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No Canvas, No Problems

Finally the sun came out and we all headed to Ao Krathing with wine and doughnuts AND my drawing kit…

Creative mayhem ensues.

 Alien Octopus… 7 more words


Angry Octopus Weekend + New Ideas

I was working on a lot of paintings this past weekend and got into a situation where I ran out of canvases for all of the ideas that I had. 1,169 more words

EmaBee Creations

Octopus by Blair Gaulton

Octopus orders obscene obscure orange oboe
BjG(Blair Gaulton)Sept 2018


What’s Up at the Creation Station...

Lots of painting of sea creatures in multiple mediums….mostly acrylic and then back to watercolor. :)

EmaBee Creations

ABC Animals Part 4

Have you ever seen a numbat?

Neither have I, but I’m getting pretty good at Googling “Animals that start with…”, and for the letter N, I found… 439 more words

Making of: Blue jellyfish/octopus for preemies

Last jellyfish/octopus for preemies that I made was very successful – it got sold pretty fast and I can see that you, my readers, enjoyed the “Making of” post. 250 more words

Making Of...

Eroge Reincarnation - Chapter 1

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Event 1: Alice is Entangled with an Octopus ※Tentacles (Octopus)


Amongst the glittering rays of sunlight that shone down upon us, I screamed as the large octopus’ slimy legs entangled my limbs. 1,117 more words

Eroge Reincarnation