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Flying the Nest

Arriving at Hawks Nest early enough to spend the afternoon on the beach was the best way to do it – after picking our tent pitch at… 416 more words


It Started with an Octupus

Yesterday, for my birthday, John took me out to the China Buffet in Salem. As it was not a school day, the atmosphere was very pleasant, the food was fresh, and the company was especially nice as we were joined by two friends, Marge and Louis, whom I will name here because their paintings can be found at the Marblehead Art Association in Marblehead, Massachusetts. 405 more words

The Author's Journey

Night market ventures

After learning about Taiwan’s night markets from friends, I couldn’t be happier to share that I finally tasted the culture during my trip. Think street food… 34 more words


Squid & Octopus Salad

These yari ika squids have a sudden growth spurt in late autumn getting thicker and sweeter. So making fresh squid salad and octopus is easy when you cook in Japan. 55 more words

Life Cycles

What food don't you like?

My 31 day Blog Challenge – “My ten favourite foods”

Only ten? That will be difficult! I love food! It would be harder for me to think of ten foods I don’t like, but as you discovered yesterday that I am a non-conformist, I will do this instead…. 286 more words

Justin Lowe interviewed about the struggles of an octicorn.

Helen Raptis, Emmy award-winning host of AM Northwest, interviews Justin Lowe, the creator of Octicorn (and co-creator of the book, “Hello, My Name Is Octicorn” written by Kevin Diller) on the struggles of fitting in, when you’re different.

Justin Lowe

#1 Chobotničky aka naprosto nevím, co dělám

Ahoj přátelé, kamarádi a lidi, co mě neznáte.

Protože už není žádný “život s dominikem” a já mám ráda seriály, tak je tu nový, zbrusu nový a naprosto originální seriál Jednička vařečka. 929 more words