazy afternoon , I started making a little animal from an old ripped  pair of jeans and stuffed it with rice so it could hold my books or my door. 94 more words


Octopus (Pulpo a feira)

Originally published on the blog El Viajero on El País.com

The best octopus in Galicia to be tasted is not on the edge of the rugged cliffs of the Atlantic Coast, nor in the markets of Vigo, rather more than eighty kilometers from the the capital of Santiago de Compostela, and sixty kilometers from the nearest ocean. 191 more words


Every Octopus has its Tentacles

Every octopus has tentacles to reach for and cling to something, to hold fast to it until it decides to let go for whatever reason. Some octopi will cling to something, even if their life is in danger. 278 more words


Don't Worry, You're an Octopus

The butterfly has long been the symbol of rebirth and fresh starts. The caterpillar eats its way to a new life, which is an idea that everyone can get behind. 370 more words

Just Another Octopus

Decided that I would like to try to make a “realistic” octopus. Mission accomplished! Still like my cute Takos better tho ;)